There is suddenly a rapid move toward a one-world religion under the Catholic church and the Anti-Christ by Satan. The United Kingdom had never officially invited a pope to its country since the King of England formed the Anglican church to allow for his divorce and extramarital relationships. The Catholic church had excommunicated a lot of British monarchs.

Suddenly, the U.K. is inviting the pope to reconcile the Church of England with the Catholic church. Suddenly, the Muslim Turks who genocide one and a half million Armenian Christians are now allowing Armenian churches to open up, so that there can be reconciliation; though they had refused to reconcile with bitter hatred for eons. The Muslims, Jews, Catholics and all other religions, cults, occults and secret fraternities will be unified under the Anti-Christ’s Nimrod’s Mystery Babylon religion. All the warring factions and rival religions of Satan will now be combined under Satan’s Anti-Christ to usher in the last one-world government and one-world economy and rule.

It will be a time of false peace of the Muslim, Judaist, Buddhist, Hindu, Mormon, New Age and Masonic Messiah—the Anti-Christ, who will be a Christian on the surface, but a hidden Muslim underneath. He will preach world unity under all religions, but will have a hidden Sharia Law agenda.

There are an increase in international conferences of religious representatives from different religions to unify under the Babylonian “universalist” one-world (“Catholicism” means “universalism”) mystery religion—the Great Grand Architect of the Universe of the “Illuminati” or “Illuminated Ones” or “Luciferians” or “Satanists.” We are seeing the beginnings of that End.