Amir Tsarfati’s life story is a testimony of God’s love for our Jewish brothers; and how He is able to save those who love Him, regardless of background or nationality or religion.

Amir was born in Jerusalem to a secular Jewish family. When he was 3 years old, his parents got divorced. He was sent to a foster home until he was 18. The foster home was running a business, more than interested in raising children. He had a lot of difficulties, struggles, sorrow and pain. He would go to the synagogue on the holidays. He was shocked to see people praying but only about 5% really seriously praying. Most were looking around and talking to others while praying. They were just trying to get their prayer finished with. He struggled with God’s existence, because of this hypocrisy.

He believes there is no way a Jew can say there is no God; because as soon as you talk about God, they become very angry. They ask where was God during the holocaust and this and that. They are basically saying that, “I know God that you are there and I am angry.” He says that they are a people who cannot explain their own existence in the 21st century apart from the existence of God. When Queen Victoria asked for a proof that God existed, an advisor said he will give her proof that God exists—the Jews. No other people have existed over 200 years away from their country and civilization and tradition. They have survived for more than 2,000 years for a purpose. They may not understand it, and no one can explain it.

He says read Psalm 83. It will explain how there can be so much hatred toward a small dot in the world, compared to other countries? He was wondering why they hate the Jews so much. He saw in the Bible that they will come to destroy them. It is not the enemies of Israel, but the enemies of God—Satan. He cannot destroy God, so he tries to cut His witness from being a nation. This is nothing to God, because the Bible says that God has a future purpose for the Jewish nation.

So growing up in these circumstances, he felt no hope for his life. He couldn’t invite the girl he likes to his home, because he had none; and many things such as this made him feel like he didn’t want to live anymore. He cannot imagine how anyone without faith can get their strength. Death would put an end to his pain and misery. He contemplated what would be the best way to end life; and figured the best way was to swallow a lot of sleeping pills. He was crying and about to take the pills, when he decided to give the world one last chance. That week, he realized that his best friends were Jews who believed in Jesus Christ.

They studied together for the high school exams. He was amazed because the people were too nice and kind to each other. They would hold each other’s hands and talk to God, as if God was right there. No books, no prayers—just like that. They started the prayer by thanking God that Amir was right there with them. If someone was praying to the Almighty Creator of the universe that Amir was sitting there at the table—then that someone must know God, to talk to him that freely. It was the most sincere prayer he had ever heard, and it wasn’t even in the synagogue or using a prayer book or prayer shawl. He saw something there that he didn’t even know exists—a live relationship between people and God. He said he doesn’t care what it is, but he wants it—Yeshua or whatever, he doesn’t care—this is the real deal. For weeks, he was ignoring the Jesus thing, but as long as he could read the Bible and pray to God everything is fine. But he came to a point where he had to ask who this Jesus was.

One lady told him to pray to God himself to reveal who He is. He was surprised—me pray to God? He prayed. When he woke up next morning, something was different—he was happy. He had to work early in the morning, before school and after school. One of his jobs was to get the newspaper together. He saw an add with big Hebrew letters, “Yeshua”, on the number one newspaper. He thought he was losing his mind, but it was definitely there. It was a Campus Crusade movie showing in Jerusalem for one night. He felt very important—someone in heaven really liked him. He saw Jesus’ life, His crucifixion and His resurrection. He read the Bible, and was amazed looking back at things which occurred that the prophets had predicted. That was when he saw the last piece of the jigsaw puzzle come together—it all made sense to him now.

Right when he was studying for his high school exam, his foster parents told him to pack up and leave. He moved from house to house. Then, he got drafted into the army, just before he was 18. It was very harsh times. He tried to get himself kicked out of the army by sharing the gospel to everyone he could find; but God promoted him to officer’s academy. He tried to get out, but he was the 6 who remained out of the 30, and got assigned to the West Bank. He asked for an assignment to the place where it was the most dead and he didn’t have to work. They assigned him to Jericho. However, when he got there, the governor promoted him to deputy and gave him a manual with the most classified information. He thought it was a joke, because he had chosen the most boring location. He read the Oslo Accord before any Israel heard about it. Now he had to handle all the prime ministers and ambassadors and chief of staff. He nearly died twice in the army. God prepared him.

When he got out of the army, he had a passion to share Israel with others. If people do not believe in the God of Israel, they would not have a heart for Israel. An understanding of the Word of God, the land of God, and the people of God, is necessary to understand the heart of God. He has a heart for his people who are blind. They want peace so much that they are willing to give up land or principles or anything for it. He believes that God has destined the Church to provoke the Jews to jealousy—not just in words but in life. The Israelis are watching how you live before what you say. If you live the way you talk, they will respect you. You will love them with God’s unconditional love; and you will love them because you love God; because the Bible says you are the one that comforts His people who are in trouble; since we are the only group on the planet earth who can comfort others. You comfort them with the same thing that we are comforted by. Can a Muslim comfort them? What hope can a Muslim give them? Can a Buddhist comfort them? What is the blessed hope that they can give them? But we the Christians are the ones who are called to comfort His people. We are called to give them hope. We are called to be a light for them. And provoke them to jealousy with our love relationship with their God. They are the brothers and sisters we never knew, and we are the brothers and sisters they never wanted. For years they have been rejecting, because they do not know the depth of the love of God. For so many years people have been trying to kill them, but now there are people who want to love them. It’s hard for them to understand.

He was in Jerusalem and the International Christian Embassy brought thousands of Christians from around the world for a march of solidarity on the Jerusalem streets. A group from Brazil which numbered 1,400 swept by, and said to the Orthodox Jewish family who were standing next to him, “We—love—you!” They were pounding their hearts saying this. The Orthodox Jewish family was surprised and didn’t know how to accept it. “If you tell us that you hate us, we understand, because we are used to it. But you tell us that you love us—what did we do—we didn’t even give you a glass of water?” Jesus said that as you do it to the least of my brothers, you do it unto me. So how can you not love them? They have no clue, but a day will come when their eyes will be opened, and they will understand. And they will passionately love Him during the Tribulation Age. And until that day comes, we will be here to bless them. In Amir’s eyes that is the nation Israel—a nation that is blind, seeking peace, not knowing God, and hungry and thirsty for the Truth. You are alive and they are dead; and they need the gospel. Give them the gospel. You aren’t responsible whether they will receive it or not. If they receive it, they will be saved; if they do not receive it, they won’t be saved. But your responsibility is just to give it to them—that’s all. They ask, “Why do you people keep coming here?” You will reply, “Because we love the God of Israel, and we believe in His Son (our Messiah) who is one of you; and He loves you, too.”

You can watch more of his story and jokes on Koinonia House’s DVD video “Through Hebrew Eyes—A Messianic Journey” (Website: Pray that more Jewish brothers and sisters like him will get saved, and come to know God’s grace and love in our Lord Jesus Christ. Praise and glory be unto His name!

Repent! And make straight the path of our Lord! For there is soon coming, a time when both Jews and gentiles alike, who are saved by the one and only true living God; will see Him face to face; as one body and one Spirit and one salvation! Amen.