Dear Tribulation Saints:

God says that such a strong deceit will come upon the world that even the elect would be deceived, if it were ever possible. As I have said in my book, the “Watchers” promised that they would return again someday to the earth, when mankind is ready to move into what the New-Agers call the fifth-dimension of evolution or Age of Aquarius peace (currently we have four dimensions of length, width, depth and time). These demonic fallen angels have been in constant telepathic communication with these New-Age sorcerers. Just like the founder of the Rosicrucians (who became the symbol of all wizards with crystal balls and pointed hats) communicated with these demonic spirits. The spirit of the Roman Mercury would give him insights. So also, the current New Age spiritualists and channelers have been in communication with these demonic aliens.

There are many groups that believe that the aliens will return from the Pleiades soon, to help the genetic seeds that they had planted on the earth to move to a higher level of evolution. They say that the aliens have telepathically informed them that they must first remove the Christians during the rapture by teleporting them unto spaceships and to other planets; because their old ways of thinking obstruct advancement into the next realm of enlightenment. They are already making excuses to the people of the world to explain away the disappearance of millions of Christians during the soon coming rapture. Many of these groups call themselves the Ashtar Command because they communicate with a demonic fallen angel called Ashtar. Ashtar is the same demonic spirit that all the ancient Mystery Babylon religions worshipped; including the Greek Aphrodite, Assyrian Ishtar, Phoenician Astarte, Astaroth, Asherah, Mystery Babylon Mother Mary, Muslim Fatimah, etc. They have also explained away the soon coming wrath and judgment of God, as merely an upheaval of Mother Nature to cleanse herself of the impurities of man. The Illuminati’s intention is to eliminate five-sixth of the earth’s population; to only leave the elite.

When Azazel and his fallen angels first came, they taught evolutionism, cosmetics, science, mathematics, architecture, arts, etc. to the humans. I have talked about the ancient civilization of Atlantis before Noah’s flood, which is mentioned in millions of ancient texts and tribes and legends I have researched; as well as how the earth’s atmosphere and climate changed after the flood to make dinosaurs inhospitable, in my book.

Satan started the evolutionary theory deception again with Darwin. Now, the world has been so brainwashed with star wars, occult beings, and evolutionary theories through Hollywood movies; that they will openly accept Satan’s End-Times deception. Many will fall away from the faith to follow after false doctrines of demons. Satan will use the False-Prophet to do great signs and wonders in heaven with alien technology, in order to make the people of the earth believe a lie. The Illuminati have been promised by their familiar alien spirits that they will be the rulers of the New World Order.

Since Israel became a nation, there has been a sudden surge in UFO sightings. The world is being prepared for the greatest, masterful, ingenious, diabolical deception, since the wicked Atlantis civilization before the Great Flood. Be on the alert, dear brethren, lest you should be deceived, too. The evolutionary theory was crafted for expressly this purpose. You are indeed living in perilous times. The world is waiting for this return of the Nephilim or Fallen Ones, on December 21, 2012 when the Mayan calendar ends; and they believe that there will be a major shift in world paradigm, when the “Watchers” return to the earth. We are talking about major demonic activity.

As you know, fallen angels can transfigure and materialize and dematerialize objects. Many scientists are finally realizing that the alien UFO’s dematerialize and sometimes merge, which can only mean one thing: they are spiritual and not galactic. However, they do not call it spiritual, but they call it extra-dimensional. I’ve explained in my book how the alien abduction is part of the overall satanic deception. It has to do with the amassing of troops at the Armageddon war to fight us and our Lord Jesus Christ, when we return to the earth to save the Jewish Remnant.

When the great deception comes, you will recognize it, if you are of the chosen few. However, the world will be deceived; and will be amazed and follow the Anti-Christ and the False-Prophet—the First and Second Beast. When the time comes, remember my words and God’s warning. This message is for you, who will come to Christ in the last seven years of the “70th Week of Daniel.” Open your spiritual eyes and awaken, loved ones; for the time is at hand.