Dear 144,000 Jewish Remnant & Tribulation Saints & Jewish Brethren,


Today I will cover some basic points for surviving the Tribulation. You the 144,000 Jewish Remnant will receive a seal on your foreheads from God, before the four angels standing at the four corners of the earth harms the land and sea, so you don’t have anything to worry about. You will be raptured out before the last half of the seven year Tribulation Age. But it would be wise for you to warn the others. As for you the Tribulation Saints, you will be martyred and persecuted, so it would be wise to heed some basic things.


Ultimately, your life is in the sovereign hand of God, so you should not fear death or persecution, but carry out God’s will and purpose: share the gospel, love and serve and protect each other; pray at all times; teach and instruct; and glorify God with the purity of your heart. Love your enemies. And your rewards in heaven will be great.


Here are some basic points:


1)    Do not fear, but go about God’s work and command at all times. You cannot die a second earlier or a second later than God has predestined. You are in His hands.

2)    Do not trust the Anti-Christ though he and the people will come with deceptive words of peace.

3)    Do not trust the Catholic Church for it is not a Christian church but really the Mystery Babylon religion from Nimrod’s Babylonian days, along with Islam, Freemason, Rosicrucian Order, Mormonism, Templar Knights, New Age, Skull & Bones, etc. They are all the same religion that the Mystery Babylon religion’s Illuminati New World Order is using. I would also not trust religious Christian churches, for they might also betray you to the Anti-Christ to save themselves; or because religious churches have no wisdom of the Holy Spirit so they will be easily deceived by the Anti-Christ.

4)    Do not follow anyone when they tell you that they are relocating you. They are just leading you to your execution.

5)    If you are of Israel, obey what the Bible says by fleeing to the mountains of Petra in Jordan, when you see the Anti-Christ set up his image (the “Abomination That Causes Desolation”) in the holy-of-holies in the Tabernacle in Jerusalem. Mark 13:14-16 says, “Let no one on the roof of his house go down or enter the house to take anything out. Let no one in the field go back to get his cloak.” On God’s wings of eagles, you will be airlifted to Petra where the Dragon’s spewed water (Satan’s Anti-Christ’s army) cannot reach you. Jerusalem will be in ruins.

6)    Always have food rations, water purifiers, lighters, flashlights, basic medicine, canvas coverings, Swiss army knives, and warm clothes in your backpack; and extra gasoline in your car ready to take. Be wise in the Spirit. Women—do not take your cosmetics or overload your baggage with jewelry for you will surely get caught or die in the wild, just like Lot’s wife. Do not wear high heels and pink blouses, but wear dark green or brown, and cover yourself with reeds and grass. Do take some black charcoal to cover your white faces. Take long straws so that you can breathe underwater. Do not smoke; start fires carelessly; put perfume on; smell like bath soap; or carry things that clatter in your pocket or belt; or things that glitter in the sun; for you will surely get killed. Be wise in the Spirit.

7)    Have God’s love, peace and sound mind. That way, you will not break down and cry; go crazy; become suicidal; hate your enemies and sin; end up getting all the other hundreds of friends and buddies killed; become depressed; or have human relations group problems; like the End-Times lukewarm Christians. Be like the Americans who joke even in combat situations though they know that they may be killed at any second; and let the Word of God who is the Holy Spirit sustain you in hard times.

8)    Do not get pregnant for in Mark 13:17 it says, “How dreadful it will be in those days for pregnant women and nursing mothers!” Have some common sense. You do not want to see your children get killed in front of you. Be wise in the Spirit.

9)    When the Anti-Christ’s men come (or sweet-looking women), then flee to the forests where they cannot reach you. You can continue to spread the gospel through radio, if you have the equipment and an electric generator. The Anti-Christ will confiscate all private firearms, but it will be good to hide some under the yard, so that you can hunt for food in the wild. Keep your firearms clean and dry at all times, and I mean all times!

10) Do not depend on yourselves, but pray at all times in all situations, for God can send angels and work miracles. God is in the business of miracles. Believe and have faith.

11) If God tells you to preach boldly, though you may be beaten and jailed, obey God. If you get jailed, share the gospel to the prison guards at every opportunity you can. Do not let the fighting prevent you from the sharing of the gospel to all nations.

12) Seek not to serve yourself, but seek to serve others and fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

13) Do not go the path that your mind tells you; but rather, follow the road that the Holy Spirit leads you to (that gut feeling and the voice of the Holy Spirit).

14) Have secret passwords to distinguish friend and foe in the dark. Change the passwords, every time any of your allies get captured by the enemy.

15) Have certain hand signals to communicate with each other when you cannot make any noise.

16) Take your pocket-size water-proof Bible with you always, for it is your light.

17) Train your children to remain silent when told to do so. A wise parent is a blessing to their children.

18) Remedy dissension within the group, for it is a quick route to demise. You have to trust your buddy when he’s looking out for you, and he has to be able to trust you when you are on look-out duty. Never, never, never sleep on watch!

19) Use small groups of 5 to 6 people when going on patrol. Make sure your point man goes several meters ahead of you, and has good vision and smell and a sixth sense. Spread out: don’t cluster together, or you will all get mowed down or blasted by the same anti-personnel mine. Watch for booby traps. Watch for broken twigs and overturned leaves. The leaf colors are different—front and back. Avoid roads. Follow commands. Even if it means dying, follow commands; so that your buddies can live. Watch your rear. Listen to the Holy Spirit.

20) Join up with your Jewish Christian brothers in Petra, Jordan, if you can; for God has prophesied that He will protect you there in Revelations 12:14. If you can make it to their border safely that is. Do not risk it if it is too dangerous. There should be still one-third of the Jewish nation alive, for God has prophesied that the Anti-Christ will kill only two-thirds of the population. All of the 144,000 Jewish Christians who have received God’s seal of the Holy Spirit will be raptured out before the last half of the Tribulation. Hang tight, for Jesus will come back when the Jewish nation calls out to Him at His Second-Coming at Armageddon. Know your Hebrew lunar-solar calendar, because the Bible says that the Anti-Christ will change the laws and times. God has said in Mark 13:20, “If the Lord had not cut short those days, no one would survive. But for the sake of the elect, whom He has chosen, He has shortened them.”

21) There is one big distortion of God’s Torah and Truth that the Western End-Times lukewarm Laodicea church (in Revelation 3) has taught. Satan has distorted this teaching. It is the Word of God concerning the Ten Commandments: that you will not commit murder. Satan knows the Bible better than anyone else; and he is clever than anyone else. He used the Word of God to tempt Jesus by distorting parts of it and its meaning. Likewise, Satan has changed the commandment “not to commit murder” to mean “not to commit killing”. Killing and murdering are two completely different things.


Murdering is to intentionally take someone’s life away because of hatred. Killing is not hatred. God killed evil people and nations throughout the Bible because of the horrendous things they did. God commanded His people to wipe out whole nations; and to form an army to fight evil nations who came to destroy them. So, killing is not sin. If evil people are coming over to kill your wife, your children, your brothers and sisters in Christ, and your nation; then obviously, you’re not going to turn the other cheek to them and say “please go ahead and kill me and my family and nation”. No, you are going to form an army to fight and protect yourself, and build a wall to keep the enemy out.


When the Bible says to turn the other cheek, it only means that when someone has done something wrong to you, you should forgive them and act peacefully. It doesn’t mean just let the Anti-Christ kill your family and the Jewish nation. Do you see how Satan or the devil changes the Bible and tries to use it against you? You have to understand one thing: that is—the fact that Satan has only two enemies. He cannot fight God, so he tries to kill the Christians and the Jews. They are the two groups that he hates. The Christians share the gospel of the Messiah Jesus: and unless the Jews call out to their Messiah Jesus, Jesus will not come at His Second-Coming. In both cases, Satan wants to stop God’s plan. That is why the Anti-Christ who will be possessed by Satan’s spirit will try to kill every Christian and kill the Jewish nation.


If you allow him to do that; then that is sin. You have to protect your families and you have to protect your Jewish brothers: even if that means killing the Anti-Christ’s army that comes against you to destroy you. Killing evil is not sin. Allowing others to murder you is sin. Do not be ignorant to what the Word of God says; so that you would allow Satan to lead you to be slaughtered. Be not as infants in understanding the Word of God; but be wise in the Holy Spirit in understanding God’s Bible. However, be aware that weapons do not give safety, for the Lord God Almighty is the one who delivers through the Red Sea and defeats the tens of thousands of Midianites without a fight.


The End-Times lukewarm Western churches must go back to the original Torah of God or the Truth of God’s Word; and understand it; not by religious thinking or by carnal church understanding. You must protect other people’s lives and your Jewish brothers at all cost. If God is with you, who can fight against you? Even if you have only one old grandmother in your army; you can easily defeat two hundred million troops of your enemy; if God is with you. God has the power that created the universe; and He loves you. Stand with Jesus, and He will stand with you. King David defeated Giant Goliath with one small stone.


Jesus told His disciples that from now on to go and sell our cloak to buy a sword; but when the disciples said that they have two, he said that is enough. That means that the weapons are not for assaulting people, but only for self-defense. The devil always lies to the carnal Christians to let themselves be executed by Satan’s people in order to die for the sins of the world, just like Jesus died for the sins of the world. But you are a sinner and not God: you cannot die for anyone’s sins, not alone for your own sins. Satan wants to kill all Christians and Jews without receiving any resistance from them; because he knows very well that if Christians and Jews defend themselves, God will use even one of His people or even insects to destroy hell’s entire army of several million troops. He knows what could happen if God is fighting for His people and army; so that is the reason why he tells carnal Christians to just go to the chopping block without defending themselves.


Of course, Jesus said: “Those who live by the sword will die by the sword.” He is talking about people who try to solve all kinds of disputes, quarrels and threats with the sword, just like the mafia or street gangs. Peter tried to solve everything with the sword and was very blood-thirsty, being a hot-blooded fisherman. Jesus is the Prince of Peace, and He wants all of His people to be peace-makers. However, that does not mean to murder yourselves by allowing evil people to enjoy cutting off your limbs and gut you and your family and fellow Christians.


You have a duty and obligation by God to protect good people and God’s people. Evil does not understand peace; their nature is their father Satan’s nature—to kill and torture the weak and good. If you let evil kill and murder as they please, then you are guilty of the sin of partaking in that murder and slaughter; when you could have stopped evil. You have to understand one basic rule: evil does not understand peace or good; they only understand fear. If they fear a nation or person, they will not attack or kill or steal. That is why Satan does not attack God, because he knows he will be disintegrated if he does.


As much as possible, turn the other cheek when someone punches you, and do not live by the sword. However, if they try to beat you up, steal all your money, and try to prevent the gospel of salvation from being spread to the world; then you must fight back and defend yourself, your family, your nation and the Christian congregation. Do not follow patterns or listen to Satan; but rather, in all situations and individuals, let the Holy Spirit guide you in the right actions and behavior. Be peace-makers like your Lord, in as much as you can be.


Dearest 144,000 Jewish Remnant and Tribulation Saints: these are your final orders from our Commander-In-Chief, our Lord Jesus Christ, the Great “I Am.” Hold the faith at all cost. Down to every man, woman and child; your mission is to hold the bridge of faith to the very End; so that as many people can cross over to a salvation knowledge of our Lord Jesus. The enemy will try to blow up the bridge of faith, but be strong my comrades for the Lord is with you. Though you may go through the valley of darkness and death, you shall fear no evil, for the Lord your God is with you. Look up on the Day Of Atonement (Yom Kippur) in seven years time, for we will come as the brightness of the sun to relieve you; with the King and Lord Jesus Christ, and the entire cavalry armies of heaven for you. The Lord will annihilate the enemy with His Word and the glory of His coming. On that day, look up after all Israel calls out to Him with every voice, cymbal and shofar; for you shall see us coming on white horses with the armada of heaven under the banner of our King. Secure the faith, dig in at Petra, and hold the faith to the very last man standing. These are your orders. Hold the faith! Hold the faith! Hold the faith!


And dear Brethren, in all things have faith; stand firm in the hope of our Jesus Christ for whom you have been called; and may His Word be a light unto your path. His blessings and peace and grace be upon you. To Him who sits upon the heavenly throne be praise and glory forevermore. Selah.