As I wrote in my book, the Mystery Babylon religion was created by Nimrod, the first world dictator. He was a Nephilim giant half-breed between man and fallen angels. The Anti-Christ will be the last dictator of the world. Nimrod created the Tower of Babel in defiance to God to reach the heavens, in Babylon. God gave each person a different language to Babel, and dispersed them throughout the earth. The Illuminati’s job is to reunite Nimrod’s Mystery Babylon religion. Illuminati means the “Illuminated Ones” or “Luciferian Order” (Bearer of Light or Bearer of the Secrets). All of the top members of the Freemasons (32nd and 33rd degrees), Mormons elite (Joseph Smith was a 33rd degree Mason), Catholic church tops, 13 families, Barack Obama is a 32nd degree Freemason, all the top leaders of countries are Freemasons and placed there by the Illuminati (New World Order); oil barons, bank tops, United Nations tops, etc. are controlled by the Illuminati. The Freemason is told that the “All-Seeing Eye” on the pyramid of the U.S. dollar bill is the sign of the Illuminati or Luciferian Order. It doesn’t matter who wins the elections, because they are all placed there by the New World Order. If they refuse to partake in the conspiracy to bring down the United States (the last foundation of Judeo-Christianity which is the final barrier to the New World Order), then those leaders are eliminated.

The Rosicrucians, Templar Knights, Freemasons, Mormons, Wiccan witches, Druids, Shriner Muslims, Skull & Bones, Theosophy, Cabalism, Communism, New Age spiritualists and all the other occults and fraternities and religions are connected to this Mystery Babylon religion. The Catholic cult is a Mystery Babylon religion, which has put on the disguise of Christianity to be accepted by the Roman pagans. That is why they wear the Mystery Babylon colors and worship the Muslim Fatimah, Mother Mary, Roman Diana, Wiccan witches’ moon goddess, Canaanite Asherah, Hindu Kali, Druid moon goddess, Shinto Amaterasu goddess, etc., etc., etc.

The Freemason’s slogan is “Order Out Of Chaos,” meaning a new world order by throwing the world into a economic, political, social chaos. Their Anti-Christ will use martial law to come to power. That is why FEMA has been given martial law rights. I have noted on my book how 33 correlates with where Azazel and his fallen angels first landed on the earth to deceive mankind in evolutionary theories. This 33 appears on the Mystery Babylon pope’s cassock, Soviet communist emblem, United Nations emblem, etc., etc., etc. Socialism shares the same oneness and subjugation doctrine in the background with the Mystery Babylon religion—they are one and the same. The World War I was instigated by the Illuminati to overthrow the Czar and place into power communism to take over nations against the democratic Christianity.

The Illuminati’s agenda is a new one-world order, which has been the work since Nimrod’s time. After being dispersed, it was the Mystery Babylon religion’s work to reunite the world again, under a new Nimrod II—the Anti-Christ. Every religion and secret fraternity has its origin in the Mystery Babylon religion. That is why the fraternities try to keep a secular front by calling Satan their Grand Architect of the Universe and their Temple a lodge. It is an occult religion in defiance to God to create a new world order. I also wrote about the difference between the eternal living God and all the pagan occults, as there is a sharp contrast as to whether they reside in the East or West of the Temple; just like the Freemason Master sits on the opposite throne (Satan’s throne).

The Freemasons are waiting for their Masonic Messiah who will help rebuild their Temple in Jerusalem and unite the world in what the New Age ufologists call the “Age of Aquarius” or peace. The Shriners are the Muslim branch of the Freemasons. They face east toward Mecca to pray, and take a blood oath to Allah. Only top members over 32nd degrees can become one. They are to unite Islam’s Fatimah with the Catholic’s Mother Mary. Catholicism will be the Mystery Babylon shell of Christianity when all the born-again Christians are raptured up into heaven before God’s judgment upon the earth. Many Tribulation Saints will be martyred.

All of Satan’s religions and secret fraternities and occults are waiting for this Anti-Christ. As I’ve mentioned before many times, all the religions are waiting for the Anti-Christ: the Judaist Messiah, the Shiite Muslim End-Times 12th Imam 7-year Mahdi Messiah, the Sunni Muslim Muntazar 7-year Messiah, Sufi Muslim 7-year Khidr Messiah, Buddhist’s World-Unifier Maitreiya Messiah, Hindu Kalki Javadah Messiah, Mahayana Buddhist Amida Messiah, etc., etc., etc. Since the Muslims believe that only through chaos in the world can their 7-year Messiah appear, the Iranian president is hell-bent on destroying Israel with nuclear bombs in order to create this chaos, because he believes he has been called by Allah to usher in the Mahdi Messiah. As Ezekiel 38 prophesies, he will come with the New Czar of Russia to nuclear attack Israel. All the world’s people are waiting with anticipation for this person whom the Bible calls the Man of Perdition or Satanically-Possessed Anti-Christ. He will behave like a Christian on the outside; but inside, he will be a Muslim; and will unite the great religions together. In order that God’s people will not be able to calculate the Second-Coming of Christ, he will try to change the laws and the times. The Muslims are on a lunar calendar and the Jews are on a lunar-solar calendar.

The Illuminati’s job is to create a huge national debt in the U.S. government in order to crash the dollar, so that they will have a hyper-inflation. This will ruin the world, and they can bring in their Anti-Christ with the one-world economy, one-world currency, one-world government and one-world religion answer. The Bible says the world will worship him. He will be placed by the Illuminati or Satan himself, and he will bring the U.S. superpower into debt and demise. This will allow the Illuminati to come to power.

The Illuminati or Satan (his name is “Lucifer” or the “Illuminated One”, hence a lot of the Freemason and Mormon vows involve taking oaths to Lucifer whom they call the god of light and Jehovah God as evil), have diligently created the brainwash of the world into evolutionary theories. Most ordinary Freemasons and Mormons are not aware of what goes on in the top. The leadership feels the secret should be kept from the ignorant mass. The evolutionary theory has been proven wrong by quantum mechanics, but the schools still teach them, because the only other alternative is to believe in an intelligent designer God or creationism. The purpose of the evolutionary deception is to use it to deceive the world into thinking that there are higher-evolved aliens. As the fallen angels and demons came to the earth as aliens before God judged the earth with Noah’s flood; so also, will they return in the End-Times, as I’ve noted on my book. It will be Satan’s Illuminati’s great deception to use the world to fight Jesus at Armageddon. Satan’s demons will be disguised as alien from other planets.

That is the mission of the Illuminati. They will arise after the saints or Church is raptured into heaven. When the Anti-Christ sets up his image in the holy of holies in the Temple in Jerusalem, God’s wrath and judgment will be poured out on the Anti-Christ and the wicked people of the world. There is not enough time to write about everything. Even the book, I had to keep as inexpensive as possible so that children can buy it with their allowances, too; so I have only included a fraction of what God has shown me. But it should give you a greater insight into the End-Times plan of your adversary.

May the Lord give you wisdom in perilous times, dear brethren. And we shall see you at the End of the seven years.