Dear Tribulation Saints:

Some have asked in your heart on how to overcome sin. You’ve tried and tried and tried to overcome that pet sin in your life. You just can’t get rid of it. Well, today, I’m going to teach you the secret of overcoming that sin once and for all. It is relatively easy to overcome it.

Your problem lies in trying and trying and trying. You shouldn’t be trying. That’s trying to overcome sin in your flesh. It’s like trying to move a mountain with your hand; or putting a forest fire out with an eye drop bottle; or trying to teach quantum mechanics to a monkey. You cannot overcome sin by your strength or ability, because you are flesh. You never were able to; you are not able to; and you will never be able to.

So then, how do you overcome sin you ask. You let God do it. He is greater than your sin; greater than your flesh; and greater than all the evil in the world combined. His power is mightier than all the nuclear and solar energy in the universe combined. What you need to do is to ask God in prayer to discipline you. God disciplines those whom He loves. So do not resist God’s discipline, but accept it with joy and gratefulness and celebration; for it proves that God is your Father. A father doesn’t discipline a stranger’s child. That child is an illegitimate child. Would you go to the White House and spank the president’s daughter? No! You discipline your own child, because you love him. So it is with God. He disciplines you, because He knows you are His child and you are going to be spending eternity with Him. Can a child grow up to be a well-behaving adult without his parents’ discipline? No. A child doesn’t get a stick and spank himself, whenever he eats that 5,000 calorie ice cream and gets a stomachache and diarrhea. Nor does a child refuse to eat the ice cream because he hates sweets and sinning against his parents. At least I’ve never seen a child do that. If you’ve seen a child spank himself or prefer spinach over ice cream, something may not be right with him mentally. But the child needs his parents to discipline him, so that he can grow up to be a normal adult citizen of society and not an animal. So it is with the Christian and God our loving Father.

With humans, it is impossible to overcome the flesh. It is too strong. However, with God, all things are possible in Christ. He will discipline you and help you overcome your greatest sins. It is nothing difficult for Him. He is God, and He is your loving Father. It may be disease and illness to destroy your lust of the flesh; or it may be financial hardship and loss of income to destroy your lust of the eyes; or it may be attacks and persecution by evil heathen people or evil religious Christians to destroy your pride of life. In any case, God is faithful and righteous to do it. And you will be sanctified, purified and set apart. Holiness means to be set apart for Him and His work. Of course, you do not have to be perfect for God to use you, for if it was so, who could be used? But a Christian’s life is a life of sanctification. It is the Holy Spirit’s job to sanctify you.

If you are unwilling to pray for God’s discipline, then your heart is not ready to be sanctified. You are running away from God, and do not desire His life and Spirit in you. That is your choice and your heart. You must make the decision. God is faithful and just to grant you all things, according to His perfect will. Are you running away from God? It is time to return, for there is not much time left. You need to make a decision to throw everything away and follow Him; or to follow the world. Your decision is only a prayer away. But do not try to sanctify yourself using your flesh, for you shall surely fail. It is pride to think that you can overcome sin by your power and ability and goodness of heart. Because we do not have good hearts. Our hearts are desperately wicked and deceitful. Stop struggling in your flesh, and submit to God. He will restore the years that the locusts have eaten away, and give you joy and freedom eternal.

On the other hand, I must also add: the difficult sin to overcome is the hidden, unknown sins. For example, American pastors brag and show off and elevate man with their Western humanist self-righteousness that they were born into; by saying things like, “This is my lovely, world’s most beautiful, amazing wife,” to a sister in Christ who may not be physically attractive to sinful humans. The Japanese people show false humility and Taoist-Confucian humanist self-righteousness that they were born into; by saying things like, “This is my foolish, incompetent, lowly husband; but if you would be kind enough, it would be an honor if you would even regard him. Yoroshiku onegai itashimasu.”

(Some uneducated young Japanese have been Westernized, so they do not know the mentality or courtesy or ways of their older generation, so they may deny the truth about their culture.) However, most Japanese compliment Americans diplomatically; but in private, they openly judge Americans as being arrogant; prideful; unrestrained in boastful speech; selfish; without manner; and vulgar in mind and attitude; which is worthy of disgust. (Some uneducated young Americans have been internationalized, so they may deny that Americans say those kinds of things.) However, most Americans compliment Japanese diplomatically; but in private, they openly judge Japanese as being weird; absurd; falsely humble; foolish to criticize their own family when introducing them to others; and disrespectful to their families.

I think humans are always on both satanic extremes: both Americans and Japanese. I do not only talk about them, but also about Swedes, Nigerians, Jews, Peruvians and all other nationalities. They do not know the godly Truth. When you tell them the Truth, some vulgar, wicked-hearted pastors will purposely say those things in front of you about their families; in order to vainly attempt to intentionally agitate you and show ridicule toward your teachings and taunt God in His face. This is the condition of the End-Times lukewarm Laodicean churches. There is no Truth in them. That is why they give hundreds of thousands of dollars to each other by putting God’s House and flock in debt; and kick out righteous men who oppose them. Their self-righteous humanism has blinded their hearts; and they are blind and naked before the Lord. I ask what kind of a heart would intentionally do something like that—a heart that praises God with the mouth, but disregards Him with the soul. They place trust in their past accomplishments and works, and do not fear or respect the Lord their God. They believe God to be blind and naked of righteousness.

However, you dear brethren, are unlike these religious, arrogant, carnal Christians. You have been called to righteousness and godliness; and as you have been called to righteousness, you know that the Holy Spirit is faithful and just to lead you into all Truth and godly ways. For those who have an honest heart and love His Truth, He will never allow you to go astray or be misled. He is the Lord your God, who is faithful and true through the ages. He is faithful to expose all the hidden sins in your life, and purify you as white as snow—holy and pleasing unto the Lord. Trust Him, and pray continuously to show you if there is any wicked way in your life or heart that you are not aware of. So is the heart of a righteous man. And the Lord hears your honest prayers. For He loves a humble heart and a righteous truthful heart. And He answers.

Repent! And make straight the path of the Lord! His coming will be like lightning from the east that is visible from the west. Keep watch!