Dear Tribulation Saints & 144,000 Jewish Remnant:

Some Christians get saved, but their husbands are still non-Christians. The husband wants to go to the clubs to drink, dance and party. This is where you can tell the difference between a religious Christian and a born-again Christian by what they do. A lot of religious leaders will counsel the woman with their religious teachings by telling them not to go to the club, and have nothing to do with the partying, sex and alcohol, for that is the devil’s territory.

A religious non-saved Christian or a carnal saved Christian would complain to the pastor and say that she wants to separate from the husband; because he wants to go to these clubs to dance and party and drink. This is the lifestyle that many End-Times people lead. She will tell him that she does not want to go there; because she is now a Christian; and do not want anything to do with that world. She forgets that the Lord had saved her from exactly that environment, and exactly that sort of people. Nothing makes her more holy now, except but by the grace of God, and only by the mercy of God.

A born-again saved spiritual Christian would not complain to the pastor about her husband. If the husband is abusing her, she would distance herself from him. Otherwise, she would submit to her husband and go to the club; and this would also insure that he does not flirt with other women when he gets drunk. She can also stop him from overdrinking so that he doesn’t make any foolish mistakes. Then, she will share the gospel of Jesus Christ to the disc jockey, the bouncers, the women in the toilet, and the bartender; leave a gospel tract in the pocket of the people who are passed out with alcohol on the floor; pray for healing for those people who are throwing up from the drinking so that they would believe in the power of God; and all the husband’s friends at the bar would be astonished at the power in her words, and by her feminine, righteous, loving character. She would be the rumor and commotion among the whole club, because of her godly personality and love for all people. They would have never seen a person like that come to the club; just like the Samaritan women would not have expected Jesus to come to the desert on a hot day to drink with her, though the Jews were their arch enemies. Unless Jesus went into the prostitutes and tax collectors to preach the gospel, we would not have had the Book of Matthew; since Matthew would not have been saved; though the religious leaders condemned Jesus for going there. If people are sick in the club; then they will get healed when your shadow falls upon them.

Dear brethren, stop thinking like the non-saved religious Christians. For they are perishing with their religious ways. Instead, clothes yourself with the Spirit of Christ and in the power of Christ to preach the gospel to all men, women and transvestites. If the Holy Spirit leads you to share the gospel to the woman sitting in the next toilet stall, then obey! They cannot escape, and it is a good place to share the gospel. If a child has got himself stuck in the chimney, and you are a firefighter saving them; why not save their soul as well, by sharing the gospel to the child. They aren’t going anywhere, because they are stuck in the chimney. They have to listen to you. You represent the Savior to them. If it weren’t for God’s grace, they would be lost in that chimney forever. If you are an American soldier in Afghanistan, and you catch some Taliban insurgents, then go to talk to them about Jesus Christ seven times a day. Then, God may save one of them to take the gospel to all the other prisoners.

Dear brethren, think Christ, and not as religious people do. You are no longer children of the night who try to keep themselves pure by abstaining from pork; or observing some religious holy days; or not going to clubs. I say go to the night club on the Sabbath, and order the pork chop, and share Jesus Christ to all the people there, including the club owner and all the mafia people who come there. In all things, be Christ to all men.

Repent! And make straight the path of the Lord! Seek not your own ways and understanding; but in all of your ways, seek His perfect will.