There have arisen many Pharisees among you, who call themselves the elected teachers. Though they are only teachers, they assume to be the sole leader of an enclosed group of believers and an administrator as well. The congregation has no discernment of the Holy Spirit, so they just blindly follow whatever their sole leader teaches them as long as it sounds good and Western humanistic.

They say things like, “There are no prophets in the Church Age.” Or, “God does not use people in the New Testament to call down judgment upon people and nations.” They make up all kinds of religious doctrines and laws in which to restrict God’s authority and power. They forbid God to do certain things in the New Testament Church Age. Is God prohibited to do things, because man dictates to Him what He can do and what He cannot do? Does a mere man tell God that His people can say certain things, but cannot say other things? Does a speck of dust tell the Creator of the Heavens that a prophet’s description is such and such, and that God cannot overstep their religious Phariseeic boundaries in certain ages and times? They forget He is the God of the past, present and the things to come. What is man that God has to listen to his definitions of what God can do and cannot do, with his tiny mind of faithless restrictions? They mock God with their faithlessness. And they wonder why there are so many sick and dying around them in the End-Times lukewarm churches. It is exactly because of their religious thinking that opposes everything that is of faith.

It is God’s love that leads His people to speak unto nations and His flock. But the religious leaders dismiss them as empty threats of impending judgment’s upon nations; and fanatic maniacs who are not really prophets, for they have gone extinct in the Old Testaments. They scorn and scoff; dismiss and exclude; ignore and mock in their hearts. They do not believe. Why is it that they are teachers of the Word and the Law; but they do not learn to recognize God’s voice? Rather, they dictate in what only narrow ways that God can work, and that He cannot work in new ways or do new things. Have they never thought of the reason why God does not work in certain ways in the End-Times is because there are none who have the faith to obey God and believe? How can God work through people who do not believe in Him; and turn a blind mind; and do not believe He works in ways except for their religiously defined ways? They consider the Old Testament God and the Ancient Apostolic Church God as almost a separate fairy tale God. In every age, the prophets of God are not accepted by the people; and in every age, the bringer of God’s good news are turned away at the door. How long will they continue in their stubbornness? A stiff-necked generation.

Who is it that can define God or claim to be able to describe His limitations? The religious leaders have no understanding of what they speak, and they put God in a box. They have a preset determination of how the world around them works, and that God restricts Himself to their created doctrines.

Do not listen to these religious leaders, dear brethren; for they have neither understanding nor faith. They teach religion and seminary doctrines handed down through the ages and their Western traditions. Set yourself apart from them, and commit yourself in all of your ways to the Holy Spirit; so that you will be led of the Spirit and gain wisdom from the Most High. He will give faith and wisdom and grace to carry out His will and perfect work. Glory and praise unto our King in whom all have their being and all things work. To Him be the honor for He gives to each as His pleasures lead and uses each for His love. May the name of our Lord Jesus Christ be lifted high. May you nations raise up His banner, and you people stand in His Spirit. Those who know Him and live in Him will call out, “Blessed be the name of our Lord and he who comes in the name of our Lord!”