This is an appendix to the previous letter: Are Christians Still Under Sin’s Curse Of Work & Birth Pain?

There seems to be some who have said in their hearts, “Oh no, we need churches and institutions and programs and titles!” concerning my following previous letter’s statement:

“In the first place, why are there such things as churches, and routine programs and plaques stating the history of the stained glass windows? The church is when more than two or three gather together in Christ—it is a body of Christ. They can meet in homes, in parks, in shopping malls or in the toilets. They should be going out everywhere with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Christianity is not a weekly routine program in a building; but rather, it is adventurous, active, exciting, and new; just like Christ had church with the Samaritan woman in the desert where He spent a long, tiresome journey to visit; or He took His disciples to secluded places to disciple; or going into the crowds to preach.”

My question to you is, “What is the concept of a Church in your heart?” Is it an organization; a program; a set routine; an institution; a group with titles and positions and set roles; a cult-like group that sets itself apart from other denominational bodies; a heritage or tradition or legacy perhaps; an identification to a certain clique or gang of familiar faces; identification under a certain pastor or human being; a place to have car washes and parties and donuts/coffee and choir practices and Bible classes like the Bridge Club or Rotary Club; or perhaps a place to go on Sunday mornings to identify yourself as a Christian “believer”; or a place to dance and sing and have a spiritual high; etc.?

Would you still go to that church if it was full of 300 radical, fanatic Muslims who are ordered explicitly in the Koran to cut the throats of all non-Muslims if they do not convert; or if it were full of what appeared like moving garbage, but upon closer inspection, you find out are dirty humans without legs and arms in the Indian garbage dump trying to eat leftovers with their mouths to the ground; or if it were full of malarial mosquitoes and poisonous snakes; or a crowd of hecklers who jeer and sneer at you as you preach; or had statues of Roman gods lined along the streets of the city; or had British Anglicans who yelled at you to get out of here, because you disturb the peaceful relations with the evolutionists because of your absurd, old-fashioned creationist beliefs; etc.?

I say to you: What is your concept of the Church of the Living God? Is it a place where modern, End-Times, lukewarm Christians go to gather a few hours on Sunday mornings, after spending 60 hours in an immoral-environment, secular work from Monday to Friday? Do you identify one person to teach everyone, instead of each person discipled by a discipler; who in turn is discipled by another? Do you institutionalize religion into titles/positions and programs and denominations?

The religious leaders detest what I say. It endangers their jobs and career security and their rich retirement pension plans. They would crucify me if they could. They consider themselves to be all in all: an apostle; a teacher; an administrator; a prophet; an evangelist; and a worker of miracles. How is it that the teacher has gained a complete autocracy and monopoly on the church body, over the rest of the positions? What makes a teacher more important and higher than an apostle or a prophet or evangelist? Are not all of them part of the church body, with their unique gifts and authorities? Are not the whole body: a body with arms, noses and eyes. Does not that incorporate a more balanced body, instead of just a torso with a mouth just teaching every Sundays? Hasn’t God given various roles and authorities and positions to His body to fulfill His mission? Why do you detest the things of God, and identify your own institutions and structural bodies, based upon your vain, traditional religions? Why do you parade the streets and the church aisles with your magnificent robes and white-collared, black shirts? Why is it that only one person out of the 300 congregation members is teaching, and not all 300 teaching to their own disciples? What have you made God’s House into? Do you not see; do you not know; the things of the Spirit; which can only be understood by the Holy Spirit; and not by human religious academics and seminary? You need an autocracy over the church, and complete control over the doctrines, only when the congregation is carnal; prone to rebel and drift to other false-doctrines; and lukewarm like the End-Times Church is so that they are prone to disagree with each other and break up.

What is a seminary? Did Jesus institutionalize the seminary, or are the religious Pharisees imitating the Western secular institutions of the pagans? Some true born-again Christians I know have called the “seminary” a “cemetery.” I tend to agree. You go there to kill your Spirit; and to learn about voice inflection and vibrations, and organizational administration; and making evangelistic programs based on century-old methods. What is the use of all of these secular knowledge and vain human endeavors, if it is not led by the Holy Spirit? When did the Holy Spirit and God lose His role to speak, act, organize, lead, gift, empower, and send? You diminish the Holy Spirit with your perverted Western humanist thinking and religious ways. Not only that, you shut out Jesus out of His own House; so that He has to knock on the door in Revelation 3:20, to be let back in.

When did the Church start to not be led by the Holy Spirit, although they claim at every sermon that they are led of the Holy Spirit? If you are truly led by the Holy Spirit, then why do you live as the other religions do? Is God merely another inanimate statue, which the other religions worship? No, we worship the Most High Living God—the Creator and One who gives life and breath to all. Do you not see whom you serve? That is why Revelations 3:14-22 talks about this End-Times church; that it believes that it can see and it is clothed, but in truth, they are blind and naked. They follow their religious traditions and their Western humanist religious beliefs. To the extent that there is no longer any difference between the thinking and values of God’s people with the pagans who are outside. Since when did God’s House become a house for pagans? When you preach “wake up” to the slumbering church, what is the meaning of your “wake up”? “Wake up” does not mean following legalistic pure lives, and following certain rules and lifestyles. No, I say unto you, it is much more than that. It is the life and wisdom of Christ, who is the Living Word; who gives understanding in all things and leads in all things. The question is: Is it the single pastor’s or Phariseeic elders’ committee’s understanding; or is each member of the congregation being led and inspired by the Holy Spirit, who is God Himself? Without God, you only have religion left, and vain human ways. No wonder the Church is so weak and faithless and lacking understanding.

Why institutionalize and traditionalize and give roles; when the Holy Spirit can raise, mobilize, empower and send? In a true church, each person is teaching others, for there is a steady flow of believers being added to the body of Christ every day; and others are constantly going out to all nations, people, tribes and tongues. Teacher are but one of many, and they are not the supreme dictator. We are not Old Testament saints, but rather, we have the Holy Spirit and grace of Christ’s leadership. Or else, what would the meaning or purpose of the Holy Spirit be? Apostles organize and administer. Evangelists preach. Workers of miracles heal, deliver from evil spirits, and raise from the dead. Prophets speak things of the future and wisdom. Are not all needed in the church, and equally vital to the church’s function? Why do you identify certain people with labels, when God is not limited in using different people at different times and different situations; to do one or more, as the needs arise?

Everything must be led by the Holy Spirit and God who is the head of His Church. A Pope doesn’t tell the church what to do and what doctrines to believe, such as their recent belief in extraterrestrial aliens of evolutionary theory. God raises different people in different situations to rise up, gather a bunch of believers around them, and go out to do that certain mission. Was it not like that in the ancient church? When has the Church changed into an institution? Rather each man should do as he or she is led of the Spirit; for there is complete order and harmony and pro-activeness by the Holy Spirit. God needs to be placed back in the leadership position of each believer and the whole Church body as a whole. They should come together and have lunch and dinner communion with each other daily, seven days a week. You have made communion almost into a monthly ritual. Is it not more important to come together as the body of Christ and have sausage and egg breakfast together in remembrance of Christ’s fellowship and very life? It is the spirit that is important, not the religious ritual. Jesus said to partake of wine and bread in solemn remembrance of His very blood and body. We have kept the ritual, but thrown Jesus out the door! Shmegegge and gobbledegook!

For example, I worked in a company that had no managers. Each employee would come up with a new business plan; contact the potential clients; call upon a few other employees to go with him on a sales call to the client; come up with the method; and get together some other employees to carry out the business. No one told them what to do; who to approach; what time to clock-in or clock-out; when to go to lunch or when to come back from lunch; what to wear; what kind of business to do; or what teams or employees to invite to do the job. Each employee loved the company and their job; so they spent every day working hard; using their creativity; cooperating with others; leading and being led sometimes to accomplish a certain mission. You may lead when you come up with an idea, and others may lead when they come up with a business. Shouldn’t the modern church be as the ancient church, as the Holy Spirit and Jesus leads His Church? Since when did man take the steering wheel, and start granting titles and positions and academic degrees to people? There is something seriously wrong with the End-Times lukewarm Church.

Repent! And make straight the path of the Lord! For He shall soon return to set His path straight, and to be the leader of His people. He shall shepherd His flock to green meadows; He shall reign as King over all people; and He will be the head of all nations. And all the nations will call upon His blessed name; for He shall reign with wisdom, justice and peace. So come Lord Jesus! From now until His return, blessed is he who calls upon the Lord’s name!