Dear Tribulation Saints:

You will be living in perilous times, and you will face much persecution. Today, I am going to teach you how to distinguish the Holy Spirit in the pastors and their wives.

First, let’s start with the satanic pastors and their wives. They will resemble Ahab and Jezebel in their nature. Just like Ahab, the pastor will be a nice guy on the surface, but wicked and ungodly inside. He will be an effeminate, castrated man. He will be violent; proud and arrogant; insecure inside; have an inferiority complex; act tough; and strut around as if he’s a strong man. He will get into a lot of fights with other feminine men in order to prove that he is tough and strong, due to his inner insecurity and weakness. He will not tolerate other men, and always have tough sermons towards men. On the other hand, he will always lift up the women and have good sermons about them. He will act as if he is the protector of all women, who is just and fair; and will appease them for he knows that they will drag in their husbands to fill their church membership.

At home, he will be the opposite, just like Ahab’s satanic nature: he will submit to his wife’s wishes every time; he will walk 3 steps behind the wife; he will be under the control of his wife; and very weak inside. On the outside, he will be either one of two appearances of a satanic man: he will either be a brawler and violent man who shows off his muscles to other men and act tough, or he will be very timid and sissy-like. They will either come from a rough family with an uncivilized background; or, they will be like the aristocrats who wear cosmetics, talk like a woman, wear a wig, walk like a woman, and have explosions of violent temper. This is because these aristocrats have sex with multitudes of women everyday for extended periods; and they grow tired of women; so they start lusting after men for new stimulus. Whether they are aristocrats in France or Japan or Nepal, these men have sinned so much with women, that they have become demonically perverted in their gender behaviors. It is a demonic spiritual influence. I know, because a lot of the fallen angels I have fought against come in the form of animals or in the form of a woman; but their breasts are chests and their voices are men’s voices. Evil men will resemble these perverted inverted demonic spirits for they will be controlled by them.

Just like Jezebel, the satanic pastor’s wife will be very tough on the outside, and usually control her husband. You will see her strutting ahead of her husband at a brisk walk. The husband will follow her with the babies in his arms, or pushing the baby stroller with the diapers in his hand. She will walk with big, open strides like a man. You can tell a lot about people by the way they walk and talk. She likes to give orders, and say things that humiliate her husband to other people. She will be arrogant and domineering. However, in a life or death situation, she will go hysterical and not know what to do. She will panic. She will abandon her husband, abandon her infant and abort them, so that she can run away for her own convenience.

She will not tolerate anyone who does not submit to her; and she will use politics to kick out the righteous man from the company. She often has a demonic-possessed hatred toward godly men who have a godly nature. She will look at them as evil men who need to be taught a lesson and subjugated to learn equality. Satan hates God’s men who are filled with the Holy Spirit, and his demonic spirits detest them for their personality is like Christ’s. She will hunger for power and authority—always trying to achieve higher positions like Jezebel. She will be lewd, and will want men to look at her body; and she will often wear tight or scanty clothes. She will either put huge amounts of make-up and gaudy jewelry on; or don’t put any make-up on and dress like a man.

Satan’s women will raise their children up; and make movies that will brainwash the public into thinking that tough and strong women are attractive; and feminine godly women are stupid and weak and incompetent. They detest Holy Spirit filled Christian women who side with God. The society run by Jezebels will be in the extreme opposite of God’s perfect original culture and society. But these societies will be so brainwashed by Satan that they will believe that that is good and right and to be encouraged. One needs to be wary of these religious leaders for they are filled with academics, but they have no Truth in them. In those societies, you will often find huge amounts of women who will abandon their normal sexual orientation; and they will lust after other women or even fallen angels and animals. They will not submit to the spiritual leadership. (Especially in ages right before God’s judgment and wrath falls, just like Sodomy and Gomorrah.)

Now—how to discern the godly pastors and their wives? These pastors will resemble Jesus’ nature. They will be gentle, kind, humble, and peaceful on the outside. However, in the inside, they will be strong; take leadership immediately; have initiative; have compassion for the women; but will never give up his authority to the women or the children; and he will be a masculine man. These men will be peaceful toward other men, and will never try to assert their power or strength over them. He will show humility toward other men, respect them, and be a peace-maker. He will always take care of the women, but he will always give the authoritative roles and leadership to God’s men. He will never humiliate other men in front of the women. Nor will he reprimand men in front of the women during the public sermon, to show how much a Western humanist self-righteous egotistical Ahab he is—a lady’s man. Rather, he will be silent and lead by example, as Christ did. He will be the first to lead the women and also the first to die for the women to protect them. He will be a role model of Christ unto all men.

Just like Christ, these godly men will be detested by Satan’s Jezebel women and Ahab men, which is the majority of the Western people in the End-Times. They will be spoken evil of; kicked out of the organizations; and persecuted; for the evil spirits who control these ungodly men and women, will be aware of God’s Holy Spirit in these godly men. They are on opposite sides, and the demons know that; so they will whisper all kinds of evil thoughts into these evil people’s minds towards God’s people. This will increase hatred toward those people who are filled by the Holy Spirit. Often, it will be the religious Christians who will persecute, kick out, and martyr God’s people. Be very careful of these religious Christians and pastors, for they carry Jezebel and Ahab’s spirits. They are not of God, but they are of Satan.

As for the godly pastor’s wives, they will resemble Mary Magdalene in nature. She will not assert her authority or leadership. She will quietly come to Jesus in humility and gentleness of feminine spirit, to pour perfume on his feet and wipe his feet with her own hair, as she weeps for her Lord. She will rest at Christ’s feet with modesty of spirit.

She will lead other women with love and compassion of an older sister. In a life or death situation, she will stand her ground with the Lord to the death. She will neither flinch or fear, for her heart is established firmly in Christ. She will quietly stay by her Lord’s crucifix until the very end. However, she will not go to the men and reprimand them for not being there at the cross, nor will she order them to go to the cross. She will respect her brothers’ positions and authority as disciples and apostles. She will lead many people to Christ and His righteousness, for she is a woman empowered with true power from above. In her gentleness will be her strength; and in her femininity will be her beauty; and in her servant heart will she be saved by the Lord—even though she may have been a prostitute before.

Godly men who are filled by the Holy Spirit will be left breathless by her gentle, kind, feminine countenance. The men’s hearts will praise God for the woman’s true beauty and childlikeness of heart. She will be a role-model of Eve for her younger sisters. She will be modest in her make-up and clothes; but she will not put her smelly feet on the table or burp in front of the men. She will take initiative without being told by anyone, by bringing cold drinks for the men; who are toiling with sweat and hammered thumbs to build her a house. She will have kind words of praise to lift any man’s hearts, and they will want to do much more for her. She will have a heart of gratitude and respect for her brothers; and support them without her right hand letting her left hand know—in secret and modesty.

However, Satan’s women will detest her as being incompetent and unassertive; and Satan’s men will see her as being weak and dependent on the Lord. Satan will hate her with a passion, for she resembles the Lord’s originally created woman. She will be looked down upon by the women of the evil society as being not ambitious and a henchman of Christ and men. Of course, this is not true, for Christ will lift her up and glorify her, for she served in humility and love, just like Mary Magdalene—who once was lost but now she is found. She and her heart will have breath-taking beauty in heaven, where all men will be stunned by her tender laughter and her graceful dance above the heavenly meadows.

So shall each man’s hearts be tested and manifested by the Holy Spirit. So shall you know the heart of each pastor and pastor’s wife. For though evil men will be deceived by the outward; the godly men will discern by the Spirit. So be wise my dear Tribulation Saints. For brother will betray brother in the coming Tribulation Age, but a stranger in Christ will give his life to save yours from the Anti-Christ. Choose your friends well; and do not trust the appearance of each man; but test each spirit whether they are from God. I leave you with these words, beloved brethren. And until the day we meet in heaven, may the Lord’s light shine before your path; and reveal all things to you; and lead you into all Truth.

Repent! And make straight the path of the Lord! By the Spirit, test each heart! See if there are any dark ways hidden! Let the Spirit reveal them! For a time is coming soon, where the Lord’s coming will be like the brightness of the sun; and each man’s heart will be revealed before all of creation! Diligently seek His righteousness and His Kingdom, and you will surely find His mercy and grace and rest…