One individual asked me if Christians are still under the sin’s curse of work, if we are delivered from the sin’s curses of illness and poverty that Jesus took on for us. When we become Christians, we are delivered from the curse of work, and we are recruited into God’s work now.

While I still lacked faith to believe and was a carnal Christian, I had to work for the world and went through much hardship. However, when I committed myself to the Lord, there was no more need for discipline; so He recruited me into His work, and now I don’t need to work for the secular world. If I were stuck in a small office all day, I wouldn’t be able to share the gospel, except for a few people at work. However, since I’m free from the curse of work, I can go anywhere at any time to anyone, who God wants me to go to, in order to share the gospel. Because of the faith I have in Christ’s utter deliverance from sin’s curse, He now takes care of all of my income, too.

As long as I believed in the curse, I was under the curse of sin. However, when I believed in the Truth of Christ’s deliverance from the curse of sin, God delivered me from the curse’s power. I don’t work at all, but God provides for all my financial needs. However, just as the Bible says that if you do not work, you do not eat: I work for the Lord instead now and His ministry. However, it is not a work for money, but it is out of a desire to work for the Lord that God places in the hearts of the saints who really believe in His deliverance from the curses of sin. I do not have to work for any person, group, organization, church, company or any other entity. I work for the Lord and only for the Lord, and He miraculously provides every day. But in order to be delivered from the curse of sin, you have to believe that in Jesus, that you are delivered. Then, you will be delivered.

Unfortunately, the person who asked the question didn’t believe in my answer, just like the majority of the End-Times religious lukewarm Christians. So, he is still working for a secular company for a human boss, toiling day and night, long hours, undergoing stress, stuck in a small office, with very little income—a slave to sin’s curse and a slave to this world. If he only had believed, he would have been freed from the curses of sin in Christ. He had asked sarcastically with scorn in order to try to corner Jesus, so God knew his heart. That is why faith is so important in a saint’s life. If you have faith of a mustard seed, you can move mountains, or tell a dead corpse to come back to life and it will. But you need to believe. It’s amazing that we live in such a blessed age in all of church history, but it is an age when faith is almost scorned and laughed at. The pastors scorn and laugh at that faith, so it is not surprising that the congregation does, too. So is the End-Times that was prophesied.

Come to think of it: all the born-again, Spirit-filled Christians I know, are not working. They are doing the Lord’s work, and God miraculously provides for them. They are not dependent on any church, ministry, missionary organization, company, people, sponsors, relatives, parents, or any other humans. This is a consistency I have found out across the board to be true. The only difference I can find between those Christians who are free in the Lord, and those who are slaves still to the secular companies, is their faith—whether they believe God or not. But those who have made this discovery and actually believe, seem to be a very small percentage of the Christian population. Most are still slaves to the curses of sin. Most still truly believe sincerely that they are under the curses of sin, and God has not delivered them—so God leaves them to their belief. God is a gentleman, so He will not force anyone to believe, if they don’t want to believe.

There are many End-Times Western materialistic humanist pastors who teach that you have to work for a secular company; and only share the gospel to the few people in your office and friends and relatives during your 70 or so years of lifetime; and that is all that is required of you who is given small responsibility from the Lord; and that you don’t have to fulfill the Great Commission of going out to share and disciple all nations, people, tribes and tongues. They actually discourage you, like Satan, to stay put in your little office and minister only there. They say your job is to fix the plumbing, or bake a cake, or design houses, or lead the choir practice. That is the reason why the Tribulation Saints, 144,000 Jewish Remnant, Two End-Times Prophets, and the Angel that goes to and fro in the air has to finish the work that the Church failed to do during the 2,000 years. God has to use visions and appearances to the Muslim people in order to bring them to Christ. The Jewish Remnant who will get saved, will be different; and they will carry out their roles as God’s people, to every corner of the earth.

These End-Times Western religious pastors preach religion that God is not going to provide for you; and that He is unloving; and that the Bible is not true. They point fingers at God’s people in the ancient church and scornfully say, “See—God didn’t provide for them and they starved.” I don’t see that anywhere in the Bible. Rather, I see God faithfully providing for His ancient church. I haven’t had income for many years, and I do not depend on any sponsors or church supports or any human being or human organizations. God is Jehovah Jireh and He miraculously provides for me every day. I first seek His Kingdom and His righteousness; and then, He provides all these other things unto me (rent, food, clothes, transportation, etc.). He EVEN allows me to give support to brothers who are in need, because of their carnal lives.

Do not listen to these pastors; because they think, walk and breathe like the Western End-Times humanist people do. They do not believe the Word of God; and they will not believe it. They warp it into some kind of Western human religious cult doctrine and teach it. Their minds are full of religious academics and culture and theology. They say you have to make a living by yourself; and you have to use your own ability and academic education; and that you have to use your skills and intelligence; and that you have to use your profession and licenses; and that you have to use your connections and will-power. They teach that God helps only those who help themselves; and that you have to do secular work and provide your own meals; and making disciples of all nations and men are only for the select few. No wonder, after 2,000 years, the gospel work has not been completed! There are hundreds of millions who haven’t heard the gospel in India, for example. They read the Bible, but they make up their own Bible.

The religious leaders are fervently brainwashing End-Times people with Satan’s agenda; to stop them from going out everywhere to make disciples, heal, deliver from evil spirits, raise them from the dead, and make the blind see and crippled walk. That is why there is no power in the End-Times lukewarm church—Laodicea. They do not believe; and they are so immersed in Satan’s Western humanist thinking. Their ways of thinking are completely 180 degrees opposite from our thinking. They preach God, but they deny its power. It’s a shell of Christianity that has survived.

In the first place, why are there such things as churches, and routine programs and plaques stating the history of the stained glass windows? The church is when more than two or three gather together in Christ—it is a body of Christ. They can meet in homes, in parks, in shopping malls or in the toilets. They should be going out everywhere with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Christianity is not a weekly routine program in a building; but rather, it is adventurous, active, exciting, and new; just like Christ had church with the Samaritan woman in the desert where He spent a long, tiresome journey to visit; or He took His disciples to secluded places to disciple; or going into the crowds to preach.

So, most Western Christians just spend every day commuting to work in the traffic jam; punch their cards into their office clock; face their computer for several hours; drink coffee; and go home. This continues every day, 365 days a year, ten years a decade. It is the sleeping church. Pastors, on the one hand say, “Wake up!”; but on the other hand say, “Go to work, because God’s not going to provide for you if you seek His Kingdom and His righteousness.” You wonder how they think. Lord God, who is merciful and kind; may you open their eyes that they may know as we know, and see with spiritual eyes as we see! Amen.

It’s also interesting to me that a lot of Christians are cutting back on their giving in this economic crisis; when they should be dumping their money into God’s ministries; and sending all their money up to heaven; because it is the time of greatest need for God’s ministries. You sometimes wonder, why though they are pastors, they teach those kinds of things. The End-Times church is sort of like a modern version of the medieval monasteries where they do church activities every week—religion. The End-Times Christians all go to secular work, Monday through Friday; then they come to church a few hours on Sunday, to do church activity. Whatever money they get from the 5% of the congregation that really gives; they use for coffee and donuts, church senior citizens’ activities; hundreds of thousands of dollar bonuses to pastors to put God’s church and flock in debt; pastors’ houses; pastors’ new cars; pastors’ wives’ new wardrobes; church fund-raising activities; and church choir practices. No wonder the church is poor and weak. If all the hundreds of millions of Christians went out and made disciples of all nations, people, tribes and tongues; this world would be a very different world than we see now—the Church will be affluent. This world would have been radically changed for Christ, like in the ancient times. The Chinese underground church is an example of a radically growing church— thousands getting saved every day.

I say unto you, Tribulation Saints, not to live like your forefathers did; but to live by the Truth of God, and He will do great and mighty things that will amaze you. The Bible says not to test the Lord your God. But there is one place that commands you to test Him. It is in giving. Who cares if you don’t have any money: give to God. The Western human-minded pastors will detest me saying that and criticize me. I know their hearts. But Jesus commended the widow who gave everything she had, though she didn’t have enough for herself. The humanist pastors belittle God—and that disturbs me greatly. The Bible says to test the Lord your God, if He is not the God of the universe. Do you think you can out-give God, oh you little man? Do you not know that God created the heavens and placed the stars in the sky, when you were still not? Do you not know that He shakes the earth, and floods the land with the tip of His small finger, to warn the world of His imminent return? He has made the gold, silver and precious stones of the earth. He upholds the finance of the world in His palms. And do you say to the Lord your God, “You will not provide for us, so we need to continue working our own daily work?” Whatever happened to the Great Commission and the life that changed the world upside-down? Whatever made the Church settle to its church life? The 144,000 Jewish Remnant will not be like that. No, they will carry the gospel to all corners of the earth, and make disciples of all men; according to our command and the first love we have in Christ.

A lot of Christians are spending their time worrying about the coming crisis and their home foreclosures; when they should be excited and grateful to be living in this very time and age which all the prophets and apostles longed to live in. Everything is upside-down with the End-Times church. They scorn Apostle Paul’s advice, and they go ahead and marry and have children like the pagans around them; because God has not made it sin to marry, and they cannot control their lust; so they do not go out into the world to do the Great Commission; so they go through a lot of birth pains, which is a curse of sin; and they toil the land with the sweat of their brows, to feed their family; which is a curse of sin. Rather than spend the hours of my day bearing a genetic child who goes to hell; I would rather bear a spiritual brother who gets saved and will be with me in heaven.

I have a hard time believing their unbelief. How can they not believe? How can unbelief be ever possible, when the evidence that God has presented to us is so clear and certain; and the goodness He has poured out upon us is without dispute? I just simply cannot believe that! Probably, they cannot believe that I cannot believe that they do not believe. And God probably cannot believe that they cannot believe that I cannot believe that they do not believe.

Repent! And make straight the path of the Lord! Seek you first His Kingdom and His righteousness; and then, all these things and more will be added unto you. Trust not in your own ways; but in every way, acknowledge Him who is able to keep you; and trust Him who loves you that He gave you His only begotten Son. Be diligently about the Lord’s business. And in due time, you will reap much joy. Praise and glory unto our King! Hosanna!