Since we would be reigning with Christ, and we would be in high positions of authority, God wanted us to know humility. So, He created us a little lower than the angels, and allowed us to come out of sin by His grace and cross; so that we would be humbled and grateful forever. It is a special feeling, emotion, gratitude, concept, that only the most blessed of creatures can have—humans. He did not want creatures that were just created into sheer beauty and power and intelligence and elegance like Satan; who would never know what it is to love or be saved or have known the humble origins of manhood; but rather just be filled with pride. No, God wanted those who would assume authority over His creation, to develop, nurture, learn in humility, and have love from our special salvation relationship with Christ. God is a loving parent, so He wants His children—man, who is made in His image, to grow up properly. Have you ever wondered why a loving God would allow His children to face trials and tribulations in this life? Now, you know the answer—our blessing and for His eternal glory—all for His knowledge of future joy eternal. There is a deeper meaning in the infinite wisdom of God. Glory be to our King. But remember this fact: He came to experience hunger, homelessness, rejection, persecution and even the abandonment from His Father, so He is not a far away God; but rather, He came personally to taste much more pain and suffering than we ever had. He didn’t have to—but He took the first initiative.

The angels do not know what it is to be saved, but God’s children know what it is to be saved. This is a special relationship only for the humans. Does this mean we are better than the angels? No, we each have our place and role; and to be loved. The artificial, four-dimensional, compacted space, physical world we live in is a testing ground for humans. Those who come to God, must come to God in love; for it is by love that we will exist with Him through eternity; and it is love that makes us partake in His holy nature as our Father and Lord. You can think of it as a quality inspection department in the factory to weed out defective products and only keep the proper products to go out into the market. The heart is tested in this dimension we call the space time continuum, for there is no room for evil in heaven and God’s presence—only love and holiness.

We can see that the world we live in, right now, is the extreme opposite of God. When you see so many women as politicians and company executives and even pastors, you know that we are living in the end of the end of the End Times; for it is a spiritual indicator of how corrupt and putrid society has become; and how completely opposite of what God had created. The world is very satanic; and many Western pastors partake in those self-righteous, humanist, satanic doctrines—of human nobleness, equality and warped sense of righteousness. They redefine the Bible and the Word of God; and ignore parts that are even more uncomfortable for their own noble sense of justice and equality. When this happens, we know that society and the church has reached its end, and God has to step in; and take the church out and wipe out the earth; or else, the whole human race will rot with evil. The saints who are already thinking like the world with the world’s values will be indistinguishable from the people of the world around them; in their thinking and values and behavior.

When you look at society and see everything is hereditary, you see it is completely the opposite of how God sees things. God looks at the heart, and not at heredity. Movie stars make their children movie stars. Politicians make their children politicians. Entrepreneurs give their companies to their children. The more evil a society is, the more emphasis there is on the family. Evil people constantly talk about how much they love their family and their family is the most important thing. However, they often have the most troubled families with domestic violence, child delinquency, alcoholism, crime, divorce and dysfunctional families. They love mafia families and form royal families based on treachery, power-grabbing, and cunning deceit. They are self-righteous; and they believe that because they love their family, they are honorable creatures.

The fact is: the more godly you are, and closer you are to God, the physical family means less, and the spiritual family means more. If I had to sacrifice my parents and my son or daughter in order to save a brother or sister in Christ, I would not hesitate even a second. I will gladly sacrifice my only begotten son in order to save a total stranger. Because I am well aware that my son or mother is going to hell and the lake of fire, but that stranger will be my brother and family in heaven for eternity: the real family; if it is the will of the Lord. The flesh and the physical genetic connections mean nothing. What is everlasting and eternal is the spirit and things of the spirit. We need to think and value things based on spirit and not of the flesh. We should not hesitate to give our lives for our brothers and sisters in Christ; for there is no greater love than for a man to give his life for another. I am just an ordinary human and a coward like everyone and Apostle Peter; and I cannot do anything apart from Christ. However, in Christ I can do all things as God will give me the faith and grace and Holy Spirit to do His perfect will, and glorify Him. However, sometimes it is harder to live for Christ than to die for Christ.

Of course, God tells us to love and respect our parents. God also commands us to love and cherish and bring up our children in God’s ways. Any parent would give their life for their children—or most parents in the past would. There is a special bond between a parent and child, brother and brother. However, this love is not God’s love: it is instinctive human, animal love; for many parents kill their children and fetuses, and many children abuse their parents, and brothers betray brothers. If you are worshipping your family, and boasting in that love, it shows the corruption of that society. However, if you detach yourself completely from the mother or daughter, and consider them of equal value with a brother or sister in Christ who you have never met before; then you truly love them with the unconditional love of God.

Jesus called and clearly defined his mother, Mary, a human “woman”; but He did also love her so that He told John to take care of her as his own mother. If you love them with God’s unconditional love, you would not place your mother or daughter or son or brother higher than any other stranger in Christ. They would be all of equal value to you. As a part of our physical family, we have a responsibility to raise them up in love in God’s ways; and as a life that has been placed under our care from God. It is not a light responsibility, but a very serious responsibility. A lot of End-Times Western-cultured people consider their family special; and always boast during their sermons on how they love their family; and how much their family means to them; and show everyone how much a “family man” they are; and try to appease their wives—that is sin. You should already be loving your family in Christ. There is no reason to qualify it in front of everyone every time—unless you came from a dysfunctional family; and you ended up worshipping family and humans; because you never had a real family or had loving people around you. You should remain silent, and just let your behavior show your love for your family and others. And then, others will know silently, and give praise to God. Humans are only humans, but God is God. Love all your neighbors.

On the other hand, if you are spending all your time on the church, and disregarding your family—that is sin also. That is why a lot of Japanese pastors’ children grow up to be juvenile delinquents—that is sin. How is it that you can look after the flock and feed them, if you cannot even raise up your own child in the ways of the Lord? I say unto you: first and foremost, go home and put order and godly worship in your family; then you are finally qualified to lead the flock of God’s House. How can a man put God’s House in order, if his own house is in disorder? Don’t you know that you will be responsible for millions of Tribulation Saints in the coming years?

You should love all family members of God, regardless of any genetic connection you might have to them. That is why I would not hesitate to give up my own son’s life, in order to save any one of you reading this letter: because I love you equally as I would love a son or a daughter. To the satanic Western humanist mind, they would make me out to be evil; because they will accuse me of not loving my family. Nothing can be farther from the Truth. I love my family, but I love God’s Word and His Truth and His Son more than I love any heredity or genes or temporary relationships on this fleshly earth. Old things are passing away, and everything is being made anew.

The more evil the people are—the more they pass on their power and riches to their hereditary children; or form family mafia syndicates; or create feuds by beating up others who may have offended one of their family members. The most evil people are family worshippers; and they will constantly boast about that, too. That is the sign and thinking of the most corrupt End-Times satanic societies. Do you not know that you will be like the angels and you will not be marrying or giving in marriage? You won’t have these genetic relationships, but you will have heavenly relationships with your heavenly brothers and sisters; which is zillion times much stronger, and cannot be broken, and eternal.

God is all about sacrificing family for others. God gave His Son to die on the cross for us. God doesn’t save by heredity. If it were so, most of us wouldn’t be saved. The evil humans of this world try to give special privileges and priority for their children. This should not be so. Each human is precious in God’s sight, and should be treated equally and in love. If I were a company owner, I would not give the company to my son; but I would give it to the homeless person on the street if he were more qualified—the lives of the employees and their families depends on it. If I were a politician, I would recommend my greatest opponent, instead of my son for office; if my opponent was more just, and truly loved the people of the nation. If I had any inheritance, I would give it to the House of God; so that Muslim terrorists, feminists, murderers, thugs, cutthroats, homeless, prostitutes, drug addicts, and Internal Revenue Service employees can get saved and come to know the Lord. I would not give the inheritance to my son. He should work for his own money and house. I will put him through education and do everything as a parent to insure that he is able to function and make a living on his own, as a parent; but I would not treat him in any special way, just because he shares the same fleshly genes as I do. Abraham was a righteous person—he was willing to sacrifice his son for God. He didn’t constantly boast how he loved his family, and how he was a “family man”. He was spirit-minded, not flesh-minded. But I believe he loved his son more than anything else, except for God.

There is something really, really wrong with this End-Times society and its ways of thinking. It is sometimes very incomprehensible to me. How can they think the way they think? It just proves that we have come to the End of mankind and his ways; and we are at the uttermost opposite of God’s thinking. Many End-Times people cannot accept this teaching, and will depart their hearts from the faith, though they continue to attend church. Their faith will be manifested through the decisions of their hearts. Therein, will be shown their true faith and love for the Truth, or their detest of the Truth. The Truth shall reveal each man’s heart and his innermost being.

When the humanist religious Christians believe in allowing all these murderers, rapists, and mobsters to live to breed more evil offspring like the Canaanites and Amorites; then we know this is the End of the world. If God knew a convict’s heart, and He was going to save a convict on death row, He could easily save him from execution. But for humans to save them and send them back into society to breed more evil people; then that society deserves to become more corrupt and wicked; because of its Western humanist warped self-righteous values of anti death penalty and human artificial life support systems. These End-Times humanists release all these rapists into the streets so that they can breed a couple of dozen more people with their dangerous genes; so that those children can rape more people; and then when the victim gets pregnant, they want to kill the fetus by abortion. Tell me if we are not living in a crazy society. The devil’s people have very strange ways of thinking concerning human-defined righteousness.

These Satan’s religious Christian people warp God’s Word and Truth, to fit Satan’s values, by changing even God’s very own commandments: “You shall not murder” to “You shall not kill.” Satan’s religious Christian people say, “I will not go and defend my countrymen and family from these demon-possessed terrorists, because I am a self-righteous Western Christian conscientious-objector who does not kill. Let them kill, rape and pillage me and my family. I don’t care. Let other nations’ people die protecting me and my freedom to live.” These religious Christians are just like the Buddhist people I talk to; who refuse to kill the cockroaches or malaria mosquitoes that spread disease to their children, because they do not believe in killing. Or not ridding the thousands of mice that run around in the house, spreading disease and feces, because they consider them Hindu gods. There is no difference between the religious Christians and Satan’s people of other religions, because they all belong on the other side from God. Everything in the church in the End-Times is upside-down from God’s Truth. If God was a religious conscientious-objector, He would never have killed Goliath, or wiped out the earth with a flood, or splatter Jezebel, or genocide the whole Canaanite race. If these religious people saw Satan beating a nation to death, they would ignore it by saying, “I am a conscientious objector. I am a self-righteous humanist. I wash my hands of this matter.”

Reflect on how God gave His only begotten Son to save you: His mortal enemy, while you were yet a sinner. Then, reflect on your Western humanist thinking and heart. Then, you will be surprised as to the vast difference in the thinking of God and what you consider as self-righteous justice and equality that Satan abides by. Satan believes he is the most just, self-righteous, fair, equal opportunity, humane, upright, “Bearer of Light” (Lucifer); so he has created in the End-Times this Western type of humanist warped thinking. He probably even believes it is righteous to wipe out the Jews. It reflects word for word, his values and thinking. They are diabolically opposed to everything that God is and stands for. If you do not see that, you are either a religious End-Times person or blind to the Spirit. Change your thinking and your whole value system, for there is not much time left to repent. For the Lord shall soon be here: much faster than you reckon. Put on light, and cast off End-Times humanist darkness. For you shall soon be in the light, dear brethren.

Love your wife, your daughter, your son, your mother, your brother, your street corner homeless person, your total stranger living in the Amazon jungles, and your mortal enemy who hates your guts. Love them with the love of God—His unconditional and fair and equal and undiscriminating love. Then, you are truly servants of the Most High! Those who are of the flesh, and have wicked hearts do not understand what I say, and they detest my words as fanatic and narrow-minded. Those who love God’s Truth and Word rejoice in the love that God has given them; and they embrace His Truth for it is life to those who will dwell with Him and His family in heaven forevermore. Let the wicked continue to be wicked, and may the righteous continue to be righteous. For soon, all things will be made known, and all things will be known.

Repent! And make straight the path of the Lord! To the One who is called the great “I Am”, and who is, who was, and who is to come; praise and glory and honor be unto Him. May God be true, and every man a liar; for there is no darkness in the Lord. Rejoice in Him—all you saints—for great is the Lord our God and beautiful is His name!