When the disciples tried to forbid the children from coming to Jesus, Jesus was very disturbed. He told His disciples not to forbid the children from coming to Him; but that the Kingdom of God was made for such as these children. And that we need to be like children in order to enter the Kingdom of God. That means simply: if you are not like a child, you will NOT enter the Kingdom. The question is: are you like a child right now? Are you truly living like a child? Are you having fun? Are you playful? Are you innocent? Are you carefree and casual? Are you always looking to amuse others for their joy? Are you certain that you do not feel shame dancing with your child, if necessary, in front of other shoppers in the shopping mall, like a crazy American would do? Or, wear a gorilla costume to your company masquerade party, even if you are the president of the company, like a crazy American would do? Or, are you stiff-necked, legalistic and arrogant?

This does not mean you give up your maturity. No, rather, the more mature you become as a Christian, and closer you get to God, the more childlike you need to be becoming You can be a true warrior; and be ready to fight and kill if necessary, in order to defend the innocent and freedom. However, at home, you can be a horse, so that your daughter can ride on top of you as she plays. Yes, God is a God of wrath, and it is a fearful thing to face His wrath of judgment; if you are evil and sacrificing babies into the inferno statue of Moloch like the Canaanites. However, He is full of mercy, kindness, forgiving, and humorous to those who love Him and abide in His Truth. You see the two different characters of God: one towards the evil and one towards the righteous. So also, we need to be.

If it were not so, would our Lord have walked through the wall to surprise His disciples after His resurrection? No, He would have walked through the door, using only the four dimensions of this physical, artificial world (length, width, height and time). Why did He use the eleven or so dimensions to purposely walk from the spiritual realm through the wall? (Scientists know that 90% of the universe is made up of dark matter and dark energy that cannot be seen.) You see, we often forget and even ignore these passages as if we were blind, religious Pharisees; who are only concerned about regulations, rituals, discipline, and unhappy strictness. Those are the religious, non-born-again Christians. But you, dear brethren, were not called to be religious. Rather, you were called out of darkness to be partakers of light, and to be the very glory and nature of God. If I were in that situation, I would have probably come out of the refrigerator; instead of through the wall, just to surprise the disciples when they opened the refrigerator. But Jesus is “King of kings and Lord of lords”, and He is very noble, unlike a mere mortal like me. We need to understand scripture through the Holy Spirit of God; and not study it as an academic, theological religion like the legalistic, hypocritical Pharisee pastors did.

If that is so, and if you truly confess with your heart that God is a Father of humor, then live it! Do not be like the religious leaders who behave like the devil’s Taoist-Confucian people: who hit their baseball players’ heads with the tip of their coach’s bat handles, whenever they make even the slightest mistake; or kick their employees’ shoes; or yell at their church choir to have “kiai” human-will-power and “seishinryoku” emotional strength. (It’s more like the Hitler’s Youth Organization, instead of Jesus’ church. These Christians do not believe in God’s grace and love and dependence upon God for salvation; but they believe in sheer Confucian suicidal mental power.) That is why tens of thousands of people die in these countries from “karoushi” overwork (they work themselves to death because the Taoist-Confucian bosses yell and kick them). That is not a fun life, and you will die from the high rate of stress and stomach ulcers and stomach cancers, like the Japanese and Koreans (Highest nations: Japan #1, South Korea #2, North Korea #3, Russia #4). (Japan, Korea and Slavic people have the highest suicide rates in the world, too. I believe it, too, because I’ve lived among them and wanted to escape, too.) No, rather, live lives worthy of the calling of Christ. (Although, we should have the discipline, commitment, ingenuity and dependability of the Germanic and Taoist-Confucian people, too.)

In the future, if you are a king who rules one of the nations of the earth in Christ’s Millennial Kingdom: do not behave like the kings of this present, evil world, who assert authority over their people. Rather, walk through the wall sometimes, to startle your vassals and men. Be more playful like Christ was. Do not use the four dimensional physical door. You know better than that! Even the humans can use the regular door! But they cannot use the wall to go to and fro. Be more fun with your men, and be like Christ is with us. If you’ve walked with God, and if you’ve known our Christ, then live like Christ; for you have tasted Him that He is good, and you know He plays all kinds of humorous deeds upon us. Then, be like your Father in all of His ways, dear brethren. Wash the feet of those people who are under you, just like Jesus washed His disciples’ feet and served them. Be not like the religious Christians who are perishing to everlasting death. But rather, live as born-again Christians who have the Holy Spirit of promise; and who are called to live as Christ; for you share in an everlasting hope of the glory of our King and Savior; as well as called to manifest His very nature through your witness.

I became a top executive for the Training and Human Resources Development Department in a major international hotel chain, when I was 26 years old. My personality was very rigid, by-the-book, always serious and disciplinary, just like the Germans. However, as I matured in my walk with the Lord and the older I got; I became more Christ-like and more childlike. My personality changed to become more playful, fun-loving, casual and unembarrassed like the Italians. I am not saying to be childish and selfish and immature and silly. No, far be it! I am saying to be more child-like in fun, cheerfulness, and transparency of yourself.

In other words, do not put up false personalities or walls to protect yourself. Many Germanic-Americans want to order you around, and refuse to laugh at your jokes, but only glare at you; because they want to assert power and respect. However, if you are mature and secure in Christ, there is nothing to be protective about. You can be free in Christ; and if the Son sets you free, you are free indeed. This doesn’t mean that you stop going into enemy territory to hunt down terrorists; and you may have to still do hand-to-hand combat with the enemy sometimes; or to battle ten thousand Philistines, if it is necessary. But I am rather talking about the condition of your heart before the Lord. We live in a world that has fallen to sin; and we live among evil men, who would kill us and rob us if they could. Be realistic, and understand what I speak of, for you have the Holy Spirit of understanding. True holiness is one who lives for what is right and just and love.

If you love the Lord, then you will throw away all your pride, insecurity, and false sense of power. You will take on humility and kindness and mercy onto your fellow man. You will love your neighbor as Christ commanded, even to the extent of risking your life to save another. If you love them, be like a child, and be playful with them. Do not yell, kick, and assert your authority upon them. Discipline and order is necessary, against those people who are evil and disobedient. But playfulness and casualness like the Americans, is necessary for those who are righteous and just and obedient. Be like a child at heart. Enjoy life, and enjoy Christ, beloved brethren.

Do not be like the cold and grumpy Russians, where it is always dark, cold and grey; and only become temporarily happy when they drink vodka. Instead, be like the Africans, where it is always sunny and bright; and who are not temporarily happy, but are always happy; who wave their handkerchiefs and dance wherever they are and wherever they go—the bus, the house, the church, the Eiffel Tower or men’s toilet (Be aware of this fact–I can only attest to the playful things that goes on in the African men’s restrooms, for I’ve never been in the African women’s restrooms). If people who do not know Christ are this joyful and childlike, how much more should we be childlike in Christ, who have the hope of salvation and God’s Spirit? Reflect Christ’s light unto a dark world, but be also mindful of their culture that do not accept humor: some cultures do not understand Christ’s character. (Be a Roman to Romans, and a Greek to Greeks, and a Jew to the Jews.). Use their cultures, but do not be partakers of their dark cultures; rather, reflect Christ’s culture onto them. Do not be affected by others, for you are called to affect others for Christ.

Each angel had to choose whether to love the Lord or to rebel against Him and follow Satan. And now, each human must choose to love the Lord or to remain in rebellion against the Holy One. Each must decide as he chooses; and each must go to eternity as he chooses. So is the destiny of all those who are created–to choose light or to choose darkness. There is no love if there is no choice. For love is a choice and a free-will. Each man; each choice; so shall it be. Hail to our noble King who is gentlemanly in all of his ways, to respect each man’s heart–each man’s decision. Choose to live innocent and pure like a child, who will be able to enter the Kingdom of God.

Repent! And make straight the path of the Lord! For you shall soon see Him face to face. For His return is imminent! When all seems lost and the world is in utter despair, He shall return to put an End to this madness and restore righteousness. The battle for human souls will continue to the End. The King’s coming is soon. Make yourself a Bride, holy and pure unto Him! Exalt the Lord your God! Praise His name—you heaven and earth! May all creation praise His name! Selah!