Many people call me pastor. I appreciate your respect and kindness, but I am not a pastor, or evangelist, or deacon, or even a layman. I am a nobody. I have no intention of becoming a pastor or teacher. I do not have any intention of going to seminary or any religious institution. I do not like academics and religious theology. I do love God’s Word and His Truth. I do not care for titles of any sort—especially Pope.

I am the least of the saints, and I am the worst of sinners. I do not even deserve to stand with the saints in heaven. I belong somewhere in the corner in heaven behind a bush or something. I am the scum that you scrape off the bottom of the barrel. If you knew me, you would agree. If I am to be found in heaven, it will be one of the greatest miracle works of Christ. If there is anything good in me, it is from Christ. Do not respect me, but respect the Lord your God, and only the Lord your God.

I moved up to a president’s position when I was 32 years old; but whatever titles I’ve received; whatever positions I’ve had; whatever degrees I’ve held; whatever tons of human recognitions, awards, medals, licenses or certificates I’ve received; I count them all a loss for Christ. Whatever my Heavenly Daddy has taught me through life, I count them all as gain for Christ. Paper certificates and degrees hold no meaning to me.

I do what the Lord tells me to do; I go where the Lord tells me to go; I say what the Holy Spirit gives me to say. Apart from Christ, I cannot do anything. In Christ, I can do all things: yes, even move mountains; and even to call fire down from heaven; and even to bring back someone to life. Nothing is impossible for the Lord. I should have died about ten times, but I am still alive.

May our Lord God Almighty YHWH, and our Jesus Christ receive all the glory forever and ever and ever. Holy and powerful is the Lord your God, El Elyon Adonai – Jehovah Rapha.