When you become a Christian, God changes your thoughts and lives and cultures. You become Christ’s culture. You no longer conform to the old cultures of your past. You may be a curry-eating Indian or a sushi-eating Japanese or a burger-eating American; but you understand each other, nod, and smile when you utter the name “Jesus.” You may use the culture of a certain people by being a Roman to a Roman; but you don’t become a part of that pagan culture; for we only have one culture and that is the culture of Jesus Christ. When you become a Christian, you become Christ’s kingdom’s culture. You do not have to dilute the Truth and fit it into another culture, like a lot of churches do. That’s why the second-generation and third-generations start incorporating pagan animism and evil aspects of that culture into the local Christian churches. They no longer retain Christ’s culture, but they become the culture of that nation. Every nation’s church is guilty of what I speak. Just like the Israelites adopted Canaanite ways.

Rather, you should use the culture to share the gospel, but to keep the authenticity of the Truth. Most of the Japanese Bible translations are not real Bibles. They have been changed by pagan businessmen who don’t comprehend the Word; but just want to translate it using Japanese thinking, to make money off of it by selling them. The Bible is a million seller. In most of the churches, they have diluted Christianity into their own culture and it is no longer real Christianity. Christianity should not be different in each country; but it should be one Truth, one Spirit, one value and one Christ. People love to change Christ into their culture. They often do it unknowingly. Christ in the West looks like some blue-eyed, blonde, malnourished, effeminate, Swedish guru. In China, He looks like Buddha. In Africa, He has Afro hair. He no longer looks like the muscular, black short-bearded, Jewish, former carpenter, Messiah and King.

That is why you see the Japanese have their own service; the Africans have their own service; the Koreans have their own service; the Iranians have their own service; and the Filipinos have their own service; in the same church! Only the Americans seem to go to other groups and mix with fellow brothers and sisters in Christ regardless of race, ethnicity, creed, culture, language, age, or social status. They marry with people outside of their own, too. They are truly living as Christ (Christ went all the way into the desert to meet just one Samaritan woman who were at enmity with the Jews.)

For example, American companies hire all nationalities and promote them to managers. Japanese companies never hire foreigners, and never allow them to become managers. They only hire foreigners on a contract basis for their knowledge; and wave goodbye after they use them. Their reason is that foreigners would pollute the Japanese company’s harmony with their corrupt foreign thinking. However, the irony is, a lot of Japanese don’t want to work in Japanese companies where the bosses are always yelling and slapping employees in the head, in the typical Confucian-Taoist culture way. So, they start working for American companies where it is more fun, casual, higher pay and they don’t have to wait 30 years to become a manager.

If you are one in Christ and one in Spirit, why would you chop up the body of Christ into pieces? The way humans think is incomprehensible to me sometimes. They love to stick with only their own kind. The Koreans, Japanese and Chinese are notorious for forming their own churches in the United States; and sticking only within their groups and cultures; and eating only their food; and talking only their language. It is absolute madness! They call themselves Christians, too. When you see that, you see the spiritual condition of the End-Times churches. They behave just like the people of the world. I hardly know any non-religious, born-again Japanese and Korean Christians who go into foreign groups of brothers and sisters in Christ; eat all cultural food; learn all other languages; read foreign literature; and behave like Christ did. There are very few Apostle Paul types in the End-Times church who go into all people, tribes, nations and tongues. The other Christ-like people in the world are the Brazilians: they don’t care about mixing with Black people, Caucasian people or Asian people. They have an open mind and heart like Jesus.

The End-Times Christians form Young Married Groups, Youth Groups, Old Married Groups, Elderly Groups, and Young Elderly Groups; whatever that is. What would possess people to divide the family of Christ up? If a young girl has a problem with her husband and tells another young girl; that young girl will tell her to split up with the guy, and start talking rubbish about the husband together. However, if that young girl talks to an older, more mature Christian woman in Christ; the older woman would tell her to be more patient, ignore those things, and talk it over with him and serve him with love; because that is how her marriage has been blessed by the Lord over the 50 years she’s been married.

If you look at God’s culture, and if you reverse it to the opposite, then you get human culture. Evil is the extreme opposite of God. Satan actually believes that he is fighting a right cause against God’s tyranny. He really has deceived himself the most into believing that he has a noble cause; and he is a freedom fighter for equality and justice.

You can look at how his followers and worshippers think by their national cultures. Human culture believes that they can save the earth by saving plastic bags and saving wildlife by killing Norwegian and Japanese whalers. Human culture believes that equal authority and leadership for women is noble, so they kill tens of millions of babies in front of God’s eyes. Human culture believes that all humans should have freedom, so the judges overturn the people’s votes to allow marriage with same sex people, chimpanzees, gorillas and monkeys. Human culture believes that it is good and fair to put all religions on a same level and accept all faiths—even satanic ones. Human culture believes socialist peace movement and pacifism is good, so they must throw rocks and be the most violent rebel type of people to kill police officers and Vietnam veterans coming home. Human culture believes socialist welfare for all poor is good, so they tax the workers to give to those who want to live on welfare; against biblical work ethics. Human culture believes curing people with human medicine is good, so they fiddle with DNA’s, clones and use stem cells. Human culture believes that all music are created equal, so they force you to accept Satan’s worship concerts. Human culture believes that dividing up God’s holy city of Jerusalem is the fair and just thing to do.

The more I think about it, this world and all the systems and cultures that the nations have created by human means are the direct opposite of God’s holy culture. Everything that man believes as good and self-righteous, is evil in God’s eyes. If God’s people live God’s culture, then they should normally be of one culture; regardless of their race, culture, religion, creed, belief, nationality or ethnicity. We see in Revelation that in heaven they are all mixed as one. We don’t see God’s saints dividing themselves up into human cultures. The Christians on earth must follow a different Bible.

When you see Japanese church staff with ancestral altars in their homes; Filipino Christians with Mother Mary Fatimah Asherah Venus statues in their homes; a lot of Korean female shaman leaders changing jobs to female Christian pastors because shamans are starting to lose business and profitability; African Christians doing voodoo witchdoctor stuff to heal people; American Christians going into emotional high trance mode during Christian heavy metal concerts; etc.; you know something is wrong with the End-Times Christian churches’ cultures.

Repent! And make straight the path of the Lord! For His Kingdom is near! Cast off the darkness and shameful ways; and receive white robes of righteousness. The time has come! Repent and believe the good news! Receive the Lord your God, and He shall give eternal life to all who call upon His name! Worship only the Lord your God!