This is an appendix to the previous letter: “Human Cultures Divide God’s Church – God’s Culture Unifies The Church”:

God seems to be aware of people who have read the previous article and have said in their hearts, “Hogwash! Pooh! How can you stop people from congregating only within their own nationalities!” The Lord knows all hearts and thoughts of men.

Do you not understand that God’s Truth is truth itself? There is no darkness in God and His Word. If you proclaim to know the Word and the Truth, why is it that you do not recognize God’s voice?

You may say there is a big difference between just smoking a little piece of joint and shooting full-blown heroin. You may say that there is a huge difference between just having a weekend séance for neighbors’ fun and being a dedicated Satanist. You may say that there is a tremendous difference between hating a brother and murdering someone. Do you not know that by congregating only among your own race and nationalities, it is of the same spirit as of the world, and as the spirit of Hitler massacring millions of Jews? Where is the love in that spirit? Sin in the heart often doesn’t start big, but it starts small. You are a fool if you are blind to that. It is exactly that heart that identifies yourself and your group against other nationalities and ethnicities; that breed more misunderstanding, racism, gangs and genocide. If the spirit is not of God, it is of Satan. You cannot say, “Oh well, I’m sort of in the middle on that issue.” Can you not see that that which is not of God is already of this world’s spirit? There is no grey zone for God. Either you love His Truth or hate it. You cannot both love and hate the same master.

An extreme form of this group-ism is the prison gangs. They form groups based on their ethnicities, just like the End-Times church people do. There are Black gangs, Northern Hispanic gangs, the biggest Southern Hispanic gangs, White Aryan Brothers gangs, Vietnamese gangs, Chinese gangs, Samoan gangs, Filipino gangs, etc., among others. To God, whether you are in church or you are in prison, it is of the same heart; and sin is sin. Do not take God’s Word lightly; but have respect for His Truth. Sin often starts small from assembling only among your ethnic groups. Then, when sin is full-blown, it develops into genocides, thousand-year feuds and war, and slavery. You are the family of God—then behave as Christ who is your Lord.

You Pharisees are like beautiful white-washed tombs on the outside, but inside your hearts, you are full of dead men’s bones. You scorn God’s Word and Truth day and night in your hearts. You only deceive yourself, for God is not to be deceived. Do you think I just call for repentance and return to God’s Truth, for just the tickling of the fancy of weekend readers? No, far be it! Every Truth of God has a purpose and a meaning: it is life for those who have hope of eternal glory, and is good for the sanctification of the soul. It is only nonsense to those who are perishing.

Do you not understand that when God says to love your neighbor; that means to love all your neighbors? How could you love all your neighbors, if you stay only among Jews, or only among gentiles? Instead, if there is a Samaritan in need, who you the Jews detest, go and feed and bandage the Samaritan. If you are a good Samaritan, go and serve the Jew in love. If you are a Korean and hate Japanese, go and submit to them as you would submit to your Lord. If you are an Iranian and hate Americans, go and give what you have to an American brother. If you are a Serbian and have something against a Bosnian, go and share the gospel to the Bosnian. If you are a Tutsi and your mother and daughter were massacred by Hutu, then go to the Hutu and give your life to save them. If you do so, then you are truly disciples of Jesus Christ our Lord, and live as Christ did. I have become Christ’s servant to all men and all nations; so that Christ may be preached.

Dear Brethren, we need to rid ourselves of our earthly mentality and darkness. Put on the light; live as Christ; and be holy as your Father in heaven is holy. Conform no longer to the pagan lifestyles of the people around you. Rather, live as your loving Lord’s people as one people, one calling, one Spirit, and one love. If you truly love your neighbor as Christ commanded, you would not stick with your own kind and congregate only within your own kind. You would go and serve and befriend and honor all men; and truly disciple and serve all nations, people, tribes and tongues. Be Christ onto all nations and all men.

God does not see skin color or language or food or human traditions as barriers. If it were so, you would not have been saved, for Apostle Paul would have only preached to the Jews. Apostle Peter would have ignored what he considered the unclean gentiles (non-Jews like you). If you have been so saved by the grace and love of God, then go out and minister and show your love to all. How can you do that if you stick around within only your mafia families, or racial street gangs, or Hitler’s Aryan superior race, or Ku Klux Klan, or Irish Republican Army? No, you are better than that, brethren. You share in the hope and glory of Christ. Do not live as the people of the world who are perishing, but rather, clothe yourself in all things with Christ, in whom we have our being.

I give you this charge: Tribulation Saints, love your 144,000 Jewish Remnant brothers as your own. To the 144,000 Jewish Remnant brothers, love your Tribulation gentile brothers. This is the will of your Lord God, and it is good in His eyes.