Dear Tribulation Saints:

The question always seems to be: Should Christians be involved in politics? The answer is yes and no. The End-Times Western Lukewarm Laodicea Church people are usually on two ridiculous extremes: those who are fanatic about politics and devote all of their time on it; and those who say we should not be involved in politics but rather our job is evangelism.

Both End-Times Christians’ thinking are incorrect. Of course, it is ridiculous to spend all of your time obsessed in political events, ideologies and movements; but we do have a responsibility to make our voices heard in politics by organizing and lobbying. None-the-less, you are not going to stop all feminists in the world from murdering hundreds of millions of infants, just like you cannot stop the Canaanites from throwing their babies into the flaming statues of Moloch–their god. You can try to vote in a godly candidate, but that doesn’t mean that there will be any godly candidates running; nor does it mean that you can stop Satan from creating an economic crash one month before the presidential election in order to make the people of the United States vote for Barack Obama in a hope to change their financial plight; and make John McCain purposely slip his tongue by saying that the U.S. economy is very healthy, a month before the election, while he was winning. Ultimately, God has to entirely wipe out these mucky people; and true political correctness can only come when Jesus sets up His Kingdom. God has to use Satan to get his End-Times ball rolling, and allow Satan to get his Anti-Christ set up to appear after the Christians are raptured into heaven, according to prophesy. This has to happen through apostasy of society’s morals; and U.S. alienation of Israel; and stockpiling of a mega national debt in order to cause a hyper-inflation so that the Anti-Christ can come to power and fame.

Our main calling is the Great Commission that Jesus gave us before ascending into heaven. As a military officer, you are commissioned to “defend the Constitution of the United States—so help me God”. Likewise, we as Christians are commissioned into the army of God to take the gospel to all nations and make disciples of all men. That should be our main focus and our mission from our Commander-In-Chief Jesus Christ. If you stand in front of Christ, and when He asks you what you did with your life, are you going to say, “I picketed every day outside the White House calling for the impeachment of Barack Obama?” Yes, even if Allah’s spirit has secretly spoken to Barack Obama to purposely cause a hyper-inflation to bring the U.S. down.

Our main focus is to evangelize and disciple the brethren. However, to some extent, taking the gospel to the government and calling for morality and righteousness is also part of that commission of being the purifying salt of the world. We must take the gospel to the political, economic and social arenas.

Many Japanese Christians think evangelism is only taking the gospel to the mentally deranged and homeless; because they make a human decision that they are the most in need, and they can be won over with human ability, and not get rejected. That is why the Japanese churches are full of evil and psychotic people doing all kinds of things to turn the church into shambles, such as screaming mockingly during worship singing. They do not go to the politicians, doctors, professors, nuclear physicists, bosses, housewives, businessmen or the normal people to share the gospel, out of fear of being thought of as a religious freak.

A Japanese lady boasted that she had Christmas dinner with the crown prince and crown princess privately. However, she said she could not share the gospel out of respect for the leader of the Shinto religion. If I were there with the crown prince, I would have shared straight to his face that he needed to receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. If I don’t share to these politicians, their souls are going to hell. I don’t care if he is the Emperor of Japan or the Grand Poobah of the Elderly Women’s Bridge Club. We have a responsibility to bring Christ’s Kingdom into the political environment.

But that doesn’t mean we should just be doing political activities and not carrying out the Great Commission of the gospel. There needs to be a balance: we need to recommend good candidates; stay informed about current political events; vote for godly politicians; lobby for laws that support Christian values; and make our voices heard on media and in government; but that should not be our main mission.

Whether your calling is to conduct political activities for Christ 20% of your time, and spend 80% of your time sharing and discipling the gospel and Bible; or whether your calling is to conduct 5% politics and 95% evangelism; the important thing is to be receptive to the Holy Spirit’s calling for your life, and obey. Each person has a calling for their lives: some for the politicians, others for the businessmen, a few for the housewives, and again, others for the homeless; and yes, even the tax collectors that everyone hates—the IRS employees—like the Apostle Matthew.

When Christians or the entire nation do not care anymore to abide by the Constitution that requires the president to be born in the United States, then that is a problem. When Christians or the entire nation tries to elect a president brought up all of his critical years in a Muslim nation; grew up being taught Muslim ideologies during the most mind-developing ages; knew only Muslim Indonesian friends; and does not like the United States or Israel; then that nation cannot complain if the nation is Islamatized. He will change the laws and the times to Islamic calendar. That nation deserves to usher in the End-Times judgment and wrath of God.

All of the CNN theme music are now Arab Muslim music. The wicked people in the U.S. are controlled by Satan, so they are scared of Islam; and they think that by adopting Islamic ways, they are protected and appease the Muslims. That is why they support the Islamic mentalities of the president—at a recent Ramadan worship service in the White House—to build a Muslim mosque and worship headquarters in the 9/11 terrorist attack site. The president’s thinking is very Muslim: wherever you build a mosque for Allah, that territory or nation is claimed for the pagan moon god Allah, spiritually. The wicked people in the U.S. who are controlled by Satan are both ignorant and not logical, for they do not know that the Muslim agenda is the conversion or execution of all non-Muslims and the taking over of enemy societies. As I said time and time again, evil makes people illogical, ignorant, blind, without even the basic common sense, and plainly stupid. Even if you are a genius, have a super high IQ, and are a super politician or executive or judge. The more sinful and wicked you are, the more you get alienated from God’s true wisdom.

So, what is the bottom line? Well, it really doesn’t matter anymore, because Jesus is coming back very soon, and He is going to set up His holy monarchy of peace, glory and righteousness. However, for whatever little it is worth: we should say for the Tribulation Saints’ sake that they should be involved in political evangelism; but their main focus and energy should be on social evangelism—the sharing of the gospel and making of disciples for the masses.

Here are excerpts from some articles on the web that I thought were interesting. May those who have wisdom take heed, lest a strong delusion come upon you, in the End of days; so that even the Elect, if it were ever possible, would be deceived:

Millenium Ark Hot News—Concerning extent of the Assyrian Kingdom’s territory

Image: Here’s a map of the upper watershed of the Nile (outlined in purple). That’s Lake Victoria at its head.

The end of the streams of Egypt? That could mean the Nile Delta, but if so, it would be more accurate to say the end of the River of Egypt. If you presented the term ’streams’ to a modern, secular hydro-geologist, he’d more than likely think you meant the watershed (i.e., source) of a major river and not its terminus.

Now here’s a Google map snapshot of Siaya-Kogelo, Kenya – the place where Obama’s grandmother claims she witnessed his birth, at 7:45PM in the local maternity hospital on the night of August 4, 1961.

(His mother, it has been reported, was eager to leave the country because she didn’t like how Muslims treated women, but was not allowed to do so because of airline restrictions on travel that late in pregnancy. (It’s ironic that the baby she was carrying would come to condone abortion at that late date, but that’s a whole different post.) Obama’s birth was registered in two different Hawaii hospitals four days later upon his mother’s return there with him.)

Kenya is a big place (think Texas) and Obama just happens to be born in a little tiny corner of it so close to the Nile’s headwaters that one could walk to the shore for an afternoon dip (were it not for the crocodiles)? Unless you’re inclined to believe the often-repeated but never-proved claim that Obama was born in Hawaii, this means that our current president was born within 10 miles of the headwaters of the Nile. You with me, so far?

Here’s a map of the ancient Assyrian Empire. And here’s another. And another (highest resolution, of the image displayed below).

Map: Assyrian empire

Pretty much all of them fudge one important thing: the true extent of Assyrian control, trade, exploration and/or influence to the South, i.e., ‘up’ the Nile River watershed towards Lake Victoria and what are now known as Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. Some commentators suggest that influence extended much further than most of the neatly demarcated maps portray (barbed wire and GPS not having yet been invented). It begs common sense to believe that, over the course of 200 years, the Assyrians would not have pushed further south, at least for a time. Rivers, though punctuated by rapids and cataracts, were nonetheless one of the major thoroughfares of the time.

In other words, Biblical references to Egyptian streams and the land of Assyria are both compatible with one another (i.e., one thing, not two) and with the region of Kenya where BHO was born.

Obama’s ‘Bedouin Relatives’ Celebrate Election   Sharon Roffe-Ofir   Published 11.13.08, 13:20 / Israel News,7340,L-3622617,00.html

As US president-elect Barack Obama prepares for his move into the White House, his self-proclaimed relatives from a Bedouin tribe in northern Israel prepare to travel to the United States to congratulate him personally.

“We are planning to send a large delegation to the United States, where we will shake his hand and tell him ‘congratulations’,” said Sheikh Abdul Rahman Abdullah of the village of Bir al-Maksour.

Abdullah and his tribe believe they are blood relatives of the new president. “With us Bedouins, you know for sure who you’re related to, even after many generations,” said Abdullah in an interview with Ynet on Thursday.

The sheikh claims Obama’s Kenyan grandfather was married to one of the tribe’s women. “At the start of his campaign, one day, one of the elder woman of the tribe told me that Hussein Obama’s father’s father was related to us,” Abdullah said.

“At first I didn’t believe her at all,” he continued, “but then she told me that Africans, just like us, would wonder from place to place in search of food and work. They knew that with us, just as with our father Abraham, the tent was always open to anyone who would ask, and so was the food.”

Abdullah said he could prove the relation to the new president. “When you see something in his body that flows like your own blood, you recognize it. There is a connection; you can see it in Obama’s behavior – his upright way of sitting, his hand gestures. He is one of us and we feel it in our hearts.”

Despite holding this knowledge for some time, the tribe decided not to say anything until after the elections so as not to influence voters.

“Everyone was talking about how he is Muslim, so we didn’t want to say that he was related to Bedouins. We were afraid people wouldn’t vote for him, but we stayed up all night and when we heard the results we immediately gave out baklava and sweets to everyone.”

Sheikh Abdullah, who served in the past as a council head of Bir al-Maksour, said he hoped Obama would help the Bedouins. “The Bedouins are the most underprivileged sector in Israel, I hope he understands this pain and intervenes on our behalf”.

In the meantime, before the delegation of Bedouins is sent to Washington, Abdullah is planning to hold a grand celebration in honor of Obama’s victory over the next few days, and several sheep will be slaughtered in his honor.