One of the big characteristics of the End-Times Western Lukewarm Laodicea Church is the lack of faith. Luke 18:8 prophesies, “However, when the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on the earth?” Faith seems like it is almost extinct in the End-Times churches.


I recently saw a pastor who talks, walks and behaves like a homosexual, and he was teaching all kinds of weird doctrines in God’s church. He said that God does not heal His people, and leaves them sick without telling them why. He also said that he was surprised at a recent pastors’ conference that most of the pastors weren’t filled by the Holy Spirit, because they raised their hand when they were asked how many people do not speak in tongues.


It is true that whenever anyone got filled with the Holy Spirit, there was a manifestation of the Holy Spirit through the speaking of tongues. It often accompanies the infilling of the Holy Spirit upon someone. But I believe that the first love is most important. I could speak a thousand different tongues, but if I don’t have love, it is nothing. Some people worship the gift of tongues rather than the love of Christ. On the other hand, some people make this as an excuse for not desiring the gifts of the Holy Spirit—by looking down on them. They actually scorn and reject God’s gift of tongues! They say that love is greater than tongues, so you don’t need to have the gift of tongues. The question is what kind of love do they have? This is not true either or biblical, and a deception of Satan. Personally, I find it very strange that most of the saints in the lukewarm End-Times church do not have the gift of tongues, when it is such a vital weapon and tool in the arsenal of God. If that were not true, it would not exist in the first place, logically speaking. I find that the End-Times lukewarm church is always on two crazy extremes.


The gay-ish pastor went on to preach that God does not intend all His believers to have health, and it is His will for most of His children to be sick and not know why. He gave the example of Apostle Paul’s “Thorn In The Flesh.” Paul’s thorn was there to protect him from pride. If anyone is used as much as Paul was used by God, anyone would be vulnerable to pride. The Bible says all of our hearts are desperately wicked and deceitful. It was God’s love to protect Paul from pride and sin. The Bible says that pride comes before a fall. You can see this over and over again in the Bible: Peter, Nebuchadnezzer, Saul, etc. The question is: how many people in the End-Times modern church has been used by God to write almost all of the New Testament? How many modern people actually have seen God on their way to Damascus? How many modern people have been given so much wisdom as Paul by the Holy Spirit into the mysteries of the Word? How many Christians have done so many miracles and stood before kings and seen heaven like Paul? Now, tell me if you did all of what Paul accomplished, if you would not require a thorn in the flesh? It was God’s love to protect Paul.


Some people say that Job received disease and sickness. Job was an Old Testament saint, before Christ came and gave His Holy Spirit onto us as a covenant. Just like God will give the 144,000 Jewish Remnant in the last days the seal of His Holy Spirit so that they will not be harmed. We are under Christ’s grace, and as for the New Testament saints, we are no longer under the curse of sin, if we abide in His Word and Truth. Satan and the faithless religious leaders will come and try to convince you otherwise and try to place you under the curse of sin. This should not be, if you understand who God is and you trust in Him, and abide in His Word. Jesus came to die for our curses of sin; so that we may be healed by the stripes on His back from the flogging and suffering. He who knew no sin tasted pain, so that we who have sin may be delivered from the curses of sin. He received torture so that we may be healed. He had to sleep on the dirt without a roof, and became poor, so that we may not have to experience poverty. We cannot out-give God. He will always give us more than we give.


If we do not believe in His love and faithfulness and sovereignty; then we are not abiding in His Word and Truth. Therefore, we are still vulnerable to the curses of sin. If we live in sin, we are under its results, too. If the modern End-Times lukewarm Western Christians eat like the people around them, then they will get cancer and colds and heart attacks. The modern vegetables only contain about one-fourth of the original minerals and protective chemicals that were included in God’s original vegetables. In other words, our modern food is depleted of the nutrients that protect us from cancer and other diseases, because of man’s tampering. Sugars and sweets and man-made products disrupt the immune system in the body. Now, tell me if Christians will not get sick, if they live like the heathens do? But do not blame it all on God by saying that He causes the illnesses, without being able to explain why the illness came about. If God intends for you to be ill, He is faithful and just to inform you why He is bringing about that chastening or discipline. Or else, what would be the purpose of the illness, if you are just suffering; unless it is to chasten and discipline those whom He loves? Will you not awake to His love and attempt to get your attention? How can you repent, if you don’t realize what the discipline is for? It would be completely useless and illogical. God is not useless and illogical. So do not blame God for our ignorance.


If you are not going to believe that He heals, then you will be sick. I will tell you very clearly, right now. If you believe that He keeps you sick without even showing you why you’re sick, then you will be sick. That is your image of God. You believe that God is a person who gives illness to His children without even telling you why, and just leaves you that way. If that is the extent of your faith in God, and you believe God to be such a person; then you will be sick. But do not blame God, and do not teach the church congregation that God is to be blamed for all the sickness and disease and He allows all of them to be pale and sputtering without telling us the reason; while you live Western lifestyles. God doesn’t do things like that. Neither should He be blamed by your lack of faith or your unhealthy lifestyle.


If you drink and smoke; get stressed at work because you are not forgiving or trusting God, or fearing bosses; getting high-blood pressure because you are getting angry at other drivers; driving your Western cars everywhere without walking; not sleeping properly because you’re watching TV or having sex; eating Western fatty food and sweets; living in Western homes with all kinds of chemicals and asbestos; drinking tap water; licking your dog’s tongue which it used to lick its anus; sitting on the ground where all kinds of bacteria and virus exist and then sit on chairs or lie down on the bed like the Westerners do—and have all these cancer-causing microorganisms in your body; etc.: then you will get sick. But do not blame God if you get sick by saying that God allows illness in these End-Times upon His beloved children. It does create holy anger in me. How unloving these people are to say such things.


If you are free-climbing without a rope for the thrill, you will fall and cripple yourself or die. If you are foolish enough to go near wild animals without a weapon, then you will get mauled and killed. If you go and drink in the river, without listening to the Holy Spirit, a crocodile will jump out and make you its lunch. If you don’t heed the Holy Spirit’s warning and go on an airplane, you will end up crashing and dying. However, if you are a true believer in Him, He will protect you and watch over you. A true believer is a person who truly believes that God is good, faithful, loving, sovereign and holy. Even if you’re Daniel, and you meet a lion by accident, you will not be eaten. Even if you are on a plane with only one wing, you will live. Even if you are surrounded by 300 radical Muslim terrorists, you will survive. Even if you’re thrown into a kiln of burning fire, you will survive. The question is: do you have faith? Do you trust Him? Do you know Him—really know Him for who He is? Then you would trust Him.


If you don’t believe God is a loving God and He never warns you, then there are tons of examples of God saving His faithful servants who have faith in God’s true character. A missionary was about to go into a hotel he had stayed three years ago in Afghanistan, because it brought back nostalgic memories. The Holy Spirit told him to share the gospel to a Hasara who were a violent, dangerous oriental Muslim tribe that carried knives under their turban, who was standing in the street corner. He told God, “I could get killed, because they are fanatic Muslims who kill Christians!” The Holy Spirit told him to share the gospel. So he went over to him to share the gospel. At that moment, he heard an explosion and glass fly everywhere. The hotel he was about to walk into exploded with a terrorist bomb. If he had walked in, he would be a hundred shredded pieces of flesh by now. He had a faith and relationship with the Holy Spirit to hear His voice.


Once, the missionary was surrounded by 300 radical, fanatic Muslim freedom fighters on horses. They told him to get out of his truck and they surrounded him. He prayed a very short prayer to God, “Help!” The Holy Spirit told him to take all the Bibles in the truck and pass it out to all the fanatic Muslims. He told God, “If I do that, they will cut my head off and play polo with it.” The Holy Spirit told him to do it. So, he opened the truck and passed out the Bible to all these fanatic Muslim rebels. Then, the Holy Spirit told him to get in the truck and drive away. While the fanatic Muslims rebels were preoccupied with the Bible which looked like the Koran, the missionary drove off. He said that not only did God get him out alive out of a impossible situation, but God also allowed him to share the gospel to 300 fanatic, radical Muslim rebel fighters who were known to kill Christians.


The question is: are you doing things out of faith in God? Or, are you just blindly following your own thoughts without even trusting God that He is going to protect you? It reflects the condition and faith of that heart. If you don’t have faith, you will be like the seven sons of Sceva and will be killed by the demons. If you have faith, God will part even the Red Sea so that you will escape the Pharaoh’s army. If you believe that God is a God who allows you to be sick without even telling you why, then you will be like the rest of the 50% of End-Times lukewarm Western religious church people who raised their hands when Pastor John asked how many people were sick today. The non-believers see that and they relate that faith to God. They think that God allows 50% of His people to be sick. I am not surprised at all if any End-Times people do not want to be Christians, if you’re going to be sick and poor and get killed. I wouldn’t blame them, because it would be detrimental to become a Christian.


Why do End-Times Western lukewarm church people believe this, and pastors preach Satan’s doctrines? I think it is a direct reflection of their faith and lifestyle and spiritual condition. They have no understanding of the Truth or Torah. They have become a religion. Christianity in the End-Times West is just a concept by personal interpretations. The Truth is no longer the Truth. As in Revelations 3:20, it is the only church age in the history of mankind, where Jesus has been locked out of the church and He is knocking on the door to be let back in. How would you feel if your kids locked you out of your house! I think you will be mad! By words, they flatter God by saying that God is a loving and merciful God, so that you should receive Him into your heart. However, inside their hearts, they believe God is a mean, unloving, treacherous, indifferent, cold, unfaithful, non-sovereign God; who leaves His people to sickness and pain without even explaining the cause for them. They believe in a different God—an End-Times Western God.


God uses sickness for disciplining His children in order to bring them out of sin. For example, in my case, while I was a carnal Christian, God used illness to deliver me from the lust of the flesh. He used financial hardship to deliver me from the lust of the eyes. He used attacks from evil people to deliver me from the pride of life. Those are the three types of sins: the exact three types of sin that Satan used to attack Jesus in the wilderness. Once I knew Him for who He is, there is no need for discipline. If we abide in His Word and His Spirit and His Truth, we have health, finance and a good family. God intends for each believer to have a healthy life through which they can conduct His work and ministry; and then to peacefully fall to sleep in their beds at the end of their lives through natural aging. That is why the Bible says the saints have fallen asleep. It is never God’s will to have His children die writhing and moaning in pain from cancer or be eaten alive. Why would you believe a loving Father in Heaven would do that? What is the type of faith and concept of God you believe in? The type of God you believe in will be your God. If you throw yourself at the mercy of evil people whom Satan has possessed, you will be slaughtered. If you trust in God, even if you are only one; you can kill Goliath or annihilate an army of a hundred thousand Philistines.


If we do not abide in His Word, we will have the curses that come with sin. Just like when Israel obeyed God and abided in His Word, they prospered. However, when they disobeyed, they faced hardship and suffering. This is a self-caused suffering, and it is different from the persecutions you face by following Christ. These sufferings are sufferings caused by your own self for living a carnal, faithless Christian End-Times lifestyle. Do not blame God to be an unloving person who remains silent and doesn’t inform you what the suffering is for; or blame God for allowing all kinds of sickness and disease in your life.


That is exactly why you are sick and poor; because you believe God as being that unloving God. It is a lack of faith in who He truly is, and what His true nature is. If you profess to know Him through the Truth in His Word, according to whom He says He is; and moreover, if you preach His love to others, then believe what you preach. Do not be as the hypocrites are. Believe in God’s nature and His character and His faithfulness and His sovereignty. Believe in who He says He is. Not what some End-Times Western pastor or Satan teaches you. Satan does not want you to obey Jesus’ command to go out to teach, disciple, heal the nations, deliver from demons and do greater things than what Jesus did. He wants the Church to be all sick and dying. He wants Christians to believe that they are cursed to sickness, and it is God’s will for them to be sick and die; so the world will see God’s people as being just like them and no different. There is no attractiveness to be a Christian. They think what the Christians talk about and the stories that talk about Jesus working with God’s power is just a myth and fairy tale. They look at the Western lukewarm Christians and laugh at God’s people, because most of them are sick, fat, pale, have pace-makers, get dialysis, and most of all, the Western religious Christians believe that God wants His people to be sick and be half dead. Who would believe God’s Word if you look at the Western churches? They’re just like the other religions! These religious leaders should never be teaching God’s people with religion – they don’t belong in the Church.


These hippy rogue pastors will say extremely stupid things like, “If you think God heals, then why don’t you pray for someone and heal them by your own faith?” They do not have the Torah Truth: God does not forcibly heal someone when they refuse to believe in His healing, and do not believe He is a God of love who heals, and distrust Him. If these religious leaders have the gall to publically say and teach such idiotic things and prove their stupidity, they should jump into the middle of a plague and get themselves sick during the coming Tribulation Age judgment.


Satan will ask you: will God really heal you; or is He a really caring God; or will God really tell you why you’re sick? Just like Satan asked Eve in the Garden of Eden: did God really tell you or does God really love you? He and his people will tell lies to make you doubt God’s nature and goodness. You need to find out yourself, dear brethren. Live holy lives according to His Torah, and do not live lives or have faiths like the End-Times Westerners do, beloved brethren. You have been set apart for His glory and to be pleasing in His sight. Know that He is your loving Father, and that He is absolutely good; there is no darkness in Him. Do not believe that with your head like the End-Times religious Westerners do, but believe it in your heart. Peace and grace unto you, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Glory be unto Him forevermore. Be healthy and rejoice! For we are commanded to rejoice!