Some pastors make God’s Word into a Western entertainment in order to be popular and keep or gain more church members. They are teaching good teachings, but not teaching the deep Truths from the Holy Spirit that transforms a person from within—the Torah. So, what happens is that the congregation just feels good on Sundays, and goes home after feeling that they had just heard a good teaching. There is no growth in deeper knowledge or motivating factor or sense of urgency. So, the flock carries out its usual religious life, feeling good after an entertaining message on Sunday. No one feels like risking their life for the gospel; no one gains any understanding on what Satan is doing in a certain aspect of society or legislation; no one finds any urgency to go out and buy materials and get down to research on a certain issue in scripture. The End-Times Western churches just continues as usual in its everyday mundane life. There is no first love.

The purpose of teaching is not to make people laugh throughout the sermon; or just have fun singing; or just have fun fellowshipping; or just feel they heard a good message. Of course, I have nothing against jokes in the sermon or making the sermon exciting. I am all for fun sermons, creative sermons, and entertaining sermons. We need to be creative and new like the Holy Spirit is. However, all I’m saying is that the Word of God needs to be treated with respect. When the Truth is being taught, sometimes it will be uncomfortable. Moreover, it should make people uncomfortable sometimes. It should create a healthy holy fear and reverence sometimes. It should irritate and offend people who are not accepting of the Truth. There should be people who will get angry at you for teaching the Truth. There should be lots of religious people leaving your church. There should be religious people who will not accept what you are teaching due to their liberalism or legalism or lack of the Holy Spirit in their hearts. Then and only then can God grow a church.

If the sermons are molded and artificially manufactured to make all of the disciples comfortable and not conflict with some people’s End-Times Western humanist values and self-righteous thinking; then what good is the salt of God’s Word? If I were teaching, I would rather have 12 people in church who love the Truth and are seeking nothing but the Truth; than having 10,000 people in church who are just looking for a teacher who is entertaining, non-offending, and has fairly good teachings that make you feel as if you were cleansed that week. To me, that is hogwash Christianity. It’s not real. It’s not real teaching. It’s lukewarm. It would be better to be cold and not come to church, but just live fully as people of the world. You can get better entertainment in a stand-up comedy or watching a movie on Sunday morning. You don’t need to go to church on Sunday, and make yourself feel you’re covered spiritually. What kind of a Christian life would that be? You can go to a rotary club or a lions club or a boy scout meeting, and have good teachings.

The Holy Spirit needs to be in the speaker, and the Holy Spirit must be working in the church. Without the Holy Spirit, the church would just be hollow; and Jesus would end up having to knock on the church door to be let back in again, just like in the case of the End-Times Laodicean church mentioned in Revelation 3:20. If Christ is in the church; if the man who created the universe is in your church; then the church would not be the same every week. I guarantee you things will be happening that would blow your mind. Jesus will do things that you’ve never imagined; much greater things than He did while He was on the earth. People will be touched, people will repent, people will have deep wisdom, people will be coming in 24 hours a day 7 days a week to church to pray together and study together and serve each other and share the gospel. The Western lukewarm church will be turned upside down. If the Torah Truth is being taught, it will not come back void—I assure you. Because the power of God resides in His Word.

The neighborhoods that they live in will be changed. The other countries to which the Holy Spirit will send each church member for a few days to talk with just one individual there that the Holy Spirit will bring them in contact with; will cause a great movement of the Holy Spirit in those countries. Literally, the power of God will be manifested; and people would be doing crazy, radical things by faith to get the gospel out. The tongues of fire of the Holy Spirit will spread like wild fire, just as in the case of the 144,000 Jewish Remnant that will go out into every tribe, tongue and nation. To every supermarket, school, library, fire department, park, fitness club, hospital and orphanage.

On the contrary, if someone doesn’t laugh or preaches fire and brimstone messages like a legalist or Puritan every time, perhaps they need to laugh more like Jesus. I think it was pleasant to be around Jesus, and people flocked around Him, because He was fun to be with and had a sense of humor. God is the Father of humor: anyone who has walked with Him can testify of this fact. The children would not have flocked around Jesus, unless He was joyful to be with. Those people need to be less religious, and be more Christ-like.

If someone is in the pastoral job for the stable salary, entertaining the customers, and making money by selling things to the flock, then we are in the wrong job. The teacher’s job is to teach the Torah Truth. For it is only through the teaching of the Real Truth and the Word that a person and the body of Christ will be radically changed for Christ. Is the Torah being taught in your church? If so, you will see a radical change in the lives of the people. You’ll see them everyday asking you to help them do all kinds of things to get the gospel out and disciple others and serve others. That is why the teacher’s position and responsibility and influence upon the flock is very great. We need to stop the routine and the entertainment mentality, and start teaching the Torah Truth that is a radical teaching in itself. We are called to be radical people.

How blessed are the pastors who work to support themselves financially; and yet, they pastor a church by giving their time and money because they want to serve. They are the faithful servants. The Lord is not blind to the faithfulness, love and commitment of these pastors that give their life to serve Him; because they love Him and love their neighbors. They offer their lives as a sweet sacrifice unto the Lord for His Kingdom. May the Lord bless them abundantly, and equip them with the wisdom of the Holy Spirit. His peace and grace unto you, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Persevere diligently in the Lord; and may you continue to bring honor to His name; for great is your reward in heaven; and He is a God who never forgets those who are faithful unto Him. May heaven and earth praise His name! Selah!