There are three angels mentioned in the Bible by name. Lucifer (now Satan) was a cherub who led the angels in worship music to God. Michael is a militant angel. Gabriel is a messianic angel. Satan wanted to be worshipped himself, and fell from heaven.

Science shows that certain tones, vibrations, pitches and rhythms open certain parts of the brain. Music, along with witchcraft (drugs), trance (transcendental meditation Eastern mysticism), occult practices, etc.; opens up the soul to demonic possession. It hypnotizes people.

Satan provides money, fame and sex to individuals who will lead his rock concert worship services to him. They become the idols, or Satan’s generals, in the media world. They often have demonic voices that speak to them to guide and lead them. The rock and roll concerts are the worship churches of the devil. It has satanic, perverted and pagan connections. There are a lot of End-Times churches that have committed adultery with Jezebel’s pagan practices.

Creation was made by God’s Word; and the Word is Christ. All matter and energy is made by sound vibrations. God spoke the world into being with His voice. His voice is Christ and was Christ. Nothing was made apart from Christ. We are made of the same material. That is why music ministers to the soul. It affects the soul in the deepest part of our creation. If you are a believer in Christ, you will be spending eternity singing praise to the Lord.

The rock music was begun by Satan during the 1960’s liberal anti-West revolution among the “Flower Children” through drug addiction and witchcraft trance. It was inspired by demonic spirits with the help of drug witchcraft and 1960’s revolution. It is an area of expertise of Satan. In the background that started it were Satanists and Freemason upper echelons, such as Aleistair Crowley, who have a commission to bring the world’s mind to the control of Satan. A lot of rock bands use the broken upside-down cross satanic symbol “peace sign” of the socialist violent pacifist anti-war “Flower Children” of the 1960’s. The last seven year Tribulation Age will be an era of socialist atheism. It is Satan’s emblem, just like the broken cross “swastika” sign of the Nazi occult religion. Many End-Times Western Christians wear it on their T-shirt without knowing that they are inviting Satan.

It has permeated Western society in modern times, and permeated the End-Times lukewarm Laodicea church, as prophesied. You can feel in the Holy Spirit the demonic influence in most modern Western music that have lewd, pagan, African jungle worship beat. It is almost hard to find Western music that hasn’t been influenced by it. It is like how a lot of black singers sing: screaming, husky, yelling, vibrating their voices, like the pagan witchdoctor-style. It is a human manufactured way of singing that brings attention to the singer. It is not a clear, straight, pure, transparent way of singing by God’s people; the normal, natural voice that God created. Man-made singing and clones are evil, and God-made and natural are good.

When a sister in Christ who is filled by the Holy Spirit sings, it is such a beautiful, pure, feminine, clear, gentle, transparent voice; that manifests the Holy Spirit’s very nature. You can almost imagine Eve singing in the Garden of Eden. Do you see how pagan practices have infiltrated the End-Times lukewarm Laodicea Western churches? They have thoroughly mixed themselves with the pagan world. They have even lost spiritual discernment of the Holy Spirit due to their slow desensitization by Satan over the years; and because of their pride and self-righteousness and culture-worship. They are the sleeping church. On the one hand, they are very religiously legalistic, and at the same time, they are very liberal also. This worst combination seems to be a common underlying characteristic of the End-Times lukewarm religious Christians.

If the heart is carnal, then carnal music and human-manufactured tampered ways of singing are attractive. If the heart is spiritual and filled by the Holy Spirit, then the natural God-created pure way of singing is attractive to that heart. The heart of a man influences the ear of that man. If a majority of Christians in the Western churches don’t have any problem with it: it is a direct reflection of the spiritual condition of that End-Times lukewarm Church that God will vomit out of His mouth. Satan’s influence has infiltrated the End-Times church at all levels and in all crevices. It is sometimes troubling and deeply unsettling in the Holy Spirit how a lot of people in the churches have adopted Satan’s way of singing; and it has become so natural that they are blind to it; or no longer sensitive to it by the Holy Spirit. It is the usual Satan’s way of slow desensitization; and it soon becomes the norm of Satan’s End-Times societies.

Just like the upper level Freemason oaths, a lot of the rock musicians have been commanded by Satanists to reverse satanic phrases backwards. It is a way to not scare people, but to brainwash them at the unconscious, subliminal level. A lot of advertisements use this technique to make people buy more of their products. You can think of it as a large spider web of satanic control. There are powers and principalities of fallen angels in the air who control this dark web. Most high school mass shootings are influenced by kids under these spirit voices that constantly whisper into their ears all day, as a result of the rock music.

Beatles, Elvis, Beach Boys, U2 Bono, Tom Cruise, Oprah Winfrey, Sandra Bullock, Hillary Clinton, television hosts, government leaders, business leaders and most influential people who have worldly influence confess having been led by spirits. These familiar spirits start influencing them. Certain Christian music has a trance-creating satanic origin. They do not glorify God, but they edify humans with good, lewd beats. We are living in the most demonically influenced age in world history.

Some rock stars like U2’s Bono confess that they were led by Satan to deceive and entrap Christians, by making them think he is a Christian. I personally know some Christians who wear black clothes with satanic symbols, grow their hairs long, and imitate U2’s music. Their lifestyles are very carnal; and they will often throw a tantrum like a child, if you talk about rock music. They have a different pagan Jezebel spirit. The women leave their heads uncovered, and the men grow their hairs long to their shoulders, and don’t comb them. It is their right to cut or color their hairs as they please—it is a free country; but it doesn’t mean that it is what God has commanded. They are free to listen to songs praising Satan; but it doesn’t mean that it is what God has commanded. You cannot stop people from taking drugs and having orgies before the Golden Calves; but it doesn’t mean that it is what God has commanded. Religious people may crucify me for being legalistic; but I do love people enough not to not care. If I were not concerned, would I be living Christ? It is my duty and obligation to warn God’s End-Times children to obedience. If I am to be called evil, for what sin would you accuse me of? If it is indeed evil to speak God’s Truth, then I am indeed a sinner. Rather, is it not sin to call evilàgood, and goodàevil?

If you tell the Western Laodicean Christians the Truth, they will get super emotional just like the cult people do; and adamantly defend their idol, making all kinds of humanist self-righteous excuses. They do not love the Truth, so God has handed them over to depraved minds. They share the depraved minds with the people of this world; so their desires, weaknesses, preferences, lifestyle, speech, eating habits, thinking, self-righteousness, humanist Western values, health, everything is very similar to the people of this world—Satan’s children.

Some pagan Christians say that people get saved because of Christian Rock and Roll. The question is: does the Almighty God need human help through Satan’s Rock and Roll to save people; or does God just use Satan and is able to use Satan’s schemes right back against him? Their logic is: the end justifies the means. I have never seen that scripture in the Bible. It must be in the Western Humanist Bible. God may bless the result, because He uses all things for good. But that doesn’t mean that God is willing to give up His holiness and become partakers with Satan. I think End-Times Christians just don’t realize God’s nature and holiness and Truth: and how valuable it is to God. They just have no concept or depth of God’s sacredness. They have given themselves over to depraved minds and interpretation of the Truth or Torah.

Oh, if you only could even imagine, dear Brethren, even a fraction of the beautiful, amazing music we will be singing to the Lord in His dashing figure in all His glory; you would not dare, you would not even DARE consider singing Satan’s music. If you only knew; if you could only understand heaven; if you only had any concept. You are kings and queens of the Awesome God who rules heaven and earth! Do you have any image of what you will be in Heaven? You are nobility, dear children of the Most High! Know who you are! Know His thoughts for you!

Dear Children of the Living God: do not be deceived; do not define things out of your own self-righteousness; but wake up from the deep slumber that Satan has placed you under. It is no time to be sleeping. The Lord’s return is imminent. Sanctify yourselves in the Spirit of the Lord. May He free you from the strong delusion.

Watch Pastor J.D.’s Mid-East Updates Video Podcast June 23, 2010 release “Leviticus 17 – Demon Worship & Rock Music 12-17-2010” video at . You cannot have one foot worshipping Satan, and the other foot worshipping God. Do not drink from the cup of worshipping demons.

Some people pray to God to unfold the deeper mysteries of the Bible and the future, on the one hand; but on the other hand, they are afraid to teach the Truth to the congregation, because 90% of their congregation would end up leaving them. They do not know that if they speak the Truth, then though 90% of the congregation will leave them, God will add 500% more people to their church. The question is: how do they expect God to trust them with the deeper Truths of the Bible and knowledge of the future, if they are going to hide them, alter them, cut and paste them, dilute them and make them palatable to the End-Times lukewarm people’s ears? Can they be trusted with greater things, if they are unfaithful with even the smaller things? It would be a total disaster if they knew the deeper things, because they would bring greater judgment upon themselves by hiding and softening them; just to fulfill their own personal curiosities, though they have no faith to teach them. So is the irony of the End-Times mind.

If I were ever a teacher, I wouldn’t care if 50% to 99% of the congregation left me; because unless that religious clog leaves, God’s Holy Spirit cannot flow through the pipe and create a great revival. God uses people like Brother Chuck, because he wasn’t scared to bring in the smelly, long-haired hippies into his church; although most of his church congregation left him because of that. Through that obedience and love for the Truth, God multiplied his congregation and fruit to over a thousand churches worldwide.

Where are the Chucks in these End-Times? Who will stand up for the Truth and speak out? Who is willing to be killed for speaking the Truth? Where are the Davids and Abrahams of the End-Times Western lukewarm churches? Won’t anyone speak the Truth, though the End-Times congregation will throw stones at them? Who cares if the rock and rollers kill you? Who cares if the End-Times women kill you? Who cares if the fat people kill you? Who cares if the Catholic Church martyrs you? You only have one life to live for Christ, and one life to love people enough to speak the Truth to them and lead them out of evil. If you speak the Truth boldly to Pharaoh, God will part the Red Sea and lead many to the Promised Land.

Repent, and make straight the path of the Lord! For the coming of the Lord is near! Hear you who are in the mountains, you who are in the valleys, you who are in the meadows, you who are in the house of the Lord! Hearken to His voice, if you hear Him today. Let not your hearts be hardened, but return to His Word, His Truth, His Christ! For the days grow shorter, and it shall soon be morning!