“Humanism” is a satanic doctrine because it places humans as idols of worship. It esteems humans in the place of God. As Jesus said, “You shall only worship the Lord your God.” Anything that replaces God in your heart is an idol (money; family; good cause; car; career; good works; religion; Pope; Allah; Buddha; Vishna; drugs; alcohol; personal abilities; intelligence; sports; pet poodle; whales and dolphins; environment; world views and values; Western mentalities; Eastern mentalities; spiritualism and New Age; beauty and plastic surgery; radical socialism or nationalism; cults or occults; rock stars or presidents or Anti-Christ; gluttony or pride; worldly dreams and aspirations; science and demonic extraterrestrial aliens; absurd evolutionary theories; superior race theories and genetic manipulations and Nephilims; pro-human-choice rights; charms and superstitions; etc.).

The very reason why you and I are here in this sinful flesh, living in a world cursed by the fall of man, is because of Satan’s humanism. So, where is the origin of humanism? It started way back in the Garden of Eden, with the fall of mankind. If you remember your studies in Genesis, the devil came to Eve to tempt her. He knew that if he could deceive Eve, he could drag in Adam, too. So, the guy is super clever—he attacked Eve first—the heart of Adam. He knew how much Eve meant to Adam, just like how much Adam meant to Jesus. That is why God created Eve, so that Adam would know even a small fraction of the love He had for him. He wanted Adam to be joyful and grateful, and glorify God. Hence, man’s weakness has always been women. He made that choice willfully.

The devil got Eve to doubt God’s goodness and holiness, and eat the fruit. She was innocent and gullible, and did not know how to doubt. But she sinned because she placed humans before God’s Word (Jesus). God had explicitly said not to eat the fruit. She doubted God’s integrity; and consequently, His nature—absolute holiness. That was evil indeed.

Furthermore, she even went over to Adam, who was with her, and offered the fruit to him. Here, again, we see a typical case of humanism. Adam could have refused to accept the fruit by honoring God’s Word (Jesus). Instead, his heart was so attached to Eve; and since he could not bear the agony of being separated from her, loving-Adam decided to take the fruit and join her. Thereby, He turned His back on God’s Word, and acted against faith. He believed in humanism: the goodness of humanity. It may have been honorable for him to decide to join Eve; rather than let her sin alone and be alienated from God. To the modern day humanists, too, that sounds honorable and loving of humans to think that way. To humans it seems righteous. All Hollywood movies show love that way; giving up your freedom to join your fugitive lover; or sacrificing integrity by killing Christian missionaries, in order to be loyal to your socialist cause and to your nation or to your gods. However, to the Holy God, that satanic righteousness is a putrid garbage. It is evil.

Adam should not have acted in humanistic human-love thinking. He should have remained faithful to God’s command, trusting God. Then, when Jesus walked up to him in the Garden of Eden, Adam should have explained what happened honestly to God. (Humanists would probably call good as being evil, and accuse Adam of squealing on Eve, if Adam had done the godly thing.) Then, Adam should have offered to take Eve’s sin; and to sacrifice himself for her. He should have prayed and interceded for her. But alas, humans are not able to take on the sins of another human. Humans are but dust. Only God could take away sins. Only the Holy God can remedy what had happened in the Garden of Eden and forgive sins. Only Jesus can remedy the sin that we have in our nature and provide a real solution. So, the Bible says that through one man sin entered the world; and likewise, through one man, Jesus Christ, the whole world can be redeemed, if they believe.

You see what happened after sin and humanism entered the world. The loving Adam became unloving and now started blaming Eve for his sin; and the innocent, gentle Eve now became bossy and started blaming the serpent for her sin. Their nature had changed after the fall.

So, humanism existed from the very first, in the Garden of Eden. Humanism seems honorable and righteous to man; but it is a deceptive, evil, dark agenda of Satan. If you think about it, even religion is humanism. It is placing faith in your good works and rituals to get into heaven. Humanism has alienated, likewise, the End-Times Church from God and His True Word (Jesus). It focuses on man; and casts a doubt on God’s holiness and existence and love.

A good example is the newly saved baby-Christian girl I told you about. A lot of the men in church were stalking her, because she was one of the very few godly, feminine women in church. She felt that she had to succumb to their satanic stalking, because the Bible says she must love everyone. I told her that that doesn’t mean to let Satan’s people pester her and force her to succumb to their evil lusts. However, the humanists in church will see me as being evil for saying that, and not loving people according to the Bible, and they would crucify and stone me. That, my Brethren, is humanism of Satan. It is very tricky. Satan will always use the Word of God against you to force you to let him ruin your faith and let his people in church annihilate you. That is why it is important to know the Word of God; have the discernment of the Holy Spirit; and not be afraid to be hated by the church people as being evil. You need to do what Jesus tells you, not what looks proper in human eyes—for that is humanism. God’s Truth and Word provides wisdom in all things; a strong weapon against the enemy; and a light unto your path. Even if a hundred people tell you otherwise; you Brethren must obey the Lord.

That may be the reason why the hypocritical Pharisee religious leaders who crucified Jesus, and the modern day, average, nice-guy businessman has a hard time receiving Jesus into their heart: because of this humanist pride in themselves. Rather, it is a lot easier for the tax collectors, prostitutes, and outcasts who ate together with Jesus; and the modern day gang members, drug addicts, and suicide people; to receive Jesus and get saved. I think that is why the humanists and atheists call Jesus a psychological crutch for the weak people (it is their pride). However, the sinners who know that they are sinners are overjoyed to know that they have received eternal life and forgiveness of sins through our Lord Jesus Christ (it is their humbling). It is a reflection of the heart before God: humanism versus faith.

So also, in the End-Times, you will see a drifting away or apostasy of the Church and society from God’s Word (Jesus); blotting out whole sections of God’s Bible to fit Western self-righteous humanist values, and warping and altering other parts. It’s Satan’s attempt to warp and change Jesus, who is the Word of God; though it looks righteous. Through God’s Word, the whole world was created. In Him, the Word of God is the life and truth. Apart from His Word is only evil and humanism. They are contradictory and on opposite sides.

According to the Bible, “pride” which is “humanism,” comes before a fall. Adam and Eve believed in their form of righteousness, and not in God’s righteousness. It was not faith, but rather, it was faithlessness and doubt in God’s integrity; and consequently, in His holiness. Satan also fell because of his pride. Pride makes people crazy and illogical. Evil is crazy and illogical. Anyone who even thinks of rebelling against God or doubting Him is insane and illogical. But pride blinds them, so they think they are sane and logical. God is perfectly sane and logical. Those who follow him are of the same sound mind and will not be misled. Those who do not have faith in God—the non-believers and carnal Christians—are crazy and illogical in their values, thinking patterns, logic and behavior. One person said it well: the definition of evil is nothingness. Evil is nothing. Anything apart from God is null, and doesn’t make any meaning.

Why else would we take the fruit, or the drugs, or the tobacco? It’s not sanity. So is the flesh—it is very weak. We may blame Adam for the situation we are in; but given the weakness of the flesh, we would all probably have taken the fruit, too. But there is one thing you can do, right now. That is the only remedy. The antidote to the fruit poison of sin is the First Fruit of God: that is Jesus Christ. He died—the righteous for the unrighteous—so that we may be saved. So that we can have forgiveness from God, if we only we believe in God’s Word—the Salvation—the Redeemer. Apart from Him, there is only believing in your form of righteousness—“Humanism.” It will not solve the issue of sin. You will have to pay for that sin in the Lake of Fire eternally, for God cannot fellowship or have anything to do with evil. He is a holy God. He is a God of perfect righteousness.

But He is also a God of love. That is why He shed His blood on the cross to pay for our sins. Salvation is free: just believe God’s Truth. It is your choice. No one is here to argue with you or even convince you. That is not our job. Our job is to share the gospel news of salvation. God uses us to do that. And how you react to that news will reveal what kind of heart you have. That decision and responsibility is entirely yours. You cannot blame God afterwards that you didn’t have the opportunity to spend eternity with Him. Either spend unexplainable joy with Him forever; or spend eternity in the Lake of Fire with the anguish and gnashing of teeth, knowing that you could have spent eternity with Him.

The ball is in your court, my friend. God has made the decision very simple. It is not by intelligence; not by hard work or rituals; not by philosophy or rocket science. It is simply by the decision of your heart. You may be a high school student or you may be a president of a nation. You may be a Buddhist priest or an atheist. You may be a philanthropist or a murderer. There is just one decision that every man must make in their heart: that is, what do you do with Jesus Christ. The Bible says that all sins will be forgiven a man, except for one sin. That sin is the blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, or the rejection of the gospel of Jesus Christ. That is how much value the merciful God places on His redemptive work by allowing His Son to die on the cross for you and me. If we reject such a valuable gift, then we will be pushing God’s sacrificial love aside, and basically forcing ourselves into hell. You may get run over by a bus tomorrow: the day to make your salvation sure is today. Hopefully, I shall see you in heaven.