You will see a move for a cashless society. There will be a move for a national centralization of private information. There will be a national health insurance program with data on individual health and drugs. There will be a centralization of information on bank accounts, tax information, income, assets and all flow of money. This will be managed by a microchip implant in the right arm or forehead with the bar code “666” separator numbers (the number of the Beast or Anti-Christ).

National censors will be centralized under the administration. State power and rights will diminish. There will be law suits by Secretary of States to subjugate the state immigration laws to the Central Government; in order to further increase their minority electorate numbers and further upset the U.S. economy as a superpower status by welfare systems. They will continue to intentionally add trillions of dollars of national debt to the U.S. treasury in order to usher in the hyper-inflation and crash of democracy. There will be a stricter control of big businesses by the federal government behind the scenes. Most of the financial institutions will be controlled by the government. This will be enforced by Satan’s economic crisis and hyper-inflation. There will be an increase in government agencies and institutions to monitor the private sector. Those Christians who are a hindrance to this will be eliminated.

There will be a move to control and standardize educational systems based on lies of evolutionary theories; though knowing very well that they have been proven wrong by quantum mechanics and general relativity; and most scientists have admitted that. There will be a drastic decrease in creationist beliefs in the schools, in order to deny the existence of God. There will be tighter controls on the media, especially conservative media, by the central government using socialist “fairness doctrine” laws. There will be greater restrictions enforced by the administration on religion and speech, mainly of Christian origin; but contrastively, an increase and encouragement of Muslim integration and proliferation. This will be done by the fallen angels under Satan’s dominion.

The Anti-Christ will use an economic crisis to come to power, and enforce sweeping reforms. He will change the laws and the times, as the Bible prophesies. North American and South American nations will see a falling away to socialism. There will be a move to unify with the world and other religions, especially Islam. Radical Islamists will be led by Satan to continue more intensive terrorism; until most of the Western people get so scared that they will adopt Islam into their cultures; to show that they are Islamic friendly nations; not knowing that that is the Muslim agenda of the Freemason’s Mystery Babylon religion of Fatimah, Mother Mary, Athena, Asherah, Ishtar, Isis, Diana, Lilith.

This is the key issue for the Anti-Christ. For only this will allow for the ushering in of the one-world religion: unification of the Freemasons Islamic branch Shriners, Islam, the ancient Mystery Babylon religion of Catholicism coated with Christian appearance, Buddhism, Hinduism and Judaism. Tribulation Saints who oppose this subjugation will be arrested and eliminated, according to prophecy. After the Jews reject the Anti-Christ as their Messiah; after he desecrates the soon to be rebuilt Temple in Jerusalem, three and a half years into the last seven years; the Anti-Christ will also capture and kill two-thirds of the Jewish nation by Muslim beheading, as prophesied by the Bible.

There will be an increase in politicians that support these views and values by Satan. They will be called the “Neo-Liberals,” who will hold to the Nimrod’s Mystery Babylon religion’s base philosophy of Communism and Socialism of New Age oneness and group occult thinking. They will be an offshoot of the 1960’s Anti-West “Flower Children” liberalization socialist movement. Some of the future presidents will be children of these socialist professors who entered the educational systems and media, during this “Flower Children” anti-government era. The Vietnam War was just an excuse by Satan to introduce his anti-democracy gears moving, when he saw that God had brought back Jerusalem (the holy city) to Israel in 1967.

Satan purposely caused the North Vietnamese to attack South Vietnam, knowing that the U.S. will not blindly stand by and ignore, just like in North Korea or Nazi Germany or Imperial Japan or Kaiser Germany. It was a lure or TRIGGER if you may call it so, of Satan to usher in the socialist rebellious End-Times generation in the West; and anti-institution media and brainwash; and degeneration of Christian traditional values; in order to better manipulate minds and hearts that have been alienated from God’s spiritual protection, through sin. So that Satan can birth this socialist revolution in the young future educators and their children who will become politicians: along with more modern Western humanist values of the Mystery Babylon beliefs; through better mind-control of rock and roll music, drug witchcraft, New Age mystic occultism, Hollywood movie occultism and Hollywood sci-fi evolutionary theories brainwash, and other simultaneous initiatives. The End-Times Western Laodicean lukewarm churches have become very westernized now, right before God vomits them out of His mouth, as prophesied.

Satan’s preparations for war at Armageddon will be the key to ushering in the End-Times plan of God, and bringing God’s fearful wrath and judgment in the Last Days. The backbone of Christianity and democracy and freedom—the U.S.—had to fall away, in order to allow this End-Times agenda. There will have to be a much greater centralization of power in the federal government. There will be a trigger that Satan will use to bring this all about. Those who are in the Holy Spirit will recognize that trigger when they see it happen. But due to the strong delusion, even the Elect would be deceived by the deception, if it were ever possible to deceive the Elect of God. Many will be blindly funneled into this End-Times plan of Satan. Be on the alert, my dear Tribulation Saints and 144,000 Jewish Remnant, for you will be living in “Perilous Times.” When you read this in the not-so-distant future, you will know what that Trigger is…Those who have wisdom, hear what the Spirit says. So come Lord Jesus. Maranatha!