There are a lot of people who say to me, “That pastor is a great speaker,” or “That pastor has a gift of healing.” Even the youngest of saints can teach, or heal by their own selves, if that individual is anointed by God. There are people who follow after leaders or certain individuals. We do not follow humans or pastors. We worship God and only the Lord our God. Worshipping anyone else is idolatry. Idolatry is very sneaky, because before you know it, you may be infatuated with a certain religious leader. I have found out that it is exactly these types of humanists that will abandon the leader; when he fails or they find out that he committed a sin. They usually talk bad about him and spread gossip about him. However, those people who do not worship certain leaders are the ones who continue to stay with the leader, though they may fail. They will support him, help him through repentance and pray together with him.

You will see in the End-Times that the more evil a hooligan person is; they will be crazy about a certain sports team or athlete or rock star or Anti-Christ. When that athlete performs badly, then they will suddenly change their attitude 180 degrees; and start hating, and throwing popcorns and beer bottles at that athlete. Humans are very undependable. One day, they are saying “Hosanna!” to Jesus; and the next moment, the same evil people are yelling, “Crucify Him!” to Jesus. These are the people with carnal minds. We are not called to be carnal people, but we are called to be ambassadors and manifest Christ’s character. If your worship is people, husbands, politicians, athletes, or family, then you will be very disappointed.

The more evil a person is or a nations is; I have found out that that person or nation is more prone to worship family or worship humans. However, the irony is, those people or nations often have a lot of problems within the family; and have a lot of domestic violence and terrible marriages and alcoholism. The children end up as delinquents. These people and nations and cultures place strong importance on the family. If another person made in the same image of God should hurt or insult a family member; even if they are a police officer who arrested their family member; these people will go out to get revenge or act in ungodly ways towards that person. Therefore, there are constant feuds and clan warfare in these cultures. These are examples of treacherous godless people. They are humanists, because they believe family love is everything, and worship the family. They often have broken families; compared to those people with loving family environments, who place God before family and humans.

They are often group-oriented, and always form alliances with other evil people to destroy the single individual upright person. They love to gang up, and form gangs. But they often betray other gang members; so they use violent laws to keep them in loyalty to the group. They may even kill family members who may squeal on the family. They worship humans or humanism. That is why God has handed them over to carnal minds and the worship of family. They often lose family members to the devil.

Their evil demonic family spirits, violence, curses, national alcoholism, genetic mutations, emotional instabilities, pride, stealing and dishonesty, etc.; are all carried over to the second and third generations; even to the tenth generations. Sometimes, hundreds of years to the descendents of that family or nation. They often marry similar people, get divorced, and they lead miserable lives. They always say things like, “Don’t mess with my family,” or “My family is everything to me.” And they are saying the truth: the family is their god, and the family or humans is everything to them. But often, most of their families are alcoholics, drug abusers, occult worshippers or in prison. They may even end up killing family members in the end.

The more godly the person or nation is, they worship God and not humans. They do not worship family, but puts God first. Therefore, they are not as protective of the family. They have less problems with spouses and children, because God’s Holy Spirit blesses their families. They marry godly spouses, and have godly children. They have a godly loving relationship with their family. If we give up our families for Christ, we will gain our families. If we do not worship family, then God will bless us with a godly, joyful family. If we put our families before God, then we will eventually lose our families.

A lot of people clap at the pastor or the worship band or singer. Rather, they should be clapping up at God. For we worship God. You don’t praise the worship band, but you’re worshipping God. When you preach, you don’t even have to stand in front of the people. You can use power point visual aids on the screen; so that the people’s attention is on the screen instead of you. You can stand in the back. You don’t have to yell or scream, or wear bright colored suits and ties, or vibrate your voice. You can just speak normally, because it is the Holy Spirit that is speaking through you with authority and power. Humans must decrease and God must increase. They don’t even need to know your name. You don’t even have to have the same person preach every time. You can have different pastors or people preach every time, as long as they are anointed by the Holy Spirit. If there are many speakers, then it is less easy for people to worship one person.

I see most people watching the worship band and praising God. The worship band doesn’t have to be in the front of the church. They could be in the back of the church, or under the podium, hidden from the congregation’s sight. This is to allow people to focus entirely on God. They are not thinking about the dress that the singer is wearing, or the shiny saxophone, or their children who are in the band. The worshippers can be looking upward at God, or sideways or towards the back. They do not have to be facing the front of the church to worship God. They can even close their eyes, lift up their hands to heaven, and face upward. The worship band is not the focus of people’s eyes, but all senses will be on the Lord and only the Lord.

In the End-Times Church, there are a lot of focus on humans and organizations. But in the Kingdom of God, the people’s focus is always on God. And the Church will try to facilitate worshipping God in any way they can. Our job is to bring attention to God, not to us. As all of the angels in the Bible say every time, “Do not worship me, for I am just a servant, same as you: worship the Lord your God!” That is a righteous holy heart.

Dear most beloved children of the Most High God: let us stop thinking carnally, as the people of this world do. Rather, think as the Holy Spirit does. He will lead you into all Truth and wisdom in our Lord Jesus Christ. His peace and joy fill your homes and family and the Body of Christ. To the One who created the heavens and the earth, be praise and glory forevermore. Selah.