Many people ask who will be the Gog that the Bible mentions in the Ezekiel 38 prophesy. The Gog (Prince of Rosh or Russia) of Magog, Meshech and Tubal, will be a New Czar of Russia. They say that Meshech or Musku is Moscow and Tubal is Tobolsk. He will be a dictator of Magog. He will be very popular and worshipped by his people, by the power of Satan; in the last days. He will rise up against the West once more; and form an alliance with the leaders of Persia (Iran), Cush (Sudan), and Put (Libya). He will provide arms and defense systems and technologies to them to develop weapons, in order to take over Israel. He will form an alliance with Togarmah (Turkey); and put Eastern Europe under his influence, to try to reclaim the former influence of the Soviet Union upon the nation. He will try to make a strong Magog empire.

Israel will discover vast reserves of oil and gas. That is why God prophesies in Ezekiel that they will come to plunder Israel. Therefore, oil and gas will be found in Israel. The president of Zion Oil & Gas, Inc. has been digging at the foot of Asher, for many, many years. The president says that it says in Deuteronomy 33:24 that Moses blessed the tribes by saying that, “Asher will be most blessed because he will bathe his feet in oil.” If you look at the ancient Israeli tribes’ map, Asher’s territory is shaped like a leg, and its foot expands into Manasseh’s territory. He claims to have received guidance from the Lord to explore for oil there, in order to provide Israel enough revenue to be self-sufficient. No one really knows if this is true or not. Givot Olam has already discovered oil near the Dead Sea, and their stock prices jumped recently from a dollar to ten dollars—ten folds. Some say that the Israel’s oil reserve is the source of all of the Arab nations’ oil wells. That is the reason why the Arab nations will march upon Israel to try to take it over. I do not know if this is true or not either. We will probably find out in the soon coming future, as God’s prophecy unfolds and Israel will somehow become the attention of all of the world.

The Gog or New Czar of Russia will probably control all the media and politics behind the scene; and will put down any media company that opposes him; in order to control the minds and hearts of the people of Magog to attack Israel. His power will extend to many nations surrounding him. He will probably control the politics and economy of Belarus and Ukraine, too, or try to gain control behind the scene. With his new Muslim alliance against the West, he will come to destroy Israel. God says in Ezekiel’s prophecy that He will put a hook in Gog’s jaw and pull him down to attack Israel with nuclear weapons. That hook just might be the oil. He will arise in the last days to bring God’s prophecy to reality, for Israel’s oil discoveries will threaten his countries oil-based economy.

There is someone concerned about their finances. Dear Brethren, it is no time to be worrying about how to get money; but rather, it is time to be worrying how to give money away to God’s ministry. It is no time to be hording money to yourself; but rather, it is time to be sending all of your earthly riches up to heaven ahead of you, where moth and rust cannot destroy them. When Jesus returns, and you get raptured; all the money you leave behind will belong to other humans or the government. Do we not see, oh we of little faith, that God started this 2008 global economic crash to awaken the world that earthly riches are futile; and to bring His children (believers in Christ) back to Him in holiness and repentance. This is not the time to cut your giving to God’s House, but rather, a time to be helping support God’s gospel to the nations. It is the last call to receive Christ, before His return to redeem His Church. (Needless to say, that does not mean to sell your church building and give the money to the missionaries, like religious cult people would do.) Do not set your hearts on the things of this earth that shall be consumed by fire; or upon the worries of life; but rather, set your minds upon the glorious inheritance that you have in heaven. If you have faith in the Lord; then also have faith in His love for you. For those of you who have wisdom, hear what the Spirit says.