As I always say, Satan always works from two extremes: his usual “Two-Pronged Attack Strategy.” In the Last Days, he has attacked the lukewarm End-Times church from two extremes—liberalism and legalism (what I call the “Two L’s”). Many religious leaders keep preaching sexual abstinence at almost every message. Some preachers always mention fornication and adultery at every single message, at least once or twice; some six or seven times. On the other extreme, you have pastors that preach that fornication and homosexuality are allowed in the Bible.

Sometimes when people are weak in these areas, then it is natural that they think everyone else has also the same kind of mind. For example, as evidence of what I am saying concerning human psychology; a dishonest person is always distrusting other people, because they think others are dishonest, too. Or, a detailed manager always expects others to be as detailed as themselves; and cannot understand that spouses are not as detailed.

If you are a believer in Christ, and His follower, you wouldn’t want to have sex with God’s people. Just the thought would make you throw up. Your whole outlook on life changes, if you’re born-again of the Holy Spirit. You cannot fornicate nor have adultery; because you know God is going to protect you from such sins, and you believe in Him. You have faith in the Lord God Almighty and His power. You know that it is by His power and only His Spirit that you are kept from sin. God knows it, and you believe it, too. With humans it is impossible: I am telling you right now, it is impossible to live for Christ with human ability.

A lot of the End-Times religious people and Puritans try to place you under human accountability. They want to put you under surveillance by Popes, Elders, Youth Pastors, Disciplers, Church Prison Guards, etc. But, if a person believes that he or she is going to fornicate or commit adultery, no human accountability is going to stop a person from committing the act or disbelieving it. They will even go secretly to their mate’s or mates’ house(s) to breed. The church pastor cannot be following them in a car, staking out every possible house, 24 hours a day. That is not the job of a pastor or a human being or the church.

They are accountable to God; not human beings. There are religious pastors who check if you read 100 pages of the Bible every week; or if you went to church every Sunday; or if you kept the Sabbath; or kept the Law of the Pharisees. So, they may be always concerned about sexual purity of others; and preaching fire and brimstone messages to their congregation.

Do not misunderstand me. Yes, it is very important to constantly exhort and admonish the church concerning sexual morality, as the Spirit leads; and to instruct in living holy lives unto the Lord; but legalism is never the answer. To just talk about sexual abstinence; sexual judgment; prohibiting praying for the opposite gender in church; segregating the groups; preaching fire and brimstone against dating or talking with the opposite sex; commanding to lock yourself up in a monastery with only the same sex; is not effective. It’s more of Puritan religiousness and Pharisee legalism; rather than teaching the Truth, so that the congregation will be so mature that they wouldn’t want to sin. Humans must decrease, and God must increase. It is only then that the flock can be purified by the Word of God.

The key is not chaining the flock to the pen and sterilizing them; but rather, sanctifying them with the Truth and filling them with the Word/Holy Spirit; so that they are cleansed and matured by the Word and Power of God. Growing in love for the Lord. Then, if the Son (Word) sets them free, they are free indeed. The key is not to beat the congregation with legalistic preaching week after week after week; that is what the religious non-born-again Christians do. Rather, the key is to teach them the deeper Truths of the Bible, the Torah; so that they will be so amazed, so awestruck, so enraptured with God; that they would have so much faith; they would not even think of sinning. You don’t do things out of human convincing; but rather, by the power of God’s Word that changes a man inside out.

If your mind is obsessed with such issues, then you will be prone to legalistic humanist human will-power thinking. If you’re a carnal Christian, yes, you’re going to be always thinking about those things and running after them. But, if you believe in God’s abilities and His love and His Spirit’s awesome power, you’re not going to be worried about fornication or adultery; because you know that you know that you know that God’s going to keep you from sexual intercourse, bank robbery, murder or taking drugs. You believe Him, and you know Him for who He is. God will chasten and discipline those whom He loves, so that they will repent and turn back to Him. Just the thought of having sex with your brother or sister in Christ or murdering your brother, would be revolting to you and God’s Spirit in you. We’re not Old Testament saints, but we are New Testament saints with the Holy Spirit indwelling within us. The Spirit that created the universe and who loves us; his power is residing in you. You are possessed by the Holy Spirit now. Many End-Times lukewarm Laodicea Church people are at both sides of Satan’s extreme: either liberalists or legalists.

The sexual drive is not sin. God created the sexual drive. However, lusting after someone is sin. Lusting means being obsessed; always fixing your mind on someone day and night; placing that thing above God, making it an idol; stalking the person; etc. Just like King David lusted after Bathsheba, which led to murdering her husband. It is not a pure, godly admiration of God’s beautiful creation. It is rather, a perverted satanic warping of God’s sex drive. Some legalistic Puritan Pharisee religious people do not have the Holy Spirit; so they go to the other satanic extreme of calling God’s natural sex drive as an abomination to be burned at the stake. It is because they do not have the Holy Spirit that controls them; so they try to control themselves with their human strength and Pharisee laws. If there were no sex drive and attraction to the other sex, then there wouldn’t be any babies and families and society.

Do you see how crafty Satan’s “Two-Pronged Attack Strategy” is? That is why a lot of Christians are left with a defeated life by Satan; because they listen to these legalist Western religious people. Every time they look at a man or woman, or a naked picture, they are filled with guilt; and Satan tells them that they sinned; so they are not worthy to do God’s work, or call themselves a Christian. You would be surprised how many Christians are under this constant guilt slavery. Satan keeps them ineffective for the kingdom of God. They don’t understand by the Holy Spirit that the sex drive is normal. It’s being a normal human. God made it. Masturbation and orgasm aren’t sin. If you worship those things, then it is sin.

Why is the Bible silent concerning those things? Because God knows once humans think it is not sin; they will go off and start doing them all the time; and start becoming slaves unto them. They would be pulled into fleshly control. They would be under Satan’s and the flesh’s slavery. God knows the mind and heart of humans, and He is also aware of the weakness of the flesh. He also loves humans, so He wants to keep them from evil. But what Satan does is come in from the other side with legalism. He will tell you that masturbation and orgasm and sex drives are sin. So, these religious people suppress their normal human functions, and keep suppressing them legalistically; until they explode, and go off fornicating; or give up living for God altogether, and go back to their old lifestyles; or molest a little boy like many Catholic priests. Do you see the entrapment of Satan? You cannot live for God, by your good works or legalistic lifestyle or human power. Some religious legalists may believe that farting is sin and impure; so they hold it in, until they turn blue and die. That is why there are so many women and homosexuals stalking after me, day and night, in the End-Times churches. They should just get a romantic novel and release their sex drives, instead of lusting and pestering people. I do not care for sex, and it is very annoying. The pastors will not teach you this, because they fear humans; or they are religious; or often both.

Looking at a nude body is not sin. Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden were naked, but they didn’t care. Only when sin entered them, did they become conscious of their nakedness. If you are in Christ, all the brothers and sisters may be naked, but you wouldn’t care and you wouldn’t be aroused. You are brothers and sisters in Christ. Why in the world would you be aroused by your family member in Christ? If you are a carnal Christian, then YOU WILL be aroused and you will have a problem; so you will become a legalist or liberalist. You will be like the Westerners; and try to force it under control of the Puritan Pharisee law; or you will alter and delete the Bible to teach that fornication is alright.

Obviously, if you’re looking at people fornicating; or looking at people having sex with animals (bestiality); or looking at people of the same gender; or imagining a chimpanzee when masturbating; or if you’re married and looking at other women, then you know that is satanic sin. The Bible says in Matthew 5:28 that if you look at a woman or man lustfully, it’s already the same as committing adultery, and being unfaithful to your wife or husband. You have to look only at your wife or husband. That is common sense, and I should not even have to be telling you. You are not infants in the faith, and you know what is right and wrong by God’s Word and His Holy Spirit. That is why God allows marriage; only if you are a weak, carnal Christian, and cannot control your flesh like the End-Times Christians. The End-Times Western religious people try to encourage marriage, and not follow God with your entirety. They warp the Word of God. The problem is when Pharisee religious leaders, who do not have the Holy Spirit, spread religious legalism through human works; by warping the Word; and enforcing laws upon the Western Church; putting people under the slavery of the Law. They tell you to whip your flesh; cover your entire body with a Burqa nun uniform; shave your head and enter a Christian monastery; forbid intermingling in church; etc. If you are children of God, filled with the Holy Spirit; why in the world would you have to do that?

As I said, the sex drive is from God; and lust is from Satan. Just like greed is from Satan, and working hard to earn money is from God. If you had no joy in working hard to enjoy shopping and see that your children get a good education; then where would be economy to provide public services and infrastructure? You would just stay unemployed, and let the socialist administration feed you by taxing those who are working. The joy of earning a hard day’s work is not sin. Lust of money; placing money over God; greed; covetousness; obsession with money is sin. A religious person will demand that you give up your house, your car, your clothes, your food; and go into the monastery or mountains; living on porridge and wearing rags. They call it enlightenment and religious frugality. If everyone did that, then where would be society and health? Rather work hard; earn a lot; and give even more hilarious amounts to God and to those who are in need. But don’t worship the work, and make it your god. We must stop thinking legalistically/religiously as to what is good or bad; but live according to the Torah. Too much good can be bad, too. Torah is the Truth; and Torah is the Holy Spirit.

Hunger is not sin. It is from God. Gluttony is from Satan. The hunger drive was created by God. If you don’t have hunger, you won’t eat, and you will eventually die. If you don’t believe me, then don’t eat for a month. Life would be boring without appetite. In Mark 11:12, it says Jesus was hungry. Jesus was not sinful by having hunger. It is when you are obsessed with food; you lust after it; you stalk it; you fill your mind day and night with it; and place it above God: you become a big overweight Westerner: that is when it becomes lust. That is when Christians start getting diabetes, cancer, heart attacks, brain strokes, high blood pressure, kidney shutdowns, etc. By fasting and praying, you are denying the flesh to make intercession to God. You are putting that hunger drive under God; not over Him. Jesus was tempted by the devil in the wilderness to change the stones into bread, after He had been fasting for 40 days. The hunger drive was not sin. If Jesus had turned the stone into bread, it would have been sin; because it would be misusing His power for His fleshly desire. However, He did use His powers to feed the five thousand. It is the legalist religious people who will tell you to eat only certain things; and not use electricity to cook them; or to eat only vegetables. They’ve transformed the Torah or Truth, so that the Bible doesn’t even sound like the Bible anymore.

The pride of life is a different type of sin from the lust of the eyes and the lust of the flesh. If you desire power, you must learn to give up that power: that is true power to God. Jesus could have avoided the cross, but he set His power aside, and submitted to the Father’s will. That meekness is true power. Jesus washed His disciples’ feet, and humbled himself: that is true power. Power under control. Those who really desire power should serve others in humility. That is a true leader in the kingdom of God. That is showing and manifesting the true POWER of God in your life.

Just wait upon the Lord. If you’re struggling with any of these things; as Paul said, it is impossible for man to overcome sin, for he is a slave to sin. However, in Christ, you are freed indeed. Do not try to overcome your flesh with the flesh. Overcome it with Christ’s power. The Bible says, “’Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the LORD Almighty.” Wait upon the Lord, just like a baby chick opens its mouth and waits until the parent bird feeds it. Believe and trust in the Lord. Just believe, trust, and know that the Lord will do it. Believe. Just believe in Him and the power of His Spirit. The power that created the universe. That satanic obsession; stalking; transfixing day and night; slavery: its chains will be broken by the mighty power of God and His Spirit in you. Believe. Trust. Have faith. And wait upon the Lord. Know who He is. Live Torah Truth.

Life is actually easy for the Christian. Because it is God’s mighty Spirit that allows you to live with Him and for Him. In Him you rest. His burden and yoke is easy. If the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed. It is not by might or power, but by His Spirit. Faith is important. Do you believe in God? If you do, then also believe in His goodness and character and Word. It is the religious people who will try to give you a miserable, dark, painful, suffering, strict, legalistic, boring, horrible life of religion. Those of you who are religious Christians will not understand what I am saying, and will refute what I am saying; and crucify my words. Those of you who are of the Spirit, will understand what I am saying; and will experience the joy of walking in the Holy Spirit and living in Christ. God uses all things for the good of those who love Him. Everything that you do and say will turn out to be according to His will, and for your good; hundred percent of the time; if you live by His Torah Truth and Word.

The End-Times lukewarm church is a very human-based, humanist, human power, human-centered, human accountability, human institutional, legalistic church. So, like the Puritans, they are always preaching about sex, sex and sex and more sex and even more sex. What is lacking is the teaching of deeper mysteries of God’s Truth, that nourish and grows and purifies and provides wisdom and fills the flock with God’s Spirit—the Word. Instead, they just preach religious messages like human relations secular counseling, or sexual abstinence, or giving lots of money to the church.

I’ve never heard of a church that had to ever ask for money. I’m a missionary, but I’ve never asked anyone for money. I don’t care about money. God is the one who gives me money, and He provides my food and rent. He can make money grow on trees if He wanted to. What makes End-Times Western pastors to constantly ask for money and offerings? Do they serve such a small God? What is the End-Times idea of God?

I think it is a very different church from what God had created and intended. Apostle Paul did urge churches to help each other financially, and spoke about the love and financial help sent to him; but I do not find him constantly asking and pleading for money like some End-Times pastors. As the saints grow in God’s Word and relationship with Christ; they will naturally want to give, because it is through other’s giving that they received the gospel themselves. If no one wants to give, you have to ask whether you are really filling the Flock with the Torah Truth; and if the Holy Spirit is really working in the church. In our world, the IRS taxes us; but in Jesus’ kingdom, the people want to give, because of the Holy Spirit in them.

If you are pleading and begging human beings to give to your church and ministry; then, I am going to tell you what you need to do now. You need to stop asking humans for money, and you need to start giving money to God’s work. The way to receive money is to give it away. Keep giving to God’s widows who do not have husbands and fathers; and keep giving to the gospel that brings in God’s people to His House; and God will fill your treasure houses until overflowing; so that you will have trouble giving it away.

The End-Times churches are almost like a religion. Religion does a lot of good works like feeding the poor or treating the sick, but that doesn’t solve the problem. It is the gospel of Christ that must accompany the good works. You give them human medicine and spend your whole day washing their sheets, and they will be still sick the next day. How long are we going to do that? It is better if they were healed by God’s authority and grace; cleansed by His Word; and sent out on their way, so that they can work themselves.

Why would you spend your lifetime treating the sick people; when instead, you can be healing people by the authority of Christ; so that they would be fully healthy and go out into the world to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ; and share how Jesus healed them of their disease or handicap? I think we need to stop thinking like the religious people who do a lot of good works; but instead, we need to start thinking like the children of God; who serves the God of all power and authority. We need to stop teaching academics and theology mixed with entertainment; and start preaching the Torah Truth and the deeper mysteries of the Bible. It is time to wake up, dear children of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords—The Great I Am.

The pastor or shepherd’s spiritual responsibility is very vital for God’s House; because whatever the pastor preaches, that is what the flock will be. There is an English saying, “A man is whatever he eats.” Whatever bread of God’s Word that a pastor feeds his congregation is what that church will be. Because the Word is Christ; and Christ is the Holy Spirit; and the Holy Spirit is the life and power and faith in a believer or church. If you feed spiritual junk food like lard to your people, they will have spiritual cholesterol, and die spiritually. If you feed them a balanced spiritual food (not superficial modern day religious sermons, but real Torah Truth); then the church will be empowered.

Recently, during his London tour, I saw John ask how many people were sick. The number was absolutely shocking and mind-boggling. 50% of the thousands of people there raised their hands! How can the Church of God, that proclaims to know God, heal the people of this world with the power and authority and Word of God; when 50% of them are sick and do not know the Truth or “Torah?” The world must think the church is sick. I think the Christians are eating the same thing that the people of this world are eating! I think it is a direct reflection of the lukewarm End-Times Laodicea church that was prophesied. If you feed “humanism” to the church; they will live like the humanists. If you preach the Word, the church will turn the world upside down. If you look at the fruits of the Church, then you will see whether the Truth is being taught in the church. I think we are facing an extinction of the “Truth” or “Torah” in the close of the Church Age.

For those pastors and individuals who are faithfully preaching the Word of God; and serving Him with all your heart, in truth and love; may He bless you in all of your ways; and keep you by the power of His Holy Spirit. Your service to the Lord will shine throughout eternity as the stars. Peace and grace unto you, most beloved of the Lord.