The U.S. administration is placing us into trillions of dollars of debt which will pull down the United States; and that will allow the ushering in of the one-world government. We are currently up to Satan’s number 13 trillion dollars national debt, and still adding billions every day. The national insurance will add billions of more dollars to our debt. The Administration’s budget projects are a never ending rise in national debt. Thirteen trillion dollars is an astronomical figure. A stack of thirteen trillion one dollar bills would stretch thirteen times from the earth to the sun. The total debt obligation of the U.S. is now more than 45 trillion dollars. Even if you spent a million dollars a day since Christ was born, you would still have not spent one trillion dollars today. There is no escape from this economic nightmare.

They are putting us in debt with China, so that China now owns pretty much the whole of the U.S. China can make the dollar a currency for debt, and close down the U.S. economy at any moment they please. When Russia and China shut down the U.S. economy, it will shut down the U.S.’s society and military financing. They can do it now at any time they want. They are exporting all the employment to China. Everything is now made in China. A country that consumes and doesn’t produce is on a fast decline. They are paying for our consumption.

When a country turns their back on Israel, and follows after humanism, crime, drugs, homosexuality, feminism, materialism, environmentalism, rock Satan worship services, Jezebel’s pagan body graffiti and punching holes in ears and noses on God’s Temple of the Holy Spirit (the body), immoral media, etc., it will be the first to receive judgment. It will be sent into slavery, just like the Israelites were sent into slavery to Babylon; when they turned against God. So also, the nation that is the originator of all of these satanic things will face slavery at the hands of aliens and foreigners. The United States is on a fast decline. Even the pastors are starting to preach these satanic doctrines now.

We see articles all over the web and Pastor John Hagee talking about the Iranian president spreading suitcase nuclear bombs around the U.S., aided by China and Russia. They say that when they attack Israel, if Russia and China know they can win the war, they will attack the U.S. simultaneously. The Iranian president believes that chaos must envelope the world, in order for him to usher in the return of the Muslims’ prophesied Messiah (the Anti-Christ): and he believes he can do in a few minutes with a nuclear bomb what Hitler couldn’t do. John says that the enemy can explode a hundred thousand dollar plutonium bomb over the U.S., which would shut down all the electricity in the U.S. (White House, military installations, stores, homes, schools, etc.); then the enemy can attack the U.S. with nuclear weapons. The U.S. would be sent back to the Stone Age, in just a matter of seconds. We are living in “Perilous Times” as the Bible says, my dear Brethren. Now is not a time to be lukewarm. We need to make our faith certain, by finishing the good race that Apostle Paul said; and share the gospel to the lost world.

We are the generation that is witnessing the death of a nation; economically, socially, morally and militarily. God will keep the free world until the Christians are raptured up into heaven. When we are gone; the U.S. may fall into socialism and dictatorship under the Anti-Christ. We are seeing the very beginning of that.

If the U.S. is greatly diminished by nuclear invasion, will there be an alternative power to prevent China from wasting no time to take over Japan, with North Korea moving into South Korea? China knows very well that popping a few nuclear bombs into Japan and South Korea will make them surrender immediately, as they have seen what happened in World War II. Since they don’t want to destroy the infrastructure and economy, they could just annihilate a couple of small cities like Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Japan and South Korea would be worthy prizes, since they are the second biggest economies in the world. This would make the Chinese Union more powerful than the Europe Union, and put them at the top of the world. As China becomes a nuclear superpower, no one is going to try to stop their expansion. They have a manifesto to be the center of power of Asia. Especially when Russia will be pretty much out after the Ezekiel 38 prophecy. That is why communist China is frantically building up its capitalist economy; in order to finance its world’s biggest military power to take over U.S. economy and Asia militarily. At Armageddon, it could be an amassing of two huge armies: from the West and East. That would certainly make China a vast military and economic superpower rivaling the former Soviet Union; enough to kill one-third of the world’s population as prophesied.

Because Japan is a satanically flooded country; for they call themselves a country of 80,000 gods (demons); they are completely and thoroughly blinded by Satan; and are very illogical. The Shogunate government of centuries past and the Japanese educational system developed for that purpose, have pretty much made the Japanese non-thinking robots. They are like a swarm of locusts that move with the group. They have no individual mind. I could write a million page dissertation on the subject, if I wanted to; but that is another topic—what happens to satanic cultures.

They are ultra left-wing pacifist, anti-nuclear, anti-war fanatics, because they are group-oriented like Satan’s society; and easily brainwashed by the media. The almost radical left-wing media; formed by those students who had taken over Tokyo University during the 1960’s anti-war anti-West communist-intelligence-led uprising among the students; have pretty much controlled the minds of most Japanese through media. Most government bureaucrats only hire Tokyo University faction people; because it is the university of academically-lopsided common-sense-deprived top intellectuals of the nation; and it is a faction-oriented culture. Being easily brainwashed by the post 1960’s media; most people do not like the U.S. military in their country, just like the South Koreans. (The only people who believe that they are welcome by the world, are the American populace; who are blind and ignorant and often misinformed.) When the U.S. is gone, then Japan and South Korea could easily lose their freedom, because of their pride and idealism; and come under communist dictatorship. If you remember, Apostle John refers to the kings of the East (plural), instead of king of the East (singular); in Revelation 16:12 (two million troops that will march across the world killing one-third of the earth’s population). The question is: who are these kings?

As I’ve said in earlier articles, since Satan’s people are very good at education and knowledge and worldly intelligence; but completely lacking when it comes to godly wisdom and common sense and logic; the Japanese and Koreans share similar traits. For example, the North Koreans laugh at the Japanese, whenever ships arrive from Japan. They say, “The Japanese are sending over to us technology and materials to build weapons to destroy them.” To them, it is utter foolishness. With all of the spy incidents, Japanese has finally started to crack down on the outflow. South Korea keeps sending aid to the dictator in North Korea to feed and finance his army and nuclear sites.

The U.S. and Japan and other free world countries send millions of dollars of taxpayers’ money to the dictators in Iran and North Korea as an aid. The money has to come from somewhere, so they build bigger IRS tax organizations to squeeze the populace. Those money and supplies will be sold by the dictator governments; and the revenue will be used by the dictators to feed their armies and make nuclear weapons that will destroy the U.S. and Japan. The dictators know how the free world people think; much like a con artist knows how to manipulate gullible customers.

The “Neo-Liberal” intellectuals are super smart, but since they are controlled by Satan; they are used by him to strengthen the dictatorships that will be used to try to destroy Israel (God’s people); and to think illogically. This illogicalness of the left-wing socialist “Neo-Liberals” of America and Japan and the rest of the free world are not logical. Under normal logical circumstances, they cannot think that illogically. The only reason for their utter illogical way of thinking is attributable to only one person pulling the strings—that person is Satan. Are you starting to see the whole scenario of the End-Times; as the mastermind behind all the governments and intellectuals of the world, Satan, is pulling all the strings of human puppets; in order to strengthen his evil powers on the earth and usher in the End-Times plan?

If you have the Holy Spirit, you no doubt know all that Satan is doing already. The only ones who are blind are the non-believers and the carnal End-Times churches. God will bring a strong delusion upon the people of the End-Times, for they have rejected the Truth; and prefer to believe in Satan’s deceit. Perhaps, some Tribulation Saints and Jewish Remnants who are reading this, after we are gone from this earth; will realize what I’m writing and resist Satan. More people will get saved during the Great Tribulation; than the amount of people who got saved during the 2,000 year Church Age after Christ. May the Lord give you Tribulation Saints and 144,000 Jewish Remnant of the Last Days wisdom and strength to resist the newly rising “Neo Liberal” power of the Anti-Christ’s administration; and give you grace to carry the Lord’s gospel to all nations. Amen.