The authors and media writers will receive the worst type of judgment before the Great White Throne of God; and consequently, in the Lake of Fire with both the Anti-Christ and Judas Iscariot. This is because of two reasons. First, they are ministers and evangelists of Satan. Secondly, they sell Jesus (the Word of God) to make money. These are two of the most serious crimes.

I have seen many secular television programs and movies made by Satan’s liberal media servants, who are his pawns and tools. They take God’s truth and prophecies, and change them and warp them to fit Satan’s propaganda; and spread them to the billions of viewers and readers. They take God’s holy, holy, holy Word, and use it to make money. Some of them are professors of universities, who claim to have human doctorate degrees in Religion. They discreetly refute God’s Truth to the public, as professed experts on the subject: and write books on God and Christianity and End-Times.

These people are often on the programs as commentators; as famous authors and writers. They comment on God’s Word and prophecies, without understanding them. Thereby, they mislead many to hell. They are the false-prophets of this age that Jesus warned about: people led by the devil to lead many astray. For example, one television commentator said, “These people preach prophecy, but the danger is, if they believe in something so much, they may actually help in bringing it about in the world.” By this comment, he condemns himself, for he is saying that all the prophecies are not real and not to believe in them. He is openly criticizing God’s Bible scholars, while claiming to know all about Bible prophecy himself, as an expert writer. He writes books concerning God’s prophecies on the End of Days and Christianity, because they are hot topics to make money on.

These are the wicked men and women who are searching for spectacular topics and viewer/reader attracting subjects. They search for information in God’s scholars’ materials; to use to write their own books and make television programs to make money. They choose to use God. God is not used by humans. If you remember, the only time that Jesus got very, very angry was when He entered His Father’s Temple, and found businessmen making money in His Father’s House. He accused them of making God’s House into a den for thieves. He grabbed a rope and chased the men out of the Temple grounds. He turned over the tables of the money-changers. He released the doves and animals that they were selling for temple sacrifice.

The religious leaders would find fault and reject the sacrifices that people brought, and refer them to the merchants who were selling unblemished animals. Later, the merchants would pay the religious leaders commission for the referrals. The thought of making money off of the people using God was inexcusable to Jesus. Jesus often loved and ate and talked with sinners (tax collectors, prostitutes and outcasts), which the religious leaders criticized; but Jesus was angered by the pastors and ministers who turned His house into a den of thieves.

These authors and commentators always give inaccurate false information concerning God’s Word on the television and movies and books. It is typical of Satan’s style. When Satan tried to tempt Jesus in the wilderness, he used parts of God’s Word against Jesus. Jesus fought back using the true Word of God.

Western culture loves money; and materialism is at its humanist root base. They are 21st century worshippers of the pagan god of Egypt of covetousness and money—Mammon Ra. They feed off of God’s Word and Jesus, in order to make money from their writings and stories and their television comments; and to preach at their churches. They claim to be authorities on the subject, in order to have people read their lies and satanic liberal propaganda that try to disclaim Christianity; and warp people’s minds. At the same time, they use it to make money. Woe to these 21st century Pharisees and false-prophets. They are like lice and leaches that feed off of God’s people and His Word. Great is their sin that has reached the Lord God Almighty’s throne as a putrid smell. Soon, His judgment is coming upon this earth for such as these. Patient and merciful is the Lord, but He will not strive with man’s sin forever; and not allow man to denigrate His Holy Word much longer.

The worst and cursed are those religious Christians who steal bits and parts of the Torah Truth from God’s prophets’ and apostles’ teachings, that are sensational and will sell to the public; and make them into books to take money from the brothers and sisters in Christ; in order to get recognition, fame and prestige from humans. They are nothing but common thieves found in the Temple, whom Jesus drove out with a rope. Yet, they only write books and preach on the sensational parts of the Torah Truth, such as prophecy and the Tribulation; and ignore, scorn in their hearts, discard, hide from God’s people, and trample under their hearts the other important Torah Truth teachings of God’s prophets and apostles; since it does not agree with their self-righteous Western humanist Jezebel Satanist doctrines of women’s equality, animal-instinct leaving genetic descendents, belief in sickness and illness, adherence to secular jobs, rock and roll Christian music, pastoral allowances, tattoos and ear-piercing, scorn for women’s head coverings, disdain for God’s order of authority and respect in the church and family, Western gluttony and obesity, asking for donations and tithes, selling God’s Word for money, living in luxurious lifestyles with money for God’s House, etc., since their books will not sell and their popularity will be destroyed. They do not teach the more important things to call God’s people to repentance, but they only teach those things that will make themselves famous and wealthy and look wise. Thereby, they are false prophets; and they steal God’s children’s blessings, keep them under darkness and bondage, and deprive the flock of the true bread of life. Because of this, they will be judged along with the heathens, for they think and behave and live like the non-believers and wicked servants. They will not teach even this simple Torah Truth, for they are violating this very Torah Truth themselves, and they would incriminate themselves to all people by teaching this and shame themselves. Their books stand as eternal irrefutable evidence of their crimes. There are crimes punishable by human laws, and there are crimes of the heart that cannot be seen by humans, but none-the-less, in God’s eyes, they are sin and no different in heaven.

Repent, and turn from your wicked ways! For the Kingdom of God is near. Return to the loving God, who is full of mercy and grace. For the days wax more evil. Those who have an ear, may you hear what the Lord says.