As you are aware, there is an increase in sorcery and witchcraft in these End-Times, as prophesied by God. There is a fascination with dark powers and mysticism. An increase in Eastern New Age occults. They are a threshold to the dark side—Satan’s realm. Satan has saturated the Hollywood scene and websites and child cartoons and media with his brainwashing; so that these things are just normal now to the mind of the people after the 1960’s “Flower Children” satan-ization era.

Millions upon millions of young girls, the future generation, are enchanted and mesmerized by Satan’s power with the demonic world of “Harry Potter” and “Twilight;” which open you up to demonic control (“oppression” to “obsession” and finally to “possession”). A pure form of Satanism is the vampire movies and horror movies, exalting Satan’s power over good. People are deceived by the funny and playful aspects of these stories, but it is a trap of Satan to draw you into his enchantment and control. It is pretty much similar to Satan’s worship service music of rock and roll mind-control that started in the 1960’s, as well as the video games that were specifically designed to catch the young generation.

He prepared for this time and age now, the End-Times, because those kids are now the people who control society as adults. The time is ripe for Satan’s Anti-Christ’s world plan. The media technology jump was exactly for that purpose. This along with the popularization of transcendental meditation; spiritualism channeling; yoga; necromancy (talking with the dead) which was punishable by execution in the Bible; Eastern mysticism and Star Wars “chi” force powers; Dungeons and Dragons games; Ouija boards that led to the exorcist movies; tarot cards; street corner fortune-tellers; drug proliferation which is called witchcraft in the Bible; etc.

Horoscopes were a capital crime in ancient Israel. A lot of End-Times lukewarm Laodicea Church Christians read the horoscope every day in the newspapers. We fail to understand God’s holiness, and His attitude towards sin, in our Western humanist modern church. Sin is a violation of the holy nature of the majesty of God. A purely righteous Being is unable to give pardon to humanitarians; who insist on worshipping themselves through self-righteous Western humanist values; rather than the Almighty Creator. The condemnation of each individual will lie in their indifference to God’s revealed will.

The witches’ guilds regularly pray more fervently than the Christians (God’s people) for the apostasy of all the pastors. There is a battle going on, Christian, whether you realize it or not.

Do you have anything, anything in your house that has anything to do with these satanic occult. Books, cartoons, games, videos, souvenirs, accessories, Satan’s broken-cross 1960’s hippy peace symbols, Satan’s broken-cross Nazi and Buddhist swastika symbols, posters, Heiau burial site lava rocks from Hawaii trips (people have experienced all kinds of things that started to happen in their homes, until they sent these rocks back), children’s storybooks, magical and Halloween costumes and decor, Freemason items, etc. You need to get rid of them. They are a doorway into the dark side, where demons and fallen angels can have access to you and your family. Do not take these things lightly. The Lord certainly doesn’t take them lightly. They are serious. Are you experiencing diseases, oppression, loss of concentration when praying, etc. Check your room first for anything that gives Satan a foothold in your life and house.

Wicca is a modern form of witchcraft. They call it a religion. It is often called the “Craft.” Wickerman is a Druid form of sacrifice to their demons, where they put people into a big idol and burn them alive. They would sacrifice and gut people alive much like the American native Indios, to appease their gods. The Gauls or Central-Europeans are known for the ghoulish (word comes from Gaul) druid practices, such as burying bodies under their beds.

Even now, there are thousands of encounters with Druid ghosts in the British Isles which is known for ghost stories; and certain spiritual force fields running along places like Stonehenge which are believed to be spiritual pathways and satanic strongholds. For example, Halloween is an ancient Druid or Gaul pagan celebration to welcome back the dead. In order to combine and mix Christianity with pagan Satanism; the Babylonian cult religion called the Catholic Church; mixed Christianity with indigenous pagan religions of the Romans/Greeks, Germanic tribes, Celtic Druids, Norse gods, Middle-Eastern paganism; to Christianize the world. They called the Druid celebration of the dead on October 31st “Holy Eve” or “Hallow Eve” or “Halloween.” A lot of Western humanist End-Times Laodicea lukewarm Hellenistic Christians celebrate this festival of Satan. Probably a lot of Western religious people will crucify me on the cross for speaking the Truth; but the love of God impels me to speak the truth; in the hope that some Western Christians will turn from Satanism.

Wicca witchcraft is a neo-pagan religion worshipping a horned male god, called Satan; or often called the sun god in ancient Middle-Eastern religions such as in Egypt; and a female goddess of fertility or moon. In every ancient religion, you find this male sun god and female fertility moon goddess combination, just like in the Freemason rituals. The sun inseminates the mother earth, and they give birth to evil and their harvest. For example, in Islam, they worship the ancient pagan moon god, Allah, of their crescent moon flag; who was worshipped in Mecca, Saudi Arabia long before pre-Islam ages; where there were altars erected to them, just like the Canaanite Asherah poles in the Bible. The witches conduct a lot of their rituals at full moon.

As in every one of Satan’s religions, and the modern End-Times Western churches; the female god had more power and authority than the male god; just like Jezebel over Ahab in the Bible: you can think of everything as being the opposite of God’s order and organization and holiness. Reverse everything that is God’s, then you have Satan’s order of things; just as in the End-Times Western culture. So, instead of a High Priest in Christianity; in witchcraft, you have the High Priestess. Instead of normal pastors in Western churches, you have female pastors. The End-Times lukewarm Western Christians know very, very, very, very, very well what God has commanded in His Word (Christ) by God’s wisdom (they’re not stupid); concerning the command that women are not allowed to teach men; clearly in black and white; but they ignore; choose to blind themselves; and dismiss His Truth on purpose, willfully; making up all kinds and types of excuses for women to have authority over men. So, they do things similar to the witches and Satan’s people—the children of darkness. They want to believe that God ignores His commands for good humanist reasons; but they only deceive themselves. One always underlying factor is: these Western Christians fail to understand that God is not a humanist—He does not worship humans or doctrines of equality. Humans must worship Him. No depraved Western Christian is going to twist God’s arm to worship humans. We’re talking about the holy God who created the universe. It is a problem of the heart, not of the mind. They do not understand God’s holiness.

God has shown me that the more satanic the family is, the more abusive the fathers will be; and the mothers will be hysterical. The more the sons of these witchcraft-drug addicted broken divorced families who see their fathers beating their mothers; the more these feminized End-Times Western sons will adhere to this Satan’s rebellious humanist manifesto of sexual equality and women’s rights; much like Marx’s “The Communist Manifesto” and Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” (all to drive through Satan’s agenda); with perhaps even more hidden and sinister motives than these later two. These sons and daughters of 60% of the population, from divorced Western families, have deep spiritual mental scars of hurt. But they go to the other side of Satan’s extreme of feminist humanist values. Satan’s people are always on both extremities, as I told you in earlier articles concerning Satan’s famous “two-pronged attack” strategy. (Just like people who hold hatred in their hearts toward Charismatic Christians of God, go to the other extreme of stone-cold Evangelical faithlessness.) The two extremes are a result of immoral post 1960 Western societies: abusive fathers and feminist daughters. In God’s societies, you have Christ-like fathers and godly daughters.

Then, Satan will send these liberal sons into the media giants, school institutions and church podiums, to spread havoc; and evangelize his satanic doctrine; to destroy God’s perfect order of creational authority and organization and spiritual protection; to the other half of the conservative population. It creates carnal humanist populations. This creates spiritual blindness. This creates spiritual lukewarmness; with nice humanist people, but no power or wisdom of God. So, we arrive at the condition of the Lukewarm End-Times Western churches that was prophesied about thousands of years ago. The real crazy thing which God showed me is: a lot of Western pastors are praying to Him to bless their nations, and bring them out of immorality; while at the same time, they are preaching more and more Western thinking and values to God’s people; in order to draw them away from God’s blessings. It’s like starting a fire, and asking God to put out the fire; while they fan the fire. So is the End-Times Western mind. God has shown me the irony of the End-Times Church.

There is already 60% divorce in the U.S. and Europe—the world leaders in immorality (sex, drugs, crime, pornography, money, movies, etc.). The sons and daughters of these Western 60% broken families have deep scars that Satan capitalizes on to control them spiritually; and they bring up similar grandchildren that have similar satanic values. It is a vicious cycle that gets worse and worse as you reach rock bottom. It’s what I call the “spiritual downward spiral of End-Times Rule.” The West is filled with people who have this Satan’s End-Times humanist value system of sexual equality: a manifestation of the most, lowest fallen state of man’s heart without God. When even God’s people become this way, too, there is no undoing: you have to wipe the earth out and start anew. Or else, you will start having women having sex with Nephilim’s fallen angels, sex with alien Nephilim abductions, and sex with animals (bestiality). It would just be a repeat of history, over and over again. As it says in Revelations 3, the End-Times Laodicea Church is blind and naked to what Satan is doing. They have no eyes to see spiritually.

For example, God gave Adam authority over the animals. But in End-Times Western humanist values, the whales are more important than Japanese fishermen; so you throw acid bottles at the humans to protect the whales; which kill and eat all the smaller fish that provide the human food sources; while millions of Africans are dying from famine. The stupidity of man. Meanwhile, they kill millions upon millions upon millions of Kansas cows, pigs and chickens to survive; and become gluttonous balloons; because the fallen man’s body is not able to sustain its protein intake on plants, and grows weak and dies early; after Adam’s body was cursed in Eden. Hence, the extreme hypocritical humanism that rules the Western churches, right before God’s judgment upon the earth. Is the Holy Spirit allowing you to see a pattern into fallen man’s heart’s extremism in the last days? Even in India, you have cows walking through people’s living rooms as the people are starving to death; because they worship the beef steak cows as gods and deities—idolatry. How can God help such humans? From now until the return of our Lord Jesus Christ, you can watch the Western churches. They will not repent; but rather, they will hate those who speak the Truth, and ignore God’s last call to repentance.

God says, “Come, let us reason together”: if what Satan’s post 1968 rebellious “Flower Children” pastors are teaching were correct; then there would have been two Messiahs, a man and a woman, to be fair; or the Messiah would have been bisexual. The Bible would be a lie, because there wouldn’t have been 12 male disciples; but rather, 6 female disciples, too; because God is not a respecter of human status or social status; and the Holy Spirit is not restricted by humans or society or culture or era. The Bible wouldn’t be true, because Jesus called God “Our Heavenly Father,” not “Heavenly Mother and Father.” The Bible wouldn’t be telling the Truth, because there wouldn’t be seraphims, cherubims, archangels, powers, dominions or principalities; and all the angels would be equal in authority. Michael and the lowest angel would be equal in authority. Satan and God would be equal in authority.

You see, when you really study the Bible; that is when you see how blinded these post satan-ization post 1968 Western value hippy pastors are; and are being used by Satan to spread his humanist manifesto inside the church; to cut off God’s protection from lukewarmness. They read the Bible every day, and are filled with seminary knowledge; but they cannot see what is written in black and white. Their hearts skips over them. That is why God prophesied that the End-Times Laodicea Church will be blind, but they will not realize they are blind. These post hippy pastors are a good example of Phariseeic hypocrisy. On the one hand, they preach equality among the sexes. But on the other hand, they preach inequality: that valuable whales are not equal to lowly humans. Whales are to be protected; and acid bottles and petrol bombs are to be thrown at unprotected Japanese fishermen; who work day and night in dangerous seas to feed their environmentalist gluttony. That is the post 1960’s humanist Western brainwashing by Satan. Satan’s humanism makes people feel they are important, innately good, equal, and noble creatures.

That is why most Western Christian women do not protect the household or raise children. They’d rather work, and raise money with men. They allow others, who teach evolutionary theories, to raise their children. No wonder they are losing their children to Western humanist thinking. No wonder they are losing the nation to Satan. No wonder the End-Times church was prophesied to be the most wicked church. The Bible says that they have a form of religion, but deny its power. The excuse that they always make is: God doesn’t provide enough finance for our family, so I have to work. They insult God and blame Him. And they wonder in their hearts why God is not bringing their countries back from immorality. The question is: what is their concept of God? Doesn’t God own the universe? Is He not the owner of all money? Can He not multiply bread to feed five thousand people at the Sea of Galilee and Bethsaida? Do they just read the Bible as nice fairy tales? No wonder they blot out whole sections of the Bible that do not fit their Western humanism. These pastors twist the Bible to fit their beliefs. You wonder sometimes, what is the heart of the Western thinking? How do they conceive God? Where is their true value? They hate my words, for they are haters of the Truth. For some reason, they are still slaves to their genetic DNA’s and ancestral temperaments. They are at war not with me, but with God. Strange. Really strange. They will enter the Great Tribulation to be purified by fire; from Molech (Baal) their god; the lord of the Western humanist feminists and Korean female shaman leaders; along with those who spread the enemy’s “Post-Tribulation Rapture” doctrine.


Word Of Caution: God has brought this to my attention. If you are a teacher of the Word; and if you are going to take these Truths and dissect bits and pieces; twist and alter them; sometimes purposely a 180 degrees to scoff at them and show contempt; in order to fit your depraved values and preaching; I strongly suggest that you quit following my Twitter and Facebook and blog sites. It is better if you did not follow me, or know the Truth; for you bring greater judgment upon yourself and your family, by knowing them. You would be worse than the non-believers who simply stop following my articles. You dishonor God by your open mockery and actions. If you only follow 98% or 99% of His Truth, it is the same as not following Him, at all. You mislead the flock, intentionally. I say this for your own good. Because the Lord knows you are going to dilute His Word; and take only pieces; and mellow them down. It is better if you never taught them, if you are not going to boldly declare them, straightforward.

The last four churches in Revelations 2-3 are distinguished, in that you find that the promises are not in the post-scripts, like in the three previous churches. These four churches refer to the explicit Second-Coming of Christ: meaning that the four churches will exist to the very End of church history. Of these, the Church of Thyatira is the only church that has a commitment that they will be cast into the Great Tribulation, if they do not repent of their worship of Jezebel. That implies that the other 3 churches won’t be thrown into the Great Tribulation. The Church of Philadelphia is special in that it has a specific promise to be removed before the Great Tribulation. As God prophesied in Revelation 2:20-26, concerning the Church of Thyatira; these Western rebel post 1968 hippy castrated effeminate pastors have destroyed God’s Word (Jesus) by introducing their satanic teachings; and they lead their flocks to have sexual intercourse and pagan humanist idolatry with Jezebel; or Molech the god of the feminists and Western humanism and spirit before the Great Flood. God had given ample time to these pastors to repent of their ways. They will know that God is the one who searches hearts and minds, and He will repay them for all the adultery they have caused in the Bride of Christ (the Church).

However, to those who respect God’s Truth and His order and authority; to him He will give the right to reign along with Him. Glory and praise be to our Lord Jesus Christ; for His grace and love and righteousness endures forever. His rich blessings unto you, dear Brethren. Amen.

The persecuted churches are often a Christ-like obedient church. The Western Churches are often a lukewarm disobedient church. This is again, God’s irony; for the Western churches are flooded with Christian media and money; but the persecuted churches rip pieces of the Bible to share and pass around, and if caught, they are beaten severely for the gospel. Those who have much have little; and those who have little have much.


Anyway, back to the boom in witchcraft and false-prophets and fortune-tellers in the post 1968 End-Times, as Jesus predicted to us. There are many students of the Church & School of Wicca who write books and novels about witchcraft to lure the world. They are led by Satan’s command and leading, just like Christians are led by the Holy Spirit to do God’s will on the earth. The Holy Spirit has shown me what the enemy is doing, and He has instructed me to teach you of these things; so that you can take up your Sword of Prayer and fight spiritually. They are taking over control of our governments, economic systems, churches, and social moralities of the End-Times. It is important that you heed God’s call to arms.

The witches believe that the cosmos is alive, just like the satanic New-Agers who believe that the “Force” exists in the universe of Taoism and yin/yang theories. They are the Eastern mysticism guru followers that often watch Hollywood movies, get enchanted with this “chi” power of the East, and go to Tibet to study to be a monk. I have met many in my time in the East. They are often Western Caucasian, male, young people from affluent families, who love science fiction and fantasy; and they all share a common trait of detesting the Christian values and traditions of their grandparents, having been forced to go to church on Sunday mornings and listen to spiritually dead hypocritical ministers.

Many witches refer to their horn god as the “devil” or “Lucifer” (Satan’s name before his fall), just as the Freemasons do in their secret rituals when they take oaths to him. They believe in a virgin mother, just like the Catholics. They believe in the reincarnation just like the Buddhists, and contact spirits using the Ouija boards. They believe that magic is the power of the universe or Taoist “chi” power. They believe in karma just like the Hindus, which they call the “Law of Threefold Return.” They base their doctrine around homosexuality and bisexuality. They use the Satanist’s symbol of the “Pentagram” or the “Five Elements,” which is Satan’s traditional symbol of pagan religions; as well as the “Triple Goddess Moon” symbol, much like the Muslims.

They form circles, and set up alters in the center to Satan, much like the Séances of the spiritualists. Similar to the Satanists, they have their goddess possess their bodies in order to have sexual intercourse with fellow feminists, to elevate their magical energies. The Sabbat is the witches’ reverse form of God’s Sabbath. They originated with the Celtic Druids, which came from the four festivals of pagan Egyptian cults; and are followed by Freemason related groups like the Clan of Tubal Cain. One of these festivals being Halloween, celebrated by the Western humanist churches. They overlap with Germanic and Celtic holidays.

The British Wiccans, just like the majority of Freemasons, have a highest rank of Third Degree, who are able to form their own coven group. And just like the Freemasons, they have ritual flagellation or flogging, to mock Christ’s whipping at the cross. Other rituals involve, just like the Freemasons, a reciting of the “Lord’s Prayer” backwards to mock God. Popular among the Celtic witches are the trial marriages for a year or day. They take a feminist wedding vow, “for as long as love lasts,” to mock the traditional Christian family-value wedding vow of, “till death do us part.” They have infant dedications services, much like the Chrisitans, called the “Wiccaning,” to the devil.

They follow the “Book of Shadows,” which is like the Bible of the witches. The author, Gerald Gardner, used a lot of the materials from his friend’s writings: the Satanist, hedonist, liberalist, bisexual, drug experimenter, and one of the founders of the Free Masons, Aleister Crowley; who was known as “The Wickedest Man In The World” by the popular media. Each coven preferably has thirteen members, which is the number of Satan in the Bible. It is sort of like a witch’s church. It has been greatly influenced by the New Age spiritualists. Wiccan witchcraft is the largest non-Christian religion worshipped in the United States Air Force. The Pagan Federation is trying to unite the Wiccans, Heathens and Druids together in England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales.

If you are an End-Times lukewarm religious Laodicea Hellenistic Western church member and doing witchcraft, you need to stop right now, and turn away from them. Instead, you need to take up the Word of God and Truth, and pray against Satan’s influence.