The Bible tells us that the Christians are the salt of the world that preserves the world from rotting and evil. It tells us that if the salt loses its saltiness, then it is of no use to preserve the food, so it should be thrown out to be trodden upon. The Christians have kept the world from spoiling, and kept God’s ethics a conscious part of societies’ conscience. However, after 1967, when Satan saw that Jerusalem came back under Jewish control, and Israel returned in the world scene in accordance with Bible prophecy, and he realized that his time on the earth was short; he has accelerated his End-Times satan-ization of society.

In the 1960’s, he started his self-righteous humanist anti-war pacifist socialist idealist movement, and anti-Western anti-authority hippy drug-witchcraft liberalist brainwash propaganda; social-rebellion and drug movement; environmentalism humanism fanaticism movement; women’s liberation homosexual pro-choice activist movement; free-sex liberation movement; liberal media and movies brainwashing movement; evolutionary theory educational system movement; rock and roll satanic worship service trance-witchcraft “mind-control the future generation” movement (Lucifer led worship music to God in heaven before his fall). Everything has accelerated at fast pitch since then.

The world has spoiled so fast since the 1960’s New-Age “Flower Children” psychedelic age (who are now the professors, teachers, pastors, politicians, business powerhouses, media giants, etc.), after God brought Jerusalem back onto the world chess board; that the Christians who are the salt of the world in terms of social ethics, is no longer able to keep the world from rotting. If you have radical feminist free-multi-partner sex activists, gay activists, liberal socialist media and politician rotten eggs in the garbage, the salt can no longer keep the whole trash bag from rotting. There is a limit. The homosexuals, feminists, legalize-drug activists, socialist left-wing liberalist pacifists, horror-movie vampire-movie New-Age liberal media; have pretty much brainwashed society, educated our children, and control political and judiciary power now.

That is why God has to take His children out of this world and bring judgment upon the world to clean it up, to set up His holy Millennial Kingdom; just like an exterminator has to spray out the whole kitchen to rid of all the cockroaches and bacteria. There’s just no way to redeem the whole world. Satan’s made the world smell so bad, just like the times before Noah’s flood and Sodom/Gomorrah. God had to take out Lot and his family, and destroy the cities of Sodomy & Gomorrah; because it was just full of inverted feminine men and masculine women with Satan’s values: a common sign of the most satanically-valued people; just like the modern Westernized world.

Satan has used his slow corruption brainwash technique over the last forty years; just like a frog slowly boils to death if you slowly, ever so slowly heat up the water so that the frog doesn’t notice. So that society feels no problem with fornication on TV; open gay parading on the streets; women dressing in Western pants like men and men wearing silk g-strings like women, which the Bible prohibits for a very, very important reason (“A woman must not wear men’s clothing, nor a man wear women’s clothing, for the LORD your God detests anyone who does this.” Deuteronomy 22:5) (started by groups like Satan’s left-wing socialist Fanny Wright in the West in the 1820’s to demonstrate pro-choice and fight against traditional church values; only to wear short skirts when seducing men and lesbians to sin); desensitization to satanic New-Age movies; normal businessmen smoke pot at parties with friends; normal people try to deceive and rip off money from customers; pastors teach Western humanist values, and have become feminine-valued men internally, with rough masculine behavior outwardly: just like the gays of Sodom, or tough King Ahab who was controlled by his wife Jezebel; which eventually leads to broken families and same-sex-marriage thinking and putrefication of society/church. They’re like frogs that have boiled to death, and are insensitive to the Holy Spirit. They speak about the leading of the Holy Spirit, but don’t really know what it is to have the Holy Spirit living in power in their lives or have His insight. They understand what I say by their minds, but they do not understand by the Holy Spirit.

They don’t even believe in the miraculous works of the Holy Spirit; so the Bible prophesies that the lukewarm dead End-Times churches will have a form of religion, but they will deny its power and deny God’s power; and thereby deny God. You see so many outwardly tough, rough, Sodomite-like Western pastors; who have very feminine natures and self-righteous feminist values inwardly; and were raised by very wicked strong humanist Jezebel Western mothers, who brainwashed them with Satan’s self-righteous Western values.

I have found out over and over again; that it is exactly these men who always say things to appease the “equal-rights” feminist women in church, and say things to lift up women; who when danger comes, they will be the first to discard the sisters in Christ, and run away to save their own lives. Dear Sisters in Christ, these satan-ized men will betray you to the Anti-Christ, in order to save their own children first. These are the ones you have to be careful of, and are not to be trusted. The Bible tells us that God will vomit lukewarm humanists out of His mouth.

They expose their identities by what they preach. They think like Sodomite “Flower Children” depraved Ahab-like men; always lifting up his wife Jezebel with words. They are complete opposites of Jesus’ nature, who was very gentle, meek and kind outwardly, but very masculine and strong inwardly. Jesus was super kind to women, but He never gave up His authority over them. These Western pastor men do not like Jesus, and they call His Word and Apostle Paul a male chauvinist pig, in their hearts. They have every form of religion, but no power of the Holy Spirit or God’s character. They live, talk, breathe like End-Times Westernized humans. It is the signs of the end-times.

Tribulations Saints, be careful of these Ahab-type men, because they will be the first to betray you, for they have Satan’s male character and feminized thinking. They have a spirit of the world—brainwashed by Satan’s Western TV, media, friends, parents, female school teachers, and literature. Satan’s New-Age pastors condemn God’s people for having old-fashioned ways of thinking, but thank God for 6,000 year old-fashioned values. We think the Western feminized pastors have very new-fashioned ways of thinking, and it is not of God—it is of the world and of Satan’s self-righteous humanist values. Unless we, the Church, repent of our Western values, our Western nations will continue to fall deeper into immorality and demise. The Salt is not preserving society, and rotting goes at faster pace as the Church goes apostate with post-1960’s values.

A good question you might want to ask is: Why is it that Western post hippy generation men talk equality and self-righteous hippy doctrines; but it is exactly those satanic valued societies that have astronomical divorce rates; it is not only an inconsistency, but it is a satanic hypocrisy. The majority of divorces are in the U.S., U.K., New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland; the most equality preaching nations. 3 out of 5 couples get divorced, even with a 50% decrease in marriages from 1968. Meanwhile, instead of marriage, there is a 14 fold increase in equality fornicating couples since the 1967 hippy pastors’ generation; who change Sodom-like sex partners frequently. There is an 8 fold increase in non-marriage pregnancies since the equality hippy pastors’ generation. Fifty million Americans have been exterminated (by abortion) at the foot of Molech’s westernized idol, since the equality preaching hippy generation pastors arrived. Families and God’s spiritual order of creational authority has been nearly dessimated. So, God has taken His hand of spiritual protection away from these satanic valued countries. The Salt is preaching rotting doctrine. Studies show that divorce has a direct effect on the sharp increase in homicide rates in the Western countries. Instead, if you live by God’s pre-1967 values, then you will have a joyful life and long-lasting relationships.

Now, answer me, if God will not bring judgment and wrath upon this generation of equality and liberation and human rights and Nephilim sex rights and Jezebel spirit politicians and feminine-minded castrated Western pastors; who spread their poison to the whole world, preaching Satan’s values; bringing westernized spiritual chaos and disorder. Literally, destroying God’s daughters; bringing spiritual alienation from God; promoting Satan’s doctrines; and placing them under the power of Satan’s authority. Ironically, only the Muslim nations have been immune from this satanic poison, because of Satan’s other extreme Sharia law values that persecute women. The typical “two-pronged attack” strategy of Satan: from the West and East extremities. Any intelligent Westerner would realize this correlation between post 1967 Western values and the Western nations leading immorality in the world. Why don’t these Western pastors see such a simple obvious fact? They are blinded by Satan, because they have pride in self-righteous Western humanist values; worship self (humans); and have fallen in love with themselves; more than lovers of God’s Bible. The answer is actually very simple. The Western humanist nations; most controlled and empowered by the devil; will rise up in the End-Times to lead the world to its final end.

We, the Church, must return to the church values, before the 1960’s Satan’s “Flower Children” generation revolution, and after the Noah’s Flood; or the world and pastors will face God’s wrath and judgment. We, the End-Times lukewarm Western churches, must return to normal Christian values; before Satan brainwashed the modern Christians with 1960’s hippy rebellious values; drug liberation; homosexual liberation; environmental activism, women’s and children’s equal authority liberation movement (Western post-1960’s children call their parents by first name instead of “Father” and “Mother”); New-Age Eastern mysticism and “chi” universal power movement; witchcraft and guru cult popularization; sexual revolution movement; Satan’s worship service music rock-n-roll popularization; long-hair Mohawk-hair body-piercing rebellion popularization; liberal horror and violent and sexual movie popularization; anti-war socialist anti-capitalist anti-authority movement; and anti-Christian anti-tradition movement; that started in Western church pastors after 1967. Satan has sent many of these 1960’s satanic revolution humanist equality peace hippy value people into pastoral positions to dilute the Western traditional church values with modern thinking.

As I’ve always said in previous articles, Satan uses his “two-pronged attack” strategy from both extremes. A very good example is: he uses his two extreme groups of people–the gay-bashers and the gay activists. The devil uses his gay-haters to walk around beating up gays, yelling at them, laughing at them, spitting at them, and abusing them. That causes Satan’s other group of people–the gays to unite; becoming more politically and legally outspoken; becoming more activist for their rights; and becoming more violent toward those who oppose homosexuality. Then, he uses them against God’s people now. What they do is to get a pro-gay president to push through a “hate crime” law to prevent anyone from even preaching in church against such abominations in God’s eyes. Next, the feminists will start passing laws to prohibit preaching against lesbianism in church; and the free-sex fornicators will start passing laws to prohibit preaching against sex-before-marriage in church.

It is Satan’s famous “two-pronged attack” strategy to turn gays against Christians who love them and want them to turn from their sins and get saved; as well as to bring social hatred toward Christians, as if Christians were gay-haters or something. Do you see how crafty Satan is, trying to turn the people of this world against Christians; and taking ethical barriers away; and legally bind saltiness in order to rot his world, to prepare the way for his Anti-Christ? If you have the Holy Spirit, you would see every purpose and move of Satan, and his schemes. The End-Times Western church talks about equal rights for gays and women. Homosexuality should never have been allowed in the Western self-righteous humanist churches, because it is not natural human relations that God created. Feminists like to have sex with women, and gays like to have sex with men, but this is a perversion of Satan in the Western churches.

Satan hates people like me who reveals his hidden works and directs many to righteousness and directs many to prayer and mobilize against Satan’s schemes; and he brings plagues after plagues everyday upon people like us. Just the other day, I fought off several thousand flies that appeared out of nowhere overnight, to spread dysentery all over my room to kill me. (Satan is called Beelzebub or the “Lord Of The Flies.”) Today, I am fighting rashes that have appeared and cover both of my legs. You wouldn’t believe the stories about the hordes of crows and flying cats. It’s almost like a fiction story, day in day out.

Especially, Western feminized rebellious delinquent humanist pastors abhor and detest God’s people who speak out the Truth. They will do everything to shut them up, and crucify them: for God’s people violate their Western self-righteous values and humanist thinking. The evidence is in the fact that they ignore and blot out whole sections of the Bible, by making all kinds of cultural and historical and semantic excuses to dismiss the Bible verses; in order to fit their Western self-righteous values. They don’t want God’s Truth: they want their own concept of righteousness. Since they want their own righteousness, God has handed them over to blindness and nakedness. To me, it is simply foolishness; but their mind is soaked with Western values, and they will not turn. They are too far brainwashed by Satan. God has already shown that to me. Woe to the religious leaders who take God’s Word, and warps it to their Western values.

But I speak for the Remnant who will turn, and experience God’s rich rewards in heaven. For their sake, I speak unpopular doctrine for God’s kingdom. For them, I toil day and night, and face hatred from the Church. They do not teach God’s full Word even though it is written in black and white; and condones women teaching men and taking authority over men; and continues to disrespect God’s order of creation (Christ à Men à Women à Children à Animals). They love Western self-righteous Hellenistic humanist values more, and honor humans more; rather than God’s Truth. If you look at Western pastors’ way of thinking, it is the extreme opposite of God’s order of authority. They think in terms of Satan’s Western order of authority (Whales à Endangered Species à Family Poodle à Children à Women à Men à Christ à Japanese & Norwegian Fishermen Made In The Same Image Of God).

Very few follow the whole Truth, or accept and embrace the whole Truth. The more westernized they are, the worse off they are. It shows the condition of their post-1960’s End-Times heart. They may teach a nibbling of the Truth, to show God that they respect the Truth; but they will water it down, and not declare it straight and boldly. They deceive themselves; for God cannot be deceived. For some reason, Satan has attacked the order of God’s creational authority the most (Christ à Men à Womenà Children). So, God has put this on my heart the most. I guess Satan is super clever, and he knows that once he can topple this creation authority order, then he can create chaos in society and family; leading to disrespect for authority and normal family values and normal hetero-sexual relations and parental authorities and social order: and most important, spiritual protection from spiritual blindness, and alienation from the Wisdom & Power of the Holy Spirit. And it is true: you neither see power or the wisdom of the Holy Spirit in the End-Times churches. Except for some of Satan’s churches that are faking it.

It seems to be always the key to satan-izing mankind, just like Sodom and Gomorrah were filled with gay men and lesbian feminists; and right before Noah’s Flood, women held men in contempt, and ran off to have sex with fallen angels and animals. It destroys the spiritual harmony of God’s world, and His hand upon mankind. It always happens before God brings judgment and wrath upon mankind. The women not under authority, bore half-breed Nephilims with fallen angels. The Nephilims died, and are now demonic spirits. Demons are not as powerful as fallen angels; and cannot transfigure like fallen angels; and they do not have bodies like fallen angels; so they roam the earth looking for bodies to possess. I have encountered some that have possessed animals.

It seems this is the reason why God has stopped me from teaching the deeper Truths and mysteries of the Bible to the lukewarm End-Times Laodicea Church; because as the Bible says, Christian pastoral scoffers have come in the last days to tread upon God’s salt underfoot, which has lost its saltiness to them. Even if the deeper Truths were given to them, they don’t have hearts to listen. If they cannot even accept this first step—that is to receive wholeheartedly God’s order of creational authority—tell me how in the world will they ever accept the more greater things of God?

He has instructed me to focus instead on the Jewish Remnant and Tribulation Saints. The heart of the westernized world is not able to accept bread, but only milk, right now. That brainwashing by Satan’s Western humanist self-righteous values in the minds of post 1960’s “Flower Children” era pastors is what creates the hideous satanic spiritual cholesterol that blocks the arteries of their spiritual minds. They have titles as “teachers of the Word,” but they have no spiritual insight into God’s true teachings. It’s like a scale over their eyes, and moreover, they don’t realize they have scales over their eyes. They only copy the insights that some true Bible scholars of God have.

But, even the many Bible scholars of this age are incomplete in their knowledge of the full counsel of God’s wisdom; and mysteries of the world; and of the future. I do not say this to sound righteous, for I am but one of them—a wicked sinful man; but I am just stating a fact and a truth. God has shown me that if I give them the truth, they will only scoff at it and trample it underfoot: with their legalistic interpretation of the Word and spiritual allergy that Satan has put upon them. But the Jewish Remnant and Tribulations Saints will understand my book. It must come after we are gone from the earth. I talk in riddles, and it is nonsense to them, as well as to the enemy.

These pastors are not able to fathom the vastness and breath of God’s wisdom and Word that created the universe, because of their stubbornness to adhere to their humanist post-1960’s liberation movement Western thinking; thereby extinguishing God’s traditional values. They only teach good teachings and superficial truth: just the appetizer; not the real main course food. And I am not even talking about the regular non-born-again Christian denominations. I am talking about those real born-again Christian churches that are following God. So is the condition of the final End-Times lukewarm Laodicea churches prophesied by the Apostle John.

The problem with the End of End-Times and Last of the Last Days is that the church has not only lost its saltiness, but the salt of the world is also rotting along with the rubbish. The Christians are saying that fornication is permissible if you are going to marry the partner; homosexuality is alright; preaching that feminist equal authorities are ethical; drugs is alright if it is to kill pain by human scientific means; evolution is in the Bible; hypocrisy of preaching humanist environmental recycling is good, even though on the other hand, they blatantly drive nice cars and live in man-made houses and eat human-processed food and wear clothes manufactured using petrol energy and read newspaper made using chemicals and wear cosmetics/shaving cream that are made by chemicals; etc.

So, if the Christians are no longer preserving the world from rotting, by being the salt of the world; but they are rather rotting with the world; then it means we are quickly approaching the End of the world. Lot and his family, who were the salt of society, were immersed entirely into the immoralities and thinking of their surrounding Sodomites; so God took out Lot and his family; and destroyed the city using His two angels. Sodom was like the Western nations—very affluent and self-righteous thinking. That’s what attracted Lot to it.

When the world accelerates toward wickedness and evil, that is one thing; but when the Western humanist church after the 1960’s, joins in their evil ways of thinking, you know Jesus has to come back soon; because the world is going to destroy itself through terrorism and wars; new jungle-strain and immoral-lifestyle plagues; political-corruption famines and unemployment rates; economic corruption and crash; environmental intoxication and cancer-causing; mental breakdowns and decline of family values and escalating violent crime rates; epidemic emotional drug abuse; etc.

Jesus is right at the corner. Regain your saltiness, Church, and be ready as a Bride adorned with white raiment of righteousness for your Groom and King. He will soon return to redeem you, and judge the world. Much sooner than you think. The Spirit says make way for the King, and make straight His path of righteousness! Maranatha! So come, Lord Jesus!