Many End-Times Christians, for some reason, do not know the difference between worldly intelligence and godly wisdom. They may often confuse the two, also. They are very different things.

A lot of Western Hellenist value Christian pastors say, “This is my beautiful wife,” or some Western Christians say, “I want to get married with someone who is smart.” My answer would be, “Who cares?” You may ask a Westerner to describe their fiancé. They would often answer, “Well, she’s intelligent…” These Western humanists are afraid of women and want to appease them. No one says, “This is my godly woman wife,” which would be the real truth and something to take real joy in the Lord, as the Bible says. It is because they worship their Western humanist value, which comes from the Hellenist Greek culture of worshipping the mind, philosophy, intellect, academics, and the brain is the soul to them of the person, though it is only a bunch of neurons. The soul and spirit is what truly gives a person their character and thought and life, not the brain, as the Western mind believes. In traditional Polynesia or Africa or Southeast Asia, a super fat woman is considered beautiful, and Western thin women would be considered ugly, because they are not under Hellenistic Greek Western concept of beauty.

So, I do not care how beautiful or intelligent a person is. Whether they are ugly and stupid, if they have the Holy Spirit in their hearts, they have faith, and love the Lord, that person has godly wisdom and spiritual beauty. The Western mind defines beauty in terms of Hellenistic beauty. If you remember Greek history, Helen’s face and shape was the beauty that launched a thousand ships against Troy. That is why a lot of Western Christians get plastic surgery to alter God’s creation and temple of the Holy Spirit (the body), in order to boost personal pride and attract other’s eyes. It is a Western humanist concept of altering God’s nature and conforming it to humans. When this becomes extreme, then they start altering the genes and fetuses: then, God’s judgment comes upon the world, for this is the ultimate lukewarm, despicable state of wickedness, and this way of humanist thinking is rampant in the Western churches.

That is the reason why a Westerner will ask you what kind of credentials and licenses and degrees and qualifications you have to conduct weddings, baptisms or communions. My answer is: a janitor can do those things, as long as he is appointed by God. It’s not the academics or human intelligence. You are not an intelligent comedian on a stage, but you are a servant of God teaching His Word simply. And the Word of God is very simple. A child can preach the gospel and understand the mysteries of the Bible, while the world’s most intelligent scientist or politician cannot decipher the Bible’s mystery. That is why God says He has made the intelligent of this world as fools, and given His wisdom to the foolish of this world. It does not require a high IQ to share the gospel. God has made salvation very simple and straightforward. Religions try to make salvation very difficult with rituals, works, service, giving, effort, etc., which is all prideful rubbish to God.

For example, you have all the highly intelligent people who become politicians, but they have no godly wisdom or common sense. Any fool can see that the Muslims do not want peace. Their Koran teaches very clearly to either convert the whole world to Islam or kill the people who do not convert to Islam—the Infidels. According to the Koran’s command, if you become a Muslim, you can live, but if you do not become a Muslim, they are commanded by Allah to kill you and eliminate you. They do not want peace with Israel; they want the extermination of Israel from the face of this planet. And after they destroy their little Satan Israel, they will now destroy big Satan United States.

If the Muslims disappear from this world, and the Israelis remain, there will be peace in the world. If the Israelis disappear from this world, and the Muslims remain, there will be continued war and bloodshed and terrorism in the world, because the Muslim factions and sects will start killing each other now. The crazy thing is, the super intelligent politicians and Anti-Christ are not able to see this simple truth.

The Anti-Christ will try to form a fake peace treaty between Israel and the Muslim countries, and rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem, in order to be accepted as the fake Jewish Messiah and Muslim Messiah. That is why worldly intelligence is fake, and godly wisdom is real. They are socialist idealists, but not realists. You have all of these smart politicians who are able to rise to power with their intelligence, but they have no wisdom to rule: they are blind, dumb and illogical. Satan, the devil himself, is super smart, but he has absolutely no godly wisdom or common sense. So is the condition of evil.

Unfortunately, the End-Times lukewarm Laodicea Christian churches have a lot of intelligent Western humanist leaders who can speak with eloquent words, but they have no true godly wisdom or insight of the Holy Spirit. They are blind and naked and their thinking is very Western humanism, which is opposed to everything that is God. The crazy thing is: they’re not aware of it. They’re blind as a bat.