What the liberal leaders who are led by the devil in the End-Times plan, will not tell you is that the freedom we enjoy in the free world comes from Christianity. Without Christian values, there would have been no freedom in the world. That freedom will soon disappear as pastors are arrested for teaching certain things, praying in public areas or preaching is banned, certain literature are censored, guns to protect are controlled, governments become bigger and more powerful with more taxing to cover government debt and distribution to the poor, control of big industries by the government, and private information is centralized by the Anti-Christ’s government.

If the United States was a Muslim country, there wouldn’t be any freedom to worship Christianity, because Islam would prohibit the preaching of other religions and you can get killed if you’re a Christian missionary. The country would be under Muslim Sharia law. The only reason why Muslims in the U.S. have a right to worship Islam freely and spread Islam is because Christianity gives Muslims the right to worship their own religion and speak freely. Or if your country is under a king or queen or emperor or dictator or socialist government, there would be no freedom of the people.

What is happening in the End-Times is just as God had prophesied: that the people of the world will turn against God; there will be a great apostasy and then the end will come; and Satan’s people will use the rights and liberties and freedoms given to them by Christian values and form of government in order to drive the Judeo-Christian values and principles and freedoms out of the country. Then, God will leave the United States to face judgment through economic decline, terrorism, crime, oil spills, mega-hurricanes, sexually transmitted plagues, droughts, floods, etc. Homosexuality is a judgment from God—when God hands a nation over to its sin and perversion—if you read the Bible, you will know that it is a form of judgment.

As Genesis says, any nation that blesses Israel will be blessed, and any nation that curses Israel will be cursed. As the nation that received the most blessing and has had the most gospel given, the United States will be the first to be judged. Whenever the U.S. has supported Israel, it was blessed, and whenever the U.S. did something against Israel such as trying to split Jerusalem, it had successions of calamities that followed. It is clear if you study history of what each president did and what calamities or blessings immediately followed their actions in the U.S. The U.S. is currently living in the shadows of the former blessings from their support for Israel.