It seems a lot of people are infuriated or alarmed by the animosity by the world against Israel’s boarding of the activists’ ships to break the Israeli blockade. You need to see things through the Holy Spirit’s eyes. If you see things from God’s eyes, you will rejoice, because you know that your redemption is near, and Jesus’ return is just around the corner.


If you remember from your Sunday sermons on eschatology, God prophesied in Ezekiel 38 that the new Czar (Gog Prince of Rosha) of Russia (Magog) and his army, and the Iranian, Turkish, Libyan, Sudanese coalition will attack Israel with nuclear weapons. The Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad believes that he has been called by Allah to create chaos in the world by attacking Israel with nuclear weapons and wiping Israel off the map, so that he can usher in the 12th Imam, or the Mahdi, or Muslim Messiah. As Netanyahu has said, he is a thousand times more dangerous and crazy than Hitler.


The Muslims believe that their prophesied Muslim Messiah will come amidst chaos to create seven years of peace, just like the Christians believe that the Anti-Christ who will be possessed by Satan’s spirit will come into the world for the last seven years of the world to deceive the Jewish, Muslim and other religions that he is their Messiah, and destroy many. The Iranian president has said that he expects several million Iranian casualties, but it would be worth it, if they can exterminate Israel from existence.


People laughed when Bible scholars said that these nations would come against Israel with nuclear weapons. They said that Iran is the closest ally with Israel and has allowed Israeli warplanes on its bases, and Turkey is an ally of Israel, being part of the Western NATO forces. Now, the Bible critics aren’t laughing anymore, because Iran has become a Muslim-led government, and Turkey has reversed its policy 180 degrees against Israel. Russia, which has always been a big Muslim nation, has now aligned itself with Iran and Libya, and has had multiple meetings between presidents, because East Europe has aligned with West Europe and U.S. All the nations in the coalition that Ezekiel prophesied are now aligned for the war.


During the Lebanon War, Israeli forces that made a preemptive strike found Russian plans for invasion of Israel with Syrian forces. But, it was stopped by the Israelis, because it was not God’s timing yet. Russia is the body, Iran is the arm, Syria is the hand, and Hezbollah and Hamas are the fingers. Ezekiel tells us that when the Russian and Muslim coalition marches upon Israel to plunder them, God will destroy their armies. The Israelis will use the Russian and Iranian nuclear weapons as nuclear fuel for seven years–the duration of the Tribulation Age. Ezekiel goes on to prophesy that Israel will stay away for seven months because of the radiation. Then special teams will go in to put up markers where they find corpses. After them will come another specialized team to dispose of the radioactive bodies. It says that it will take seven months for Israel to cleanse the land. Zechariah 14:12 gives us the result of the nuclear weapons on the armies that will attack Israel. It says that with the radiation, their flesh will rot while they are still alive as the cells are eaten away from the inside; their eyes will rot in their sockets; and their tongues will rot in their mouths.


Israel will be attacked from all sides. They are already having drills and preparing for multiple missiles coming in from all sides. The world is frantically trying to disarm Israel’s nuclear weapons, while allowing Iran to develop nuclear weapons. Satan’s people are working frantically, unknowingly, in order to destroy the nation of Israel, so that the Jews cannot call out to Jesus at the end of the Tribulation Age, upon which Jesus’ Second-Coming will occur. It is Satan’s plot to stop God’s prophecy from coming true, thereby stopping his own destruction. Of course, the devil will be unable to stop God’s plan.


Ezekiel 38:13 tells us that Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom (whose emblem is the lion) and her baby lions meaning the young nations that came from Britain (United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand) will protest against the Russian and Muslim nations, but will not do anything. Saudi Arabia will protest because Israel is the only buffer against Iran. After Israel falls, Saudi Arabia knows that Iran will now take over Saudi Arabia’s oil wells. That is why they have secretly approached Israel to tell them that they can use their air space to attack Iran’s nuclear weapons sites, while Obama has prohibited Israel from using Iraqi air space to conduct the attack, because they don’t want to be seen siding with Israel, because they are paranoid of upsetting the terrorists.


If you look at the map, Turkey has to allow Russian and Iranian forces to march upon Israel. That is why many Bible scholars were saying, “Watch Turkey, because when Turkey becomes Anti-Israel, you know the Lord’s return is imminent, watch Turkey.” It was the last piece to this prophetic puzzle. God says that He tells us before it happens, because when it happens, we will know that He is God.


Many people are disturbed by the recent bashing of Israel by the liberal left-wing media, concerning their so-called attack by Israeli forces on innocent aid ships. You need to see things through the Holy Spirit’s eyes. These things were planned and known to God before the creation of time itself. It is part of His end-times plan. He said that He will turn all the nations of the world against Israel, so that Israel will have to return to their God, Jesus Christ, whom they crucified for claiming to be the Messiah. These 2000 years was the age of the gentiles or non-Jews (the Church). After God raptures the Church saints out of the earth before the Tribulation judgment, God will now focus his attention on the nation of Israel again, and the Israeli’s will believe in Jesus and get saved. Since the U.S. will no longer be protecting Israel, Israel will have to turn back to God for protection. It is part of God’s plan—all nations, including the U.S. will turn against Israel (the final 70th week of Israel or last 7 years; the time of Jacob’s trouble or Israel’s trouble).


As you know, the most evil, wicked, sinful people are self-righteous and humanists like the Pharisees, just like their father Satan who is the author of End-Times self-righteous humanism. That is why they are socialist idealists that believe that we should all throw away our nuclear weapons and be overrun by communist dictatorships; anti-war violent pacifists that spit and kick and throw rocks at police officers who protect the peace; fanatic environmentalists that love whales dearly who throw acid bottles at Japanese fishermen who are made in the same image of God to burn and scar them and make them suffer with extreme burns; feminist radicals who preach human equality while ripping arms off fetuses as well as Christian Western humanist pastors who claim to know God who are always preaching strict words against men while preaching that women are smarter than men (sexist feminized Sodom-type Western pastors who teach Satan’s brainwashed End-Times Western humanist doctrines to gain perverse Western society’s popularity—self-righteous Western humanist lukewarm vomit-like Christian hypocrites: God has said that they will not repent of their evil ways because they fear women more than they fear God—if they feared God they wouldn’t be teaching what they are teaching, they would be too scared to mislead the flock and fill their minds with Satan’s purpose) (End-Times “Laodicea” Church means: Lao=People, Dicea=Rulers, Meaning=Church Ruled By The People or Humans or Western Humanist Thinking);  homosexual activists who preach human dignity while they show often double-personalities and outbursts of violent behaviors just like the cult people; etc. They are all the same type of people, when you look at their thinking patterns and their behavioral patterns. The elect of the elect, and the elite of the elite of Satan’s army, right before judgment, just like before Noah’s flood that purified the past world of evil.


These are the type of people who can be controlled the most easiest by Satan, because they are at extreme levels of sin, self-righteousness and humanism, and likewise, the farthest from God and a godly heart. So, the devil places them in all the media companies, Christian churches and socialist governments, in order to brainwash the world’s people who do not have the Holy Spirit’s discernment. The media naturally makes it look like the Israeli Defense Force attacked innocent people trying to deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza inhabitants. When you look not from the flesh’s eyes, but through the Holy Spirit’s eyes, you can see what God is doing. He is allowing Satan to go forward with his End-Times plan, in order to fulfill His prophecies. God wants all the nations including the U.S. to turn against Israel, so that Israel will turn back to Jesus. That is why He is allowing Satan to bring all the nations against Israel using the most evil-minded people in the world. God has a covenant to save the remnant of Israel.


Some Western Christians may wish that the U.S. repent and turn back to support Israel, but that may not be God’s will. The U.S. is already headed down to its demise, because they’d rather have a sinful king to rule them, just like the Israelites did in ancient times before judgment fell on them. The Anti-Christ has to get together his End-Times agenda. Many non-believers identify themselves with certain nations and citizenships and cultural values. However, we, dear Brethren, belong to God’s kingdom citizenship, so we don’t have to be so preoccupied with our countries. Instead, we can just be focused on God’s will and His agenda: the last salvation harvest of souls, because Jesus’ return is so close. We want to take as many people into heaven when Jesus returns. He is in sovereign control. He knows our concerns, and He is still on the Throne. We are a holy nation of saints called by God, set apart.


God says that the people of this world are more shrewd and craftier than God’s people. Turkey is purposely getting together aid ships with activists of organizations that support the terrorist groups. That is why they attacked the peaceful Israeli soldiers with clubs, knives, stun grenades and guns. It forced the Israeli’s to protect themselves against such great numbers trying to kill them. That would create casualties among the activists. Then, Turkey will have the opportunity to create a world outcry against Israel. The U.S. president and the United Nations who are anti-Israel, because they are Satan’s tools, will naturally condemn Israel. The super-intelligent people without God’s wisdom and common sense will all be deceived by Satan, and they will start hating Israel, as they are brainwashed by Satan’s liberal media.


The initial humanitarian aid ships will not carry terrorist weapons, because Turkey wants to show that they are just peaceful aid ships. Once Israel relents to public outcry and U.S. and U.N. and world pressures to stop their blockade of Gaza and let aid ships through, then they will start smuggling weapons to the terrorist organizations in Gaza in subsequent ships. The U.S. was ready to stop Soviet ships from entering Cuba with missiles by creating a war, but they do not allow Israel to prevent smuggling through their blockade. The nations of the world would immediately retaliate if someone shot missiles into their civilians, but they do not want Israel to protect itself by retaliating. They just want Israel to do nothing and be killed. Moreover, they are trying to disarm Israel from nuclear weapons so that they may be annihilated by the Muslims who believe that Israel needs to be exterminated from the world. If Israel tries to protect itself, they are quick to condemn Israel. It shows that those people of the world and governments who do not have the Holy Spirit of God are under Satan’s mind-control and share the devil’s spirit. Evil always has the same mind: they want good to lay down weapons and be killed by evil, just like Satan wants God to give up and to let him be God.


So, seeing through the eyes of the Holy Spirit, everything is going according to God’s sovereign plan and End-Times prophecy. Therefore, there is no reason to fret or be unsettled, dear Brethren. These are times to be excited and rejoice, for it means Jesus’ return is very, very close, and your rapture is right at the door, when you see all these things happening. See things through God’s eyes and His understanding, and occupy yourself with God’s concerns. You are no longer of the world, but you are holy priests and ambassadors unto Christ. May His peace that transcends all understanding fill your hearts, and may His Spirit give you understanding into all things. Greet one another with a holy kiss.