God’s Holy Spirit is suppressing much more than you think. When the dead in Christ and live believers are raptured out of the earth, mankind will be left to his nature: killing, torturing, raping, plundering, etc. All hell will literally break loose. There won’t be any Holy Spirit holding back man’s evil heart. It will be free to do as it pleases. There will be wars and crimes and corruption as you’ve never seen before, during the coming Tribulation Age.

If you have a hard time believing me, then you can look at what happened to the Italians in Greece. Those of you who have seen the movie, “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin,” know what ordinary humans like us did to other human friends, made in the same image of God. The movie is about a love story between an Italian officer (Nicolas Cage) and a young Greek girl (Penelope Cruz); an Italian soldier sacrificing his life to save his commander; and friendship and cooperation across different cultures—Greek and Italian; with beautiful theme music.

In September of 1943, the Italians refused to fight for the Germans anymore, and sought peace, wine, music and romance instead. German troops stormed into La Spezia and Genoa to execute the Italian officers in command. In the Greek island of Kefalonia, Germans and German-Austrians stormed into the city and massacred about ten thousand Italians, who had heard about the massacres in La Spezia and Genoa and refused to surrender to the Germans. Until then, the Italians had been friends and allies of the Germans, fighting alongside each other. The accounts of what happened are recorded on German diaries and by the Italian survivors.

The massacre lasted for one horrible week. German soldiers killed any Italians who surrendered, on the spot. Later, they started taking them in groups to the town hall in San Teodoro to kill them. The Italians were gunned down by the Germans and German-Austrians while they were surrendering, or were executed promptly after being taken prisoners. Some of them started to cry, some started to sing in Italian fashion, and others started to pray to the Lord. They were screaming out the names of their mothers and wives and children, as they hugged each other and squirmed on the grass to escape the bullets. The personal items of the Italians were all confiscated by the Germans.

According to the Germans, they forced one of the Italian soldiers who used to sing the “arias” for the Germans in the town tavern, sing for them while his buddies were being massacred. The Italians bodies were discarded into huge heaps. Any remaining alive were shot in the head. The German and Austrian soldiers took off the Italian-fashion boots from the dead Italians to wear themselves. Some of the Italians were taken to Frangata and machine-gunned in front of walled gardens. Their screams could be heard in all the homes of Frangata.

One minister recalled that the Germans walked around the dying Italians asking in loud voices if any of them required medical assistance. When about 20 wounded Italian survivors crawled out to get medical attention, the Germans shot them all to finish them all off.

Some of the bodies were burned in huge wooden pyres. This made the island fill with the smell of burning flesh. The other bodies were taken out on ships and dumped into the sea. And others were executed in front of the Greek people, and discarded on the streets to rot. The Germans would not allow them to be buried, and their rotting smell filled the cities.

Some Italians were saved by the townspeople and Greek resistance fighters. Three thousand survivors were shipped to prisoner camps. However, the Germans refused to take any safety precautions for the ships against sea mines, so the ships hit the mines, exploded, and the Italian prisoners drowned. Other survivors from the Dodecanese garrisons were similarly lost, due to this German policy of no safety precautions.

After the war, whatever bodies could be retrieved were brought back to the Italian National War Memorial, and given burial. 9,646 Italians and 390 Italian officers were murdered, and only 34 Italians returned to their loved ones alive. The Italian commander, General Antonio Gandin, who received the German Iron Cross for fighting for the Germans on the Russian front, threw down his Iron Cross before being executed.

This was not an isolated case. There were a lot of other massacres in different places, such as the extermination of millions of Jews; extermination of 22,000 Polish soldiers at the Katlyn massacre; extermination of American soldiers at the Malmedy massacre; using of Belgian civilian refugees as human shields and exterminating them with grenades at the Vinkt massacre; extermination of Belgian villagers at the Bande massacre; extermination of men, women and children at the Stavelot atrocity; the extermination at Wereth of black Afro-American soldiers; the Normandy massacre of Canadians; bayoneting of the British at Le Paradis; grenading of British at Wormhoudt; burning of men, women and children in churches at Oradour-Sur-Glane; hanging of French villagers on lamp-posts and balconies in Tulle; extermination of French villagers in Ascq; extermination of several dozen Jewish children and their French shelterers at Izieu; extermination of French boys from one-child-families in Frayssinet to prevent further family line descent; extermination of French villagers by German police at Ugine; extermination of French villagers at Saulx Valley; extermination of hundreds of Greek villagers from 25 villages near Kalavryta; extermination of a hundred Italian officers in Kos; the looting, burning, raping and hanging of hundreds of Greek villagers in Distomo, where Red Cross delegations found villagers hanging from trees, naked female corpses, sliced off breasts of mothers still in their dead babies’ mouths, and heads of Christian pastors cut off; burning and shooting of several hundred Greek villagers at Kommeno, including the groom and bride, infants, and all the church ministers; extermination of hundreds of Dutch townspeople at De Woeste Hoeve; extermination of several hundred Soviets and Dutch civilians in Texel; extermination of Dutch townspeople at Ridderkerk; and extermination of Dutch civilians in Amsterdam, etc. This proves to show that this can easily happen, again, as long as the sin nature of humans is not resolved by Jesus Christ.

If the Italians were the friends and allies of Germans during World War II, and this happened, then it can easily happen again during the coming Tribulation. When the spirit of the Anti-Christ comes into power, you will be killing and being killed by your friends and allies. Family will betray family, and alliances will be easily broken. God will let human nature free to run itself, for they have refused to believe in the Truth, and turned their backs on God. It will be horrid times.

These were normal people, just like you and me. All humans are capable of doing hideous evil, worse than Adolf Hitler, if given over to our evil sinful natures. Hitler, Himmler, or Dr. Mengele who did horrific experiments on prisoners in the concentration camps, are not the only ones capable of holocaust. There were a few German-Bavarian soldiers bordering Italy, who protested to the massacre. But when they were told that they would be executed, too, if they protest, they continued with the killing to save themselves. If normal German and German-Austrian people massacred their allies, do you think that when the Anti-Christ enforces his killing spree on Christians and Jews and all those who refuse to receive his “mark of the beast: 666 barcode” microchip implant in their arms and foreheads, that human beings would be less violent and atrocious?

The Anti-Christ will be much worse than the Germans. He will be a pro-Muslim anti-Israeli leader, and the Bible says he will massacre millions upon millions of Jews and Christians, during the Tribulation Age, in typical Muslim fashion of beheading. The bodies and heads will be heaped up in mountains, and the concentration camps will be inundated with the smell of rotting and burning flesh. Blood will flow into pools and ponds. The wail of men, women and children will be unceasing. His one-world government agenda is to run the “human rights” U.S. into economic and superpower ruin, in order to further his unification with the world and cooperation with Muslim nations.

Do not say that you haven’t been warned. The only way to escape the coming destruction and chaos is by receiving Jesus Christ’s redemptive blood on the cross for our sins. The issue of sin must be resolved, in order to be saved. Aside from His Son Christ, God says He has given no other name under heaven that can cover your sins. When He returns to take out His Church and His Holy Spirit from the earth, then the Anti-Christ will be allowed to appear, and then, it will be too late. The Holy Spirit will be still working in the lives of the Tribulation Saints, but you will be martyred for your faith in Christ. The suppressing force of the Holy Spirit will no longer be there. Only the few 144,000 Jewish Christian Remnant will be sealed and protected by God through the onslaught and natural catastrophes. It will be the Cefalonia Massacre thousand times over. Now is the time of salvation.