I said I will not teach anymore concerning the End-Times lukewarm Laodicea churches, but I felt the Lord leading me to speak on this particular issue, because it is something very dear to His heart. A lot of Western-value humanist pastors and religious Pharisee leaders will probably accuse me of criticizing the church, but I need to speak the Truth.

After visiting hundreds of churches, para-church organizations, college ministries, businessmen’s ministries, etc, I have found out that there are two types of churches in the End-Times. There is one type that is God’s Church, and the other type which is Satan’s Church. Today, I will give you the method on how to distinguish between the two.

First, let’s start with Satan’s churches. He has two types of churches. Remember, as I always tell you, Satan works in two extremes, and attacks from both sides in every situation, as you know from previous articles: what I often call “Satan’s Two-Pronged Attack” strategy.

One of Satan’s churches we will call the “Weird Charismatic” churches. In these churches, he brings all kinds of weird people off the street who love sorcery, magic, spiritualism, fortune-telling, exorcism, and New Age teachings. These people often do terrible things to you, say terrible things, often worship money and self, and worship the drama, instead of God. They will tell you that you have a demon in you, make you wave your tithe to God before putting it in the offering box, and have fortune-tellers going around telling you that God told them that you have to marry so-and-so. Satan always uses these people to spread the propaganda to the world that all the Evangelical churches are cold, legalistic, spiritually dead, have no faith in God’s Holy Spirit’s work, and follow religious rituals and are not saved.

The other type of Satan’s church that he has created is the “Weird Evangelical” churches. He likes to imitate God every time, just like he will imitate Christ’s resurrection by the unholy trinity’s resurrection of the Anti-Christ by Satan’s spiritual possession in the Last Days. So, Satan also imitates God’s churches. In these churches, they are often very rigid, carnal, legalistic, only religious and nice on the surface, but have no spiritual understanding of the Holy Spirit. They are like the Pharisees who are coated on the surface with Christian smiles and Christian talks. They are nice people. Satan always uses these people to spread the propaganda to the world that all Charismatic churches are satanically influenced, cultic, not biblical or firmly established on God’s Word, and teach false doctrines. They persecute the Holy Spirit, try to burn people on the stake who practice gifts of the Holy Spirit, ban musical instruments in church, ban people from expressing their full joy in the Lord with their dancing during worship, ban lifting hands to the Lord, criticize God’s miracles, ban laying hands on others to pray for them, do not believe in divine healing or deliverance from evil spirits or gifts of prophetic wisdom. They are what God calls the dead, fake, religious, lukewarm End-Times church that has a form of religion, but deny the power of the Holy Spirit, so He will spit them out of His mouth. These Evangelical churches are Satan’s propaganda tool to destroy the work of God’s Holy Spirit on the earth. They’ve often had bad encounters with Satan’s “Weird Charismatic” people, so they tend to head for the other extreme out of despise and prejudice, and often also influence others with their propaganda about Satan’s “Weird Charismatic” churches.

On the other side of the battle line, you have two types of God’s churches. These are filled with true, born-again believers, who have the Holy Spirit, and are saved. They are filled with the Spirit, very mature in the knowledge of God’s Word and Truth, are baptized in the Spirit, have a strong relationship with the Lord so they have godly wisdom and know the things of the Holy Spirit. They have amazing insight into the mysteries of the Bible and are led by the Spirit in miraculous ways.

The first type of God’s church are what we’ll call the “Real Charismatic” churches. These churches are filled with the Holy Spirit. They are used by God in miraculous ways, which is manifested in the gifts of the Holy Spirit (healing, deliverance from evil spirits, prophecy, words of supernatural wisdom and understanding, have excellent teaching of the Word of Truth, are faithful to the Lord, and most of all, they have a high level of understanding and acceptance of all of the Word of God, thereby receiving amazing gifts of the Holy Spirit, have the higher level of faith to be used by the Holy Spirit, filled with love, filled with zeal like Apostle Paul was 2,000 years ago, and one of the most godly Christians in this religiously apostate End-Times. A lot of lost people see God’s miraculous power really at work and believe in Christ. There is power in evangelism, and they see that the Kingdom of God has come upon them—moved from darkness to light. Since they are the most used by God, which Satan sees (since he is not stupid), Satan tends to attack and persecute these churches. He often uses his carnal, dead, religious Pharisee “Weird Evangelical” churches to criticize them, and spread false rumors that all Charismatic churches teach that you have to have the gift of tongues and you need to be slain by the Spirit to be saved. Satan makes all kinds of false accusations and slander, using his “Weird Evangelical” churches, based on the behavior of his “Weird Charismatic” churches: Satan’s “Two-Pronged” attack strategy, using his two Satanic churches to fight with each other, just like he has his Irish Catholic and Northern Irish Anglican English churches killing each other, in order to show to the world that Christians are all evil, violent, crazy and satanic. It is just like Satan uses his Ancient Babylonian Fatima Mother Mary Catholic cult religion to wage multiple crusades against his similar Ancient Arab Moon god Muslim cult religion, in order to give religion a bad name, so that people will not accept Jesus Christ into their hearts.

The second type of God’s church are the “Real Evangelical” churches. These churches are very mature churches, and have the Holy Spirit. They have a good understanding of the Word of God and the Truth. They love the brothers and sisters in the Charismatic churches and are often impressed by how God is pouring out His Spirit on these Charismatic churches, and being used in often miraculous ways. They tend to attract people who prefer more quiet, non-physically dynamic, low-tone worship music, wear suits and ties to church, conduct more conventional work such as giving, caring for the sick, visiting the prisoners, feeding the homeless, and living a less dramatic, radical life, and consist more of middle-aged and elderly people from affluent societies, compared to the more Charismatic Christians who tend to be more younger in age, radical in their faith, outgoing for the Lord because they had faced death already when they were non-Christian gangsters and drug addicts like Apostle Paul, and more liberal in expressing their true joy during worship with their entire body and soul and musical instruments.

It is not amazing to me that non-Christian heathens are often deceived by Satan into thinking that Charismatic and Evangelical Christians are weird or too religious. What is so amazing to me (and it could be because it is the apostate End-Times) is that a lot of End-Times Christians are so easily deceived by Satan into bringing prejudice and strife amongst the Body of Christ (the one and true Church), and are entirely blind to the wiles of the devil: his usual “Two-Pronged Attack” strategy. In the End-Times, you have a civil war raging in the Body of Christ (Jesus’ left hand fighting with His right hand), because Satan has them so focused on his two fake “Weird” churches he’s made up, instead of God’s two “Real” churches.

There is an informal brotherhood of friends in certain gangs of casual but underground-knit religious leaders who feel a bond with each other, cover up each other, and have an unseen hatred and anger brewing in the deep part of their hearts due to hidden humanist pride and pride in what they identify as their culture and clique, toward the servants of God who speak God’s heart of Truth. They masquerade themselves with good teachings handed down from their age-old religiosity, but undermine God’s work by making God’s End-Times people think they are pretty average compared to the churches of past ages that also had sins, and that they are not affected by the Western End-Times exponential humanist thinking, which is humanist thinking itself. These religious leaders bring divisiveness, and embrace power and money.

They are blind and naked, receive no ointment for their eyes that they may see or robes to clothes themselves of their nakedness, which they are unaware, and have no real understanding of the Truth. Their minds are just filled with biblical knowledge. They hold high positions of influence and recognition, and feel that they are masters of the Truth, and their spirit is even at work as we speak in these End-Times. They only speak religious truths. They only deceive themselves.

They lead many to compromise and indifference, unconsciously seeking to please their people to maintain popularity, and do not have real understanding of the things of God—only superficial truth. On the contrary, they counteract God’s will for His people. They dismiss God’s warning of love as mystic and heretic. They search day and night for fallacy in the speech by God’s servants, so that they may justify themselves unconsciously, not knowing that there is a deeper Truth that eludes them, as they attack that Truth, thinking that they have found justification for their Phariseeic criticisms. They delete and warp whole sections of God’s Word. That is why they have no understanding of the real Truth.

They are those who live in a protected, enclosed, small world of their own churches and cliques and neighborhoods and nation, know only the generally good people around them, have not faced demonic deceptions or stared down death’s eyes; are ignorant of other cultures and values and thinking and the world outside theirs; have no inclination of the enemy’s hidden agenda; have no concept of other minds; are ignorant of deeper meanings of God’s Truth; live a comfortable life in their religious living rooms and safe church offices; eat a balanced meal every day, with nice wine in their refrigerator; feel they are doing God’s work once a week on Sundays; identify themselves with a certain church group; sit on their reclining chairs behind a nice desk; believe that is the whole reality of their religious life; and believe they have faith and lead many to Christ.

These arrogant, culture-brainwashed, Western humanist religious people preach living Christ, but they do not know what it is to really live Christ. They follow their violent genetic rebel instincts, and form an elite gang to maintain power. Their life evolves around their neighborhood, their own country’s way of thinking, their cultural values they were born into, their ethnicity, their bedside prayers, academic biblical study, and their formatted religious life of churchiosity. They are the ones who make people want to vomit. They wage war against God’s Truth and God’s servants. They use God’s Bible Scholar’s teachings, and gather a lot of church members, and strut around as if they are great teachers.

These men of depraved minds give each other hundreds of thousands of dollars from the sheep’s tithes and offerings, and live in luxurious homes with nice cars, all of which were given by God’s people’s hard sweat, for the ministry of God’s gospel to the nations and those doing God’s work. They are no better than crooks and tax collectors, and they have the gall to criticize God’s servants. These Sanhedrin popes drive out everyone who opposes them. When they return every house, car, watch, handbag, jewelry, bank account, brand item, investment and penny, then and only then shall they see the Kingdom of Heaven.

However, among these, there is a remnant who is faithful and have right hearts that do not deceive themselves. They are firmly established in the foundation of the Lord. They are open to God wholeheartedly, and know how to recognize Him. They embrace the Truth, and understand the meaning behind His Word and situations: not blinded by Satan.

Dearly Beloved, we need to wake up from our millennial spiritual slumber, for the return of our Lord Jesus Christ is near. Sanctify, purify, educate and prepare yourself for the return of our Holy King. The enemy is not outside, but he is inside the church: the human doctrinal denominational dissension that Satan has brought along with all the other things, such as humanist church acceptance of Western environmental “humans-can-save-the-earth” pride hypocritical conservationism while souls are perishing; humanist church acceptance of socialist self-righteous pacifist movement idealisms and surrender of guns to protect against Anti-Christ governments; humanist church acceptance of free sex and homosexual marriages; humanist church acceptance of Western feminist equal authority among the sexes and liberation movements and destruction of God’s church and family order; humanist church acceptance of free-choice abortion rights; humanist church acceptance of Western evolutionist academic theories; humanist church acceptance of Western seminary degree certification systems and human Christian academic counseling methodologies; humanist church acceptance of Western “get-rich” through religion mentalities; humanist church acceptance of Western “go-to-science-and-humans–for-healing” thinking; humanist church acceptance of “universalism–all religions are equal” type of thinking; humanist church acceptance of trance-inducing screaming heavy metal punk imitation of Satan’s worship service; humanist church acceptance of anti-Israeli anti-American anti-capitalist pro-Muslim pro-communist left-wing socialist church idealism; and on and on and on, as the church becomes more evil and perverted and satanized as we approach the Tribulation judgment age.

These Western-values were never part of the churches of God, and never should be inside the holy house of God. These Western humanist thinking were brought to Europe by the Greek Hellenist Jews and Roman church leaders, living throughout the ancient world, who were the center of academic intelligentsia and economic/political leaders of their times, through their Greek Hellenist worship of the gods of academics and intellect and democratic equality and philosophy and human scientific intelligence and sexual liberation; the origin and center of Western culture and values.

As a result, they are destroying the earth with their satanic values, and will eventually destroy all of mankind through their creations during the Tribulation Age. They will even tamper with the genetic codes of God’s creation and life itself as they make themselves gods, and as they worship their Greek Hellenist values and perverse Western church values. The spirit of the Anti-Christ will lead these Western self-righteous values.

Distance yourself from them, holy people of God most loved. The self-righteous Western religious leaders will probably crucify me along with Christ for saying that; and the Western Holy Church State will probably burn me on the stake for heresy, but that will not stop me from speaking the Truth. Give me Christ or give me death! A kingdom divided is not going to stand.

A nation in which its army is shooting down its own air force close air support and sinking its own naval shore bombardment is not going to accomplish its mission. Likewise, in the battlefield fighting Satan’s demons, when you run into the fiery arrows of the enemy, to pick up your brother in Christ on your shoulders to lug him back to the safety of your foxhole, you’re not going to ask him if he’s a Charismatic or an Evangelical. You don’t care. He’s a brother in Christ fighting together with you. You’re going to risk your life to save his, just as you know he will risk his own life to save yours. You love him, as your own life. You do not leave your brother behind. If he’s going to be martyred for Christ, you’re going to gladly give your life trying to save him, just as our brother Christ gave His life to save ours.

There is a strong bond of trust and brotherly love that develops in combat which nothing can break. That is the reason why God has allowed evil in this world for a time, so that we grow deeper in our love for Christ and for each other, and bring glory to God through faith and love. A married couple who has faced hardship and dangers together is inseparable. Many End-Times lukewarm Christians cannot even see the deeper mysteries or purposes or heart of God, and are blinded by the everyday evil and deception and religiosity and values around them.

We have a joint mission and command from Christ, and that is to go into all nations to make disciples and grow them in Christ. We have a united mission, and one Spirit, one heart. Wake up from the slumber of Western humanist values, those who are loved by the Lord! We’re going to take every one of our brothers home to heaven when our Lord appears for the rapture of His Church, and we aren’t going to leave a single brother behind, whether we have to go hand-to-hand combat with the devil’s forces. It is time to stop fighting against God and His Truth.

Don’t just have gospel concerts with your own comfortable Evangelical or Charismatic churches, but have joint concerts with whole scores of Charismatic and Evangelical combined churches. Join in the millions. You’re a family! Rock the stadium with praise toward the most holy God, and bring down the walls of faithless Jericho together as one kingdom and nation and army and family of Jesus! Let there be a last outpouring of the Spirit in these End of Days!

Gather your elderly and young and children from every house you people of God; shake the foundations of the House of God with praise toward the Almighty with tambourine, dance, joy, and lute, for God’s presence dwells in the midst of His people’s praise, and mighty a weapon is praise against the forces of darkness that shall cover their ears and flee, as God’s people worship with power and send the gospel message to the nations. It is now that we need to rise up together, nation of God, and let Truth be truth.

“Praise God in his sanctuary, praise him in his mighty heavens…praise him with tambourine and dancing, praise him with the string and flute…let everything that has breath praise the LORD.” (Psalm 150)