Consider God’s love for you, dear Brethren. You are in Christ! It is not who you are, or what you do, but you are kept by His power. Your salvation is in His hands. He makes us do and live according to His will. When you do something, you find out that it was already God’s will. Whatever you do, you discover that it was in God’s plan. Though it is out of your free will that you choose to follow Him and obey Him and take up the cross.

God has a plan for you. Abraham was an evil man, just like us. But He chose Abraham to be the father of His people, and to be the father of faith for all who will get saved through Christ. It is not by our performance. None of us would be saved if it were by our performance. God works in us to live, obey and love Him. We give, we serve, we forgive, we have peace, by the power of God. God will accomplish His ultimate plan in and through you. No one can stop Him. The devil would love to, but he cannot.

The Bible says that though we are unfaithful, God remains faithful. He knew you before He created the foundations of this earth. He loved you before you were ever born. God is a God of the past, present and future. He sees you already standing before His throne in heaven, praising and worshipping Him in eternity. We do not see the future, but He knows our future. We need to focus on the future. If His return is imminent, how are you going to invest in eternity?

The gold that people kill each other for on this earth will be what heaven’s streets will be made of. The things of this world are irrelevant compared to the glory of heaven. Paul says that heaven was indescribable by words. That is where you are headed. That is your future as a child of God. So, live as children of God. Not of this world, but as pilgrims passing through this earth for a short time. Soon, you will be with Christ in heaven. The New Testament says love God with all of your heart, soul, strength, mind, and love your neighbor as yourself.

The Jews know that they are hated and killed by all of Satan’s people and nations. However, they are awestruck and surprised when Christians tell them that they love them. They cannot understand why Christians love the Jews. They cannot understand that the Holy Spirit of God in the Christians love the Jews. Those who love God love the Jewish people, because God’s Spirit is in them. Satan hates the Jews and Christians because they are the only two witnesses of God in the world. In Zechariah 12 it says that when Israel is surrounded by its enemies from all sides, the Lord Jesus Christ will return with His Christian saints, destroy Israel’s enemies, and all Israel will see the Messiah’s pierced hands on the cross, and mourn and repent and turn back to Jesus, and all the people of Israel will be saved.

The Jewish people become jealous when they see the love that their God has for His Church, how His Christians love Him, and the intimate relationship Christians have with God, which the Jews cannot understand because they have rejected the Holy Spirit and their Messiah. The Bible tells us that God has allowed the Israeli nation to reject their Christ for a season, in order that the fullness of the gentiles (non-Jews) can be saved. But after the Christians are taken out of the earth and the Tribulation, God will turn His attention back to Israel, and the Israeli nation will return to their Messiah, Jesus Christ.

Let me ask you a question. Do you think that God would choose to be beaten, whipped, speared, spat on, stripped, ridiculed, and die on the cross in order to save you, so that He could just leave you to starve to death and not be able to pay your house rent? Oh, we of little faith! You can answer that question yourself. Everything is allowed for our own good, and the Bible says that God uses all situations for good for those who love Him.

“For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the LORD, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.” (Jeremiah 29:11)